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Meet the Class of 2025 Five-Star Recruits

With the landmark recruiting date of June 15 now behind us, the class of 2025 has officially kicked off its collegiate recruiting journey. Although still two years out from making their college debuts, the rising high school juniors can now field calls from coaches, take visits to campuses and even make verbal commitments—meaning our future college gymnastics rosters are already beginning to take shape. That being said, it’s time to take a look at some of the recruits likely at the top of every program’s target list and highlight those on the trajectory to becoming a future NCAA superstar.

Kamila Pawlak

Points: 89

Why she’s a star: Pawlak is the full package in terms of what college coaches are looking for. She has great difficulty paired with stellar execution on all of the events, and she’s especially consistent on vault and floor. She even scored a perfect 10 on vault this year!  

Commitment prediction: Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State

Mackenzie Estep

Points: 87

Why she’s a star: Estep is the definition of dominant. She didn’t place lower than eighth on an individual event throughout the entire season. At level 10 nationals she tied for first on beam and floor and placed first in the all-around. Any college team would be lucky to have her in just one of its lineups, but let’s be honest, she could easily be doing all-around. 

Commitment prediction: Alabama, Kentucky, Arkansas

Jasmine Cawley

Points: 84

Why she’s a star: Cawley is a powerhouse who not only excels on vault and floor but has the potential to be a star all-arounder at the collegiate level. Highlighted by a stellar full-in, her tumbling and Yurchenko one and a half would be welcome in NCAA lineups already, with two more seasons still to perfect her performances.

Commitment prediction: Florida, Auburn, LSU

Nina Ballou

Points: 83

Why she’s a star: Ballou has just about every accolade in the level 10 books, from a nationals all-around win to Nastia Liukin Cup appearances. Especially strong on bars and floor, Ballou’s big full-in is sure to become an NCAA crowd-pleaser.

Commitment prediction: LSU, Florida, Michigan

Jocelyn Sasson

Points: 80

Why she’s a star: Sasson excels on every event. She has a powerful Yurchenko one and a half, killer confidence on beam, and a high-flying double layout on floor. But her bar routine is one that really stands out. With her outstanding technique and consistency, it’s hard not to picture her fitting right into any team’s bar lineup.

Commitment prediction: Oklahoma, Michigan, Utah

Allison Cucci

Points: 80

Why she’s a star: Like many of these five-star recruits, Cucci is great at every event, but we have our eyes on her vault and bars. Cucci has proven time and time again that she can stick her Yurchenko one and half, and what team doesn’t want that at the end of its lineup? She’s also capable of scoring a 9.925 on bars, which she did this year at Minnesota’s state championships. 

Commitment prediction: Minnesota, Washington, Utah

Avery King

Points: 80

Why she’s a star: A U.S. elite, King boasts the excellent form, precision, and toe point that we’ve come to expect from WOGA athletes. She’ll contend for the all-around wherever she ends up, as her clean gymnastics will warrant big totals when she takes the NCAA stage.

Commitment prediction: Oklahoma, Oregon State, Denver

Madelyn Dorbin

Points: 79

Why she’s a star: Sky-high tumbling, including an opening double layout, not only helped Dorbin reach five-star status but also earn a perfect point total on floor. Not only is Dorbin lineup-anchor ready on that event, but she projects as a solid contributor on both bars and beam as well.

Commitment prediction: LSU, Georgia, Kentucky

Sophia Diaz

Points: 79

Why she’s a star: It’s been a standout month for Diaz, as she earns a five-star rating after winning an all around title at DP nationals. She’s nearly college ready on bars, beam, and floor, and with the power she displays on her Yurchenko full on vault, an upgrade is imminent.

Commitment prediction: Michigan, Florida, Alabama

Tiana Sumanasekera

Points: 79

Why she’s a star: Already a household name in the elite world, Sumanasekera is one of the top gymnasts in the U.S. program–recently winning the team and all-around gold medals at the Pan American championships. She earns her five-star rating with a wealth of difficulty across all four events and should be one of the most highly recruited gymnasts of the class.

Commitment prediction: Stanford, UCLA, California

Myli Lew

Points: 79

Why she’s a star: Lew has the potential to be an NCAA star on bars and beam immediately with the poise, difficulty, and immaculate toe point she displays in those sets. The U.S. elite also has all-around potential with two more level 10 season’s to build upon her strong vault and floor foundations.

Commitment prediction: California, UCLA, Oklahoma

Azaraya Ra-Akbar

Points: 78

Why she’s a star: Ra-Akbar was formerly a U.S. elite and recently switched to representing Canada. In her first competition for her new country, Ra-Akbar took the gold on floor at Elite Canada. Her combination of difficulty and cleanliness is tailor-made for success in the NCAA. 

Commitment prediction: Stanford, UCLA, Michigan State

Paloma Spiridonova

Points: 78

Why she’s a star: The Bulgarian national team member has truly exquisite form, especially on bars and beam. From excellent toe point to elite extension and star-quality leaps, Spiridonova easily stands out in her talented class.

Commitment prediction: Stanford, Michigan, Auburn

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Article by Elizabeth Grimsley, Emily Lockard, Brandis Heffner, and Emily Minehart

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