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Fantasy Central: A Dataset for 2024 Draft Prep

September might signal the start of football season for most of the country, but for college gymnastics fans, it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming season. With freshmen moving onto campus and all the gymnasts posting first-day-of-class photos, it’s only a matter of time before we’ll be seeing daily training footage and Nike Christmas. It’s also around the time that many members of the CGN staff start prep for their own fantasy gymnastics drafts, so we put together a dataset to aid fans who want to get started as well. The source for all of this information is Road To Nationals.

In this spreadsheet, you’ll find everyone who has previously competed in college and is slated to return in 2024. The first tab gives the basic information for each gymnast (team and class year as of 2024) as well as NQS, high scores, and averages on each event for each season they’ve competed. The remaining tabs give raw scores (separated by regular season and postseason) for each season, with one season per tab. The gymnasts are assigned a unique ID by RTN, so we have included this ID so that data across each tab can be easily matched. To use the data to make your own draft, simply select File > Make a Copy to copy the data into your own Google Sheets spreadsheet, or File > Download to export it into your spreadsheet program of choice.

If there are any changes to the projected returners (such as a medical retirement or a new fifth-year announcement) we will update the spreadsheet accordingly. We also indicated gymnasts who are transferring to another team and will update this column if any further transfers are announced. Freshmen are not included, since this data is based on gymnasts who already have data in RTN, but they will be considered for the sample drafts we will be producing closer to the start of the season.

Happy drafting!

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Article and spreadsheet by Jenna King


    1. We haven’t heard any exact dates yet, but we would assume drafts will open in late November or early December!

  1. Hello! I might be going mad, but I don’t see West Virginia in this sheet? Appreciate it’s an effort to compile so wondered if they’d been missed by accident?

    1. Thank you for pointing that out! The spreadsheet has been updated, and West Virginia is no longer missing. Thanks again!

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