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LIVE BLOG: Norman Regional Round Two Session Two

The host Sooners should handily run away with this one and head to the regional final on Saturday. The battle for second will be the big show, likely between Ohio State and Arkansas, although round one teams have advanced to the final before.

The Buckeyes have struggled with bars consistency this year and could open the door for the Razorbacks in the third rotation. Arkansas has been largely consistent, excepting two very bad days, once each on bars and beam, previously. Ohio State has a higher ceiling but has performed better at home than on the road this year. This one could be very close.

Let’s GO! Kentucky and Alabama advanced, in that order, out of session one. It was a good-not-great showing for both, and an upset for the Wildcats. Two of these teams will join them on Saturday.

Last time N.C. State was in a play-in, it upset its way into the Sweet Sixteen. Will we see a repeat? Ohio State and Arkansas are incredibly closely matched. While Oklahoma should soar through, it should be a fun battle for second.

The crowd here is better than it was this afternoon, but I wouldn’t call it…full. I guess it is a school night?

I’m giving this session’s unofficial loudest-fans-during-intros award to Oklahoma, predictably, although Arkansas wins the silver. Those folks traveled well.

Rotation 1: N.C. State vault, Arkansas bars, Oklahoma beam, Ohio State floor

Diaz (NCSU): Yfull, hop back.

Swaney (UA): Nice Ray, really took it out. Short on a low bar pirouette. Good DLO.

Trautman (OU): Solid front toss. SCREAMS for her landing.

Vetter (tOSU): Tour jete half popa popa was nice, got the rotation, great splits. Front lay rudi, some knees on the lay.

Zultevicz (NCSU): Yfull, twisted early.

Scalzo (UA): Great handstand. Nice through her releases, good body on the bail. DLO forward on the landing but didn’t step.

Levausseur (OU): Nice bhs loso. Solid switch to straddle 1/4. Hop on her gainer full.

Riccardi (tOSU): Bounced up after her double pike. Nice tour jete half popa.

Ortega (NCSU): Yfull, hop in place.

Drotar (UA): Maloney to bail hand flowed well. DLO, got the stick.

Bowers (OU): Bhs loso, no issues there.

Gagliardi (tOSU): Nice front lay rudi to double stag, did swing her arms a bit in the jump. Little low coming in on her double pike.

Rutherford (NCSU): Yfull, short, hopped forward.

Jones (UA): Blind to pike Jaeger, good. Ah, and she falls. Stuck DLO.

Torrez (OU): Pretty front aerial loso, no deductions there. Tiny steps on her dismount.

Shepard (NCSU): Yfull, good distance, just came up on her toes.

Negrete (NCSU): Yfull, flared it and stuck. That’s the one she wanted yesterday.

Ruthberg (BSU): Big Yfull.

Pratt (UA): Ray was nice.

Flatley (UA): Higgins to Jaeger, some soft knees. Bail hand was nice. Hop back on her DLO.

Harris (tOSU): Great landing on her twisting pass. Stuck FHS front full front lay.

Davis (OU): Solid series. Low front leg on her split ring jump. RO 2/1 step back.

Edwards (tOSU): Kicked out of her double pike, good landing. RO 3/2 front lay, great body position. Slid her foot a bit in her double tuck.

Teter (BSU): Blind full nice to Bit Tkatchev immediate bail, that was a great combo. Blind double front half out, great! Better than yesterday.

Smith (OU): Bhs loso, solid. Her usual front aerial. Stuck gainer full. She jumped straight into KJ Kindler’s arms. The fans see a 10 and they are pleased!

Hodges (tOSU): Good double pike jin the chaotic crowd. FHS 3/2 loso was lovely. Buckeyes are hyped.

Kelly (UNH): Little wobble. Good bhs loso. Clean front toss.

Mack (Ill. St.): She gets all eyes on her! Bounces out of her pike full-in and has to put her hands down. Tuck jump full weaved into her choreo. Front through stuck double pike. Ah, what a fun routine.

After 1: tOSU 49.525, OU 49.475, UA 49.350, NCSU 48.875

Tied?! TIED?! Well this one will indeed be a nail biter. Hold onto your seats because we’re off and rolling and it’s getting loud in here.

STRIKE THAT, Hodges’ score hadn’t come in yet! Hellooooo Buckeyes!

Rotation 2: Ohio State vault, N.C. State bars, Arkansas beam, Oklahoma floor

Vetter (tOSU): Yfull, hop back.

Robinson (NCSU): Fall on her Jaeger.

Gamiao (UA): Loso loso, little check. Deep on her side somi landing. Foot form on her leaps, but nice 180s. Hop on her dismount.

Johnson (OU): Front lay rudi, low but good landing. Switch half wolf full, soft knees. Bounces forward out of her double tuck.

Malas (tOSU): Yfull, another hop back.

Childs (NCSU): Jaeger, low. Bail hand was short. Stuck dismount.

Gianfagna (UA): Bhs loso, solid. Clean front toss to beat. Beat to straddle half, really nice split. RO 3/2 stuck. Great!

Davis (OU): Took the floor then had to come off. Here we go, grat first landing. Clean leaps, really crisp.

Riccardi (tOSU): Yfull, little pike and a hop.

Swaney (UA): Fall on her triple series, not sure if she got her front foot on, which is necessary to get the credit. It was a hard fall but she seems fine.

Harris (tOSU): Y1.5 true stick.

Ortega NCSU): Ray, just no momentum to turn it over, fall.

Jennings (tOSU): Yfull, HUGE, and a hop back.

Smith (OU): Slid her foot back in her double pike. Knees buckled a bit on her double pike landing.

Edwards (tOSU): Big Yfull, little hop.

Weaver (UA): picked her foot up a bit on her series landing.

Pfister (BSU): FHS pike 1/2, much better landing today.

Bowers (OU): Good first pass. High double pike, has to step forward.

Shepard (NCSU): Great handstand! Really floated her Pak.

Flatley (UA): Solid series. Pretty split to beat. Stuck dismount.

Sievers (OU): Opening full-in was a little wonky in the legs.

Torrez (OU): DLO, low chest but good lunge. Super high double tuck.

Ruthberg (BSU): Great first handstand! Really held it. FTDB, hop forward.

Sumner (BSU): Clean series. Little hesitation in her front aerial to beat.

After 2: OU 98.925, tOSU 98.800, UA 98.550, NCSU 97.275

Oklahoma takes the lead! Ohio State is holding pace pretty well, though, and some nerves crept in for Arkansas.

Listen, those ID’s got ugly for a second. I was using the jumbotron and they pulled the lineups halfway through, took my brain a few moments to catch back up.

Rotation 3: Oklahoma vault, Ohio State bars, N.C. State beam, Arkansas floor

Sievers (OU): Y1.5, step forward.

Pritchard (tOSU): Some soft knees on the Gienger. Archy blind full hop on the double tuck.

Diaz (NCSU): Check on her front aerial bhs connection.

Jones (UA): Clean combo pass. Nice rudi.

Stern (OU): Y1.5, hop forward.

Harris (tOSU): Nice Ray, she missed in in one-touch. Leg sep on bail hand. Stuck dismount.

Jennings (NCSU): Check on her triple series.

Hickey (UA): Good double pike landing. Some form in her combo twists.

Levasseur (OU): Y1.5, step forward.

Edwards (tOSU): Clean Maloney to Pak. Little rhythm error in her blind full.

Zultevicz (NCSU): Clean bhs loso.

Smith (UA): Front lay through double tuck, slid her front foot a good bit. Deep knees on her double tuck but lunged out well.

Bowers (OU): Y1.5, step forward and to the side, over the tape.

Hankins (tOSU): Blind to Jaeger, nice.

Flatley (UA): Switch side half was well done. Clean combo pass.

Fall on beam for NCSU.

Davis (OU): Y1.5, leg sep on the table and a step back.

Riccardi (tOSU): Caught her Ray a bit close. Good stalder double tuck.

Williams (UA): Little foot adjustment on her FTDB, but great in the air and a good chest up position. Clean combo pass. Low chest on her last landing.

Shepard (NCSU): Solid bhs loso.

Trautman (OU): Y1.5, just came up on her toes.

Laster (Ill. St.): Y1.5, little hop.

Miller (tOSU): Pinged off the bar on her toe hand. Recovered and finished with a step on her DLO.

Price (UA): Bounced a little on the DLO landing. Swtich side popa, huge splits, just foot form. RO 3/2 front lay, nice. Great double pike.

Negrete (NCSU): Nice front aerial bhs. Cat to switch half, low back leg.

Gorgenyi (UNH): Maloney, nice to clean bail hand. FTDB, little hop.

Ruthberg (BSU): Soft knees on her triple series. Bobble on a switch switch.

Teter (BSU): Nice front lay rudi. She’s the last one competing, all eyes on her. Slid back in her double tuck landing. Tour jete full, maybe a bit shy, hard to tell from where I am. Arkansas learned some of her choreo 🙂 Great last combo pass! Wow good for her!

After 3: OU 148.325, tOSU 148.125, UA 148.050, NCSU 146.175

Oh this is getting juicy. There is not much distance at all between those top three. Let’s duke it out for a berth! Also, hello Leah Smith! Good to see you out here!

Rotation 4: Arkansas vault, Oklahoma bars, Ohio State beam, N.C. State floor

Weaver (UA): Yfull, nice in the air.

Sievers (OU): Clean Maloney to Pak. FTDB stuck.

Pritchard (tOSU): Nice beat to side aerial.

Diaz (NCSU): Little whippy on her front lay front full. Clean double tuck.

Flatley (UA): Yfull, really deep knees.

Fletcher (OU): Hop change. pike Jaeger was pretty, good catch. Nice Pak. Touch short on a handstand. Hop back on the dismount.

Hankins (tOSU): Bhs loso, leg up check. Hop on her dismount.

Ortega (NCSU): Tour jete half split full, short of the split on the second. Nice closing combo pass.

Price (UA): Yfull, nice body shape, hop.

Trautman (OU): Clean Maloney to Pak. Short half pirouette. DLO hop back.

Harris (tOSU): Signature Valdez mount work. Pretty switch to straddle 1/4. Stuck dismount.

Zultevicz (NCSU): Really had to sling her punch front out of her 5/2 out. Low chest on her double tuck landing.

Smith (UA): Yfull, twisted on the table and a hop in place.

Smith (OU): Her usual big Ray. Pak was nice. Hop on the DLO.

Jennings (tOSU): Check on her split to split 1/2. Stuck cartwheel gainer full.

Rutherford (NCSU): Bouncey out of her double tuck.

Sedlacek (UA): Y1.5, hop back.

Bowers (OU): Bent arms on her Jaeger catch. Nice Pak. FTDB stuck. Huge screams for a 10.

Vetter (tOSU): Nice bhs loso. Swtich to straddle 1/4 was solid. RO 2/1 soft knees but stuck.

Shepard (NCSU): Really nice double tuck, great lunge out. Tour jete half split full was solid.

Williams (UA): Y1.5, step to the side.

Davis (OU): Her huge pike Jaeger. Pretty Pak. Stuck the dismount, wonky legs per usual.

Hodges (tOSU): Ohio State is behind finished Arkansas by .025 with a 9.7 to drop. Oh. My. Switch to straddle 3/4, lovely. Small check on her bhs loso. Another little one on her gainer loso. RO 3/2 step forward. Is it enough?! It is! Ohio State is IN by a slim margin!

Negrete (NCSU): Really pretty tour jete half. Great combo pass landing. Strong double tuck to close.

Worthington (UNH): Nice L turn. Cat to switch half, bit shy, to beat.

Henry (BSU): Y1.5, big step back.

Ruthberg (BSU): Slid her foot in her double tuck lunge. Good double pike.

FINAL: OU 197.925, tOSU 197.350, UA 197.275, NCSU 195.375

Oklahoma and Ohio State advance! What a NAILBITER! Are you not entertained?!

VT: Trautman 9.950
UB: Bowers 10.0
BB: Smith 10.0
FX: Edwards, Price 9.950
AA: Harris 39.600

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Live blog by Emily Minehart

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