Recruiting Declassified

Recruiting Declassified: Leading up to June 15

It’s almost time! And while we’ve already been counting down the days since last June 15, there’s finally just eight days away until the class of 2025 can receive scholarship offers, contact coaches through email, text, and phone calls, and set up official visits! It’s also a time where we see the “I am thrilled to announce…” Instagram posts marking a new commitment. Who will go where? Which team will get the next best class? And, what goes into the endgame of the no-contact recruiting process? 

Since level 10 nationals, it’s been an exciting few weeks. I had my best all-around performance of my level 10 career, placing ninth and tying for sixth on bars. I showed up when it mattered, I cheered as loud as I could for my teammates, and I enjoyed every last bit of it. Nationals is more than trying to get a “good” score; it’s about your attitude. For college coaches, it’s their chance to see you in the competitive space—not just your gymnastics, but your reactions, too. This will give them a look into your personality, how you deal with success, and sometimes, how you handle defeat.  

Starting on June 1, the dead period begins and no gym visits or contact between coaches and athletes—no matter the recruit’s age. Prior to this, college coaches are running around the country, visiting gyms and showing interest in an athlete so they’re the last impression before things go quiet. It really is a game of “pick me,” and when played right, the cards will fall into that program’s favor. 

Prior to June 15, contact to prospective athletes is permitted through mail, marketing messages about camps, and reaction emojis on text messages. I’ve received hundreds of pieces of mail about a school’s campus, a recent article written about a school, a “Good Luck” note for the season, and a picture of the school’s arena trying to convince me to be a part of the team. these programs are laying down their cards by reaching out, showing interest, and hoping for interest back. Many times, it’s the school that shows the most interest that’s picked by each respective recruit. On June 15, colleges will play their hand by telling you about how awesome their program is, how you would fit right in, and what you’ll be getting should you join the team. 

Who will be the first to contact you? How interested are they? Are you interested in them? Gymnasts will have to make tough decisions that literally impact their entire future. They’ll turn down schools and feel a sense of guilt, they’ll reach out to schools looking for interest but are left on read, and at the end of it all, they’ll find the best fit for them and make a decision. 

Now that the dead period has arrived and June 15 is right around the corner, I’ve been researching schools I’m interested in, writing prep questions to ask schools if they call, and simply enjoying the journey to this point. I’ve written about my process for you all for almost a year now. We are in this together, and in the next Recruiting Declassified, the starred date on my calendar will have passed, and the journey to commitment will begin.

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Article by Sydney Seabrooks

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