LIVE BLOG: No. 83 Greenville at No. 71 Fisk

Fisk competes in Nashville proper for the first time this season. While this meet is occurring down the street from Fisk at fellow Music City institution Belmont University, the Bulldogs’ contingent should be raucous this evening. Fisk welcomes the Greenville Panthers, who could round out their season with three overall wins with a high score tonight.

As non-NCAA teams, Fisk isn’t able to qualify a full team to the postseason. However, an exception was granted allowing Fisk to qualify individuals to the USAG championships, which is good news for former five-star recruit Morgan Price, who is in line to qualify on vault. Speaking of technicalities, tonight’s meet will not count toward the rankings or NQSgiven that Fisk is not an NCAA team and a meet must consist of at least two NCAA teams to count toward the final standings (which is why Fisk competed at so many multi-team meets this season to give its individuals a chance to qualify to USAGs). However, it remains an exciting and historic opportunity for two new programs to close out their inaugural seasons in exciting fashion.

Rotation 1: Fisk VT, Greenville UB

Richmon VT: ylay chest slightly down but good landing, hop back. 9.250

Miller UB: good first handstand, bail legs come apart, last handstand hit, double back legs together step to the side.

Mora VT: ylay piked down

Carter UB: muscles the first couple swings, last handstand short, small hop forward on double front.

Coleman VT: ylay a few steps back.

Nelson UB: bail back up to high bar fights for handstand, double front.

VT: first full of the night, good landing. 9.700

Heubach UB: nice Maloney to Pak, short last handstand, double back 9.100

Price VT: sticks yfull, nearly identical to that viral full from the first meet of the season. A star. 9.875

Russo UB: off on Jaeger, gets back on bail better, double back chest down step forward.

Brewer VT exh: ylay. 9.550

Rodriguez UB exh: catches toe-on close to bar, double back deep squat. 8.825

After 1: Fisk 48.050, Greenville 44.725

Rotation 2: Fisk UB, Greenville VT

Rodriguez VT: half on ylay, solid landing. 9.250

Coleman UB: maloney arms bent, bail arches way over and comes off. Good handstand to end into dismount hop forward chest down. 8.400

Miller VT: tucked yfull step back. 9.475

Wiggins UB: nice first handstand, maloney good bail legs together, bit short on last handstand, high double back steps and salutes to the side to cover it. 9.450

Gilmer VT: half on ylay, 9.525

UB: big jaeger to start, pak arched over, last handstand short, double tuck big step back.

Nelson VT: good full, small step to the side. 9.650

Price UB: good first handstand, maloney legs together, drills full-in dismount! Giving ten hands. 9.950

Froman VT: sits handspring front tuck. 8.550

Richmon UB: stuck DLO to end, chest down. Another strong routine. 9.750

Kaiser VT: hops back on ylay.

After 2: Greenville 91.950

Rotation 3: Fisk BB, Greenville FX

Wiggins BB: off to start, gets back on to rousing applause, switch half not quite 180, y1.5 step forward good distance. 8.850

Jones FX: double back slides back, front full front lay, love the side aerial choreo to end. 9.275

Daniels BB: bent legs BHS LOSO and can’t save it, off. Gainer pike dismount. 8.250

Kaiser FX: double tuck good landing and control, rudi, fun back dive choreo, back 1.5 to front pike. 9.350

McDonald BB: BHS, big leaps, gainer pike sticks to end. 9.650

Miller FX: big double pike chest down. front lay front lay stumbles a bit but stays on her feet. double pike hit. 9.225

Reed-Hammon BB: She’s gone as high as 9.925 on this. front toss to BHS, small check, side aerial, gainer back full small step. 9.675

Nelson FX: punch front 1.5, front lay to front full good air, double back step back. 9.675

Price BB: Brown skin girl by Beyonce is her beam music, love this song. shaky on first acro, BHS LOSO leg goes up but saves it, back 1.5 step to the side. 9.475

Froman FX: front lay to rudi, fun La Bamba music, front lay front full sits, front rudi better landing. The scoreboard is down for floor now so bear with me.

Mora BB: Kiss Kiss T-{ain beam music obsessed, front aerial to back tuck no hestitation and connects, side aerial, great so far, check on beat jump, small shuffle in place on gainer full off the side. 9.775

McClung FX: double pike slides back, nice position on switch to wolf combo, back 1.5 front tuck few steps but keeps it in bounds. Punch front full to end. 9.150

White BB: big applause for her series, slides to split also a crowd pleaser, beat jump to straddle. 9.650

Coleman BB: Greenville is now cheering for her since they’re done with floor, love that. Nice moonwalk choreo, leaps some feet but dynamic, falls on acro. gainer full of the side chest up, small shuffle.

Rotation 4: 

Carter BB: switch side, BHS LOSO strong, switch full not 180 but no hesitation, dismount small step forward. 9.475

Muhammad FX: front lay front full front lay, loveee her Wobble music, double back chest down. another crowd pleaser. 9.525

Saucedo BB: strong start but off on side aerial. Tucked punch front dismount seated as well. 8.300

White FX: back 1.5 front lay legs bent but got it around, huge double tuck stumbles back. 9.575

Nelson BB: big BHS LOSO, side aerial to switch half good, back 1.5 chest down hop forward. Secure routine. 9.800 very nice

Richmon FX: big double pike to open, back 1.5 to front lay, double tuck slides back looks like OOB. 9.575

Heubach BB: off on front toss. goes for it again then BHS, better. gainer pike off end of the beam step forward. 8.450

Mora FX: front lay front full front tuck, Waka Waka, very spirited, crowd goes wild for double pike to end. 9.450

Russo BB: triple series fights but comes off, step to side aerial off again, back 1.5 sticks it to end. 8.350

Coleman FX: front tuck through to double pike and crashes it, rolls backwards off the floor quickly back up, big leaps, double tuck chest down gets back up. 8.950

Froman BB: loud chanting from student section let’s see how she handles the noise, off on side aerial, punch front full step. 9.125

Price FX: double pike strong, front lay to front full love the Tap In here, Lllomincia Hall music to end bounces out of back 1.5 to end. 9.875

Ford BB: BHS LOSO Fisk cheering for her now, step forward. 9.450

FINAL: Fisk 190.875, Greenville 183.875

Event Winners

VT: Price 9.875

UB: Price 9.950

BB: Nelson 9.800

FX: Price 9.875

AA: Price 39.175

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Live blog by Katherine Weaver

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