LIVE BLOG: No. 18 N.C. State, No. 36 Iowa State, and No. 60 LIU at No. 4 Florida

Regionals selection is just a couple of weeks away, and each of these teams will be looking to solidify positions with this meet. LIU is out of contention as a team, but Syd Morris is currently in a qualifying position as an all arounder and will need more than a 39.3 to increase their NQS. Iowa State is right on the bubble, but will not drop out of the regional projections this week. The Cyclones have one more 195 that can be dropped here with a 196+ score. N.C. State moved up in the rankings last week, but the Wolfpack will need more than a 197 here to have a chance to move up farther. While Florida broke its streak of continuously improving its score, it still posted a strong away number. Anything over 197.475 will increase Florida’s NQS.

The overall team numbers are the primary focus of today, but there are some individual routines to watch. Emily Shepard has been on a roll in her fifth year, and will be one to watch on bars and beam. Also on bars, watch for Brisa Carraro who fell on the event last week, but scored a 9.95 just a meet prior. Noelle Adams is also coming off a fall, but on beam, and she will be looking to rebound. Florida rested gymnasts on floor last week, with Leanne Wong and Sloane Blakely likely coming back in, seeing who will be pulled out is something to monitor. 

Rotation 1: Florida vault, N.C. State bars, Iowa State beam, LIU floor

Draser (UF): Square block on the table and good leg form on her Y1.5. Not the biggest, but she stuck the landing. 9.95

Adomaites (NCS):Clean Maloney to pak. Not the greatest catch angle on the pak. Clean stalder and stuck the double tuck dismount. 9.725

Loyim (ISU): Missed the first part. Smooth front aerial to beat jump. Some feet on the gainer full, but stuck the landing. 9.85

Lazzari (UF): Falls on her Y1.5. Dis not have the block and roation on that. Lands on her back. 9.1

Childs (NCS): Not the highest jaeger, and was a little too far away from the bar and fell. Remount and repeats and is able to connect into not the best shootover. Hop back on the double tuck dismount. 9.1

Nguyen (UF): Clean leg form and centered on her Y1.5. Medium hop forward. 9.825

Miller (LIU): Low chest and lunge out of bounds on the opening double pike. Looks to have gone out of bounds when she hopped forward after the front layout to front full. Clean switch half to wolf full. Feet and low landing on the double tuck and puts her hand down with what might have been another out of bounds. 8.7

Blakely (UF): Good dynamics and leg form on her Y1.5. Only the slightest leg bend at the end. Big hop forward. 9.875

Adams (ISU): Feet on the loso series and isn’t centered and falls. Not the best split positions ion the switch to switch. Seems a little tentative on most of these skills. The cat leap to front aerial was solid. A little pike in the hips and step back on the gainer full dismount. 9.125

Pilgrim (UF): The highest Y1.5 of the bunch and a smaller hop forward than the last couple of vaults. Clean shoulder angle on the block. 9.9

Harper (NCS): Good legs together on the geinger. Clean handstand on the bail. Sticks the high double layout dismount. Nice toepoint in that routine. 9.8

Barrington (LIU): Bounce back on the double tuck. Step forward on the back 2.5. Hit the switch ring to switch half. Good leg form and control on the back 1.5 to front layout. 9.725

Ferris (UF): Big Y1.5 with a small hop forward. Great form on that. 9.925

Bergstrom (ISU): Kept the front toss to bhs moving. Solid full turn. Good amplitude on the switch to straddle quarter. Leg crossing on the back 1.5, but a stuck dismount. 9.825

Morris (LIU):High double tuck, couldn’t see the landing from this angle. reat landing on the jump combination. Controlled the front layout to front full. Not the highest double pike and a slightly low chest, but a stuck landing. 9.85

Shepard (NCS): Not the highest jaeger. Very high pak though. Good finish to the cast half. Very high FTDT and a step back. Some feet on the dismount. 9.825

Ricketts (LIU): Multiple steps back out of the whip through to double tuck. Not all the way around on the switch half to wolf 1.5. Barely pulls the double tuck around and steps forward. Was the first a double pike and it was just a hard angle or was that two double tucks? 9.675

After 1: Florida 49.475, Iowa State 49.175, N.C. State 48.900, LIU 48.800

There was a portion of the rotation where I felt like I was seeing a fall everywhere I lookes, but it amounted to only one fall per team so no one had to count a fall. N.C. State was hoping for much more out of that bars lineup, but Iowa State and Florida will be thrilled with those first rotation scores.

Rotation 2: LIU vault, Florida bars, N.C. State beam, Iowa State floor

Danilchenko (LIU): Not great amplitude on the tucked Yfull, but a small step back, and some feet. 9.525

Blakely (UF): Clean Maloney to pak. A little late on the half on the high bar. Stuck the double front. 9.9

Manternach (ISU): Controlled landing on the front through to double tuck. Not the highest double pike and a pretty large lunge back. Lacked some split on the switch side half to straddle to straddle. 9.8

Parks (LIU): Really flaired out the Yfull even though the hips were a little piked and there was a large hop back. 9.55

Jennings (NCS): Correction on the full turn. Feet on the bhs bhs loso, but solid landing. Slow connection between the switch and tucked 3/4s. Feet on the side aerial. Feet and pike down on the gainer full. Stuck landing. 9.875

Cooke (ISU): Solid landing on the front double full. Off on the rotation on the second of the wolf fulls. Low second salto in the back 1.5 to front layout combo. Skid back a little on the landing. 9.75

Lazzari (UF): Not the highest tkachev, but good toepoint. Clean pak. Does to cast half and wobbles while standing on the bar and has to go around the low bar again. Sticks the dismount though. 9.65

Morris (LIU): Not the biggest Yfull and some soft knees throughout. Small hop back on the landing. 9.8

Ortega (NCS): Waiver on the L turn. Typical step out of the bhs Onodi. Good rhythm on the switch to split to beat jump. Hit the fhs. Stuck the gainer pike dismount. 9.875

Ricketts (LIU): High yfull, but close to the table. Good air position throughout and a hop back. 9.725

Shepard (NCS): Good fnish to the L turn. Great amplitude on the switch to straddle quarter. Feet on the loso series. Feet on the side aerial. Hit the beat to strsaddle half. Side aerial to back 1.5 with a hopforward. 9.875

Pilgrim (UF): A little wonky on the Maloney to pak. Feet on the FTDT and a hop back. Great amplitude on the dismount though. 9.825

Adams (ISU): Bounce on the front layout to Rudi. Almost delayed rotation on that. Great amplitude but off on jump rotation. Great height on the double tuck. 9.925

Negrete (NCS): Keeps the front aerial to bhs moving. Missed a part. Hit the switch half to beat jump. A little tentative. Sticks the double full dismount. 9.925

Wong (UF): Very floaty Maloney to pak. Good hs before the VL. Sticks the double layout dismount. Good toe point and leg form throughout. 9.975

Schell (ISU): Travels back a lot on the stag jump after the Rudi. Good position in the switch side half to straddle. Great amplitude on the back 1.5 to front layout. 9.95

Hurd (UF) exhibitioning with a Ray, short hs, pak, and FTDT with a hop back.

After 2: Florida 98.900, Iowa State 98.575, N.C. State 98.275, LIU 96.900

The second rotation was much less messy than the firstwhen it came to major deductions. N.C. State showed out on beam like the Wolfpack has been doing at home, and the Cyclones showed out on floor. The highlight for Florida came from Wong’s 9.975 at the end of the rotation.

Rotation 3: Iowa State vault, LIU bars, Florida beam, N.C. State floor

Wills (ISU): Piking in the hips on her Yfull and a medium hop back. Centered on the mat thoughand good height. 9.725

Draser (UF): Feet on the loso series. Clean switch to switch half. Hit the full turn. Pace forward on the back 1.5. 9.825

Morris (LIU): Hit the piked jaeger. Good toe on to lower pak. Not the highest double layout dismount and a hop. 9.75

Edwards (NCS): Large lunge back on not the highest double pike. Around on the switch half to split full. Controlled step out of the front layout to front full. Clean leg form. Feet on the double tuck into a stick ans step landing. 9.8

Hinson (LIU): Fall on the opening jaeger, and rolled out of the dismount. 7.4

Adams (ISU): Big Yfull with a flair out and small hop. Feet throughout. 9.85

Pilgrim (UF): Fell on the loso series. Skidded right down the side on the beam. Hit the full turn. Clean beat jump to front aerial. Steady switch to split leap. Sticks the bhs gainer full dismount. 9.2

Bergstrom (ISU): Holds the stick on her Yfull with an arm wave. Not the best dynamics in that. 9.775

Ortega (NCS): Fell on the final pass 7.8

Bixler (LIU): Feet and close catch on the jaeger. Was not able to cast out well and crunched on the bail and fell. Clean giant full finish position and small hop on dismount. Some feet. 8.8

Lazzari (UF): Feet on the bhs loso loso series. Clean switch to split. Hit the solo jump. Good amplitude on the gainer full dismount and stuck it. 9.9

Hong (ISU): Fell on the Y1.5 with some bent knees and low amplitude. 9.75? I though she fell. Did she redo it and I missed it? Vault is on the other side of the arena so very possible.

Nguyen (UF): Big leg up wobble on the Onodi. Repeats it and connects cleanly to the bhs. Clean switch to split. Small step back on the back 1.5. 9.825

Zultevicz (NCS): Controlled step out of the back 2.5 to punch front. Not great positions on the leap combo. High double tuck with some feet, lowish chest and controlled lunge. 9.9

Carraro (LIU): Leg separation on the Maloney to pak, but very clean, and good height. Missed the last handstand and small step on the double tuck dismount. 9.75

Arana (UF): Missed most of this, but controlled the loso series, and stuck the gainer full dismount. 9.925

Shepard (NCS): Great control and height on the double pike. Clean tour jete half to split full. Leg separation on the front layout, but clean front full after with a controlled landing. High double tuck and the landing was blocked by her teammates. 9.875

Parks (LIU): Leg separations on the Maloney to pak combo and it looked funky in the air. Flung off the bar a little on the double layout, but made it to her feet with a step. 9.7

Negrete (NCS): Hopped into the lunge on the double pike. Clean switch full. Clean leg form and lunge out of the front full front layout. Feet on the double tuck and lunged forward. 9.9

After 3: Florida 148.300, N.C. State 147.575, Iowa State 147.400, LIU 144.375

This rotation was very similar to the first one with every team having at least one fall, most of which did not count. Iowa State is on pace for a great road score and while it won’t be the score N.C. State or Florida wanted, it can still be counting scores for both teams with a solid last rotation.

Rotation 4: N.C. State vault, Iowa State bars, LIU beam, Florida floor

Hall (NCS): Big Yfull with some soft knees and a hop back. Good height an distance. 9.8

Nguyen (UF): Great connectionfrom the front double full to sissone this week. Still not the greatest amplitude. Great positions on the switch ring to switch half. Clean Y turn. Controlled the back 1.5 to front layout. 9.925

Bixler (LIU): Just does two bhs and was slightly off after the second so no acro series. Repeats to add the loso and it was solid. Clean beat to split 3/4s. Sticks the back 1.5 dismount. 9.4

Ortega (NCS): Big Yfull with a little piking and a hop back. Not getting the landing this week. 9.8

Lazzari (UF): Might not have been fully rotated on the front double full. High tour jete half to Popa to Popa. Clean back 1.5 to front layout. 9.925

Loyim (ISU): High piked jaeger. Archy pak and couldn’t cast out of it and had to recast. Arched the last handstand. Hop back on the double layout dismount. 9.525

Ferris (UF): Big full in with a slightly low chest and large lunge. Off on the rotations in that leap combo. I couldn’t tell what she was going for. Not the highest back 1.5 to front layout and stutter steps the landing. 9.85

Adler (NCS): Very high Yfull with the smallest slide on the landing. Clean leg form on that. 9.875

Hurd (UF): Pikes down the double layout a bit, and not the highest chest position, but controlled. Clean switch ring the switch half to wolf full. Controlled and good form on the front layout front full. 9.925

Thomas (ISU): Great height on the jaeger and the pak. Some feet. Hit the last hs. Low landing on the double layout, but was able to hold it. 9.7

Shepard (NCS): Leaning back on the landing of the Yfull with a small hop back. Good dynamics and body position. 9.75

Pilgrim (UF): Clean back 1.5 through to double tuck with great first landing and jump combo. Hit the double pike. 9.9

Carraro (LIU): Hit the loso mount cleanly. Big leg up wobble and a couple of steps on the front aerial. Reattempts the front aerial with another wobble. Gets the connection on the third attempt. Doesn’t get the double wolf around. Good landing on the back 1.5. 8.9

Basuel (ISU): Fall on the jaeger. Clean bail. Another fall. Gets back on to do the giant full to double tuck which is stuck. 8.45

Ricketts (LIU): Feet on the loso series. Wobble between the switch and split but keep it moving. Hits the traverse split jump half. Holds the stick on the back tucked 1.5 with a low chest. 9.8

Morris (LIU): Great height on the switch to pike jump. Adjustment on the loso series. Controlled full turn. Slight adjustment on the side somi. Great pike positon on the traverse pike half. Sticks the double full dismount. 9.85

FINAL: Florida 197.900, N.C. State 196.825, Iowa State 195.825, LIU 192.025

This was a pretty messy meet that did not give the desired results for these teams. Morris missed the all around mark by about a tenth, and Iowa State won’t get a counting score from this meet. Florida and N.C. State recorded counting scores, but not to the level needed to move up in the rankings.

VT: Draser 9.95
UB: Wong 9.975
BB: Negrete, Blakely, Arana 9.925
FX: Schell 9.95
AA: Blakely 39.625

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Live blog by Alyssa Van Auker

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