LIVE BLOG: No. 48 Penn, No. 51 New Hampshire, No. 60 Brown at No. 25 Maryland

Maryland, back at home after a season low score at Big Fives last weekend, is very much the favorite at this meet. That said, it is the second meet this weekend: Maryland, along with Towson, has a truly deranged schedule to close the regular season, with two consecutive double-meet weekends. Watch for fatigue here.

The rest of the field is perhaps even more intriguing than rankings would tell you. Pennsylvania is a strong team, but after a spate of (presumed) injuries it’s been treading water around the 195.000 mark all season. That is surmountable by both UNH and Brown. Brown, in fact, just upset Pennsylvania last weekend at the Ivy Classic, and has the potential to make a huge NQS jump this weekend with one poor road score to drop. New Hampshire, a late bloomer this season, can jump firmly into regionals contention. There’s a lot of potential and a lot of upside in every part of the arena today.

Rotation 1: Maryland VT, New Hampshire UB, Penn BB, Brown FX

Kogler (UMD): Solid FTY, big rebound-y hop back. 9.65

Rech (UMD): FTY, touch of lpike down, smallish hop back. 9.8

I’m missing vaults because Brown is standing RIGHT in front of the vault. This is probably going to be a theme of the night.

Silberman (UMD): Full on pike off, great in the air, big pace back.

Rubio (UMD): Usual high clean FTY, couldn’t see the landing but the crowd went NUTS so I have to assume it was good. 9.925.

Simpkins (UNH): Maloney, toe on to bail. Little bits of loose legs, nothing crazy. FTDB, looked like a scoot back.

Moreno (UNH): Maloney to bail. solid so far, blind full double back with low chest and a step forward.

Brown (UNH): Super height on the Deptchev, blind full double back with I think a step.

Beaulieu (UNH): Blind to Jaeger, flexed feet, bail with loose legs. Nailed a handstand, blind full with soft back to double back, couldn’t see her feet on the landing. 9.875 I guess they were good!

Graver (UNH): Just got the blind full double back here with a hop to the side.

Gorgenyi (UNH): Maloney good. Bail to toe hecht, yay! FTDB with a hop back. 9.825

Belkoff (Penn): Starting while most teams are still getting their huddles figured out. BHS BHS LOSO, medium bend check, hangs on. Switch to sheep, big check, saves it. Cartwheel one and a half stuck. 9.675

Rosen (Penn): BHS LOSO, huge check, crazy save. Full turn tentative. Punch front, a little knee swivel as she stands it up but no check. Switch straddle quarter solid. Punch front dismount stuck.

Kuhn (Penn): Wolf turn good. Got her series, BHS gainer full deep with a step forward. 9.675

Werlen (Penn): Cat leap side aerial, leaps solid, BHS LOSO with some form and a check. BHS one and a half twist with a hop to the side. 9.8

C. Marr (Penn): BHS LOSO nailed, super emphatic arms. Switch straddle quarter is nice, check on a side aerial. Gainer full, couple quick steps. 9.75

M. Marr (Penn): Nailed BHS LOSO. Hitch kick side aerial, bent at the hips coming in, they’ll probably call that a one-tenth check. Switch straddle quarter is great. Gainer full dismount stuck. 9.875

Poley (Brown): Front lay front full, just a little shuffle of the back foot as she lunges out. Tour jete full… ish, steps it around a little. Nailed her double back. 9.8 is a great start for the Bears.

El Mammann (Brown): Double pike, two steps back and I think that was OOB. Tour jete half to wolf 3/2, swivel-y landing. Combo pass, steady, switch side Popa. Conferencing on this one… 9.65, 55/75 split. Wonder if there was a question of crediting the wolf jump or something?

DeWar (Brown): One and a half front full, a little shuffly, tour jete half split full really nice. Solid double back, chest looked a little low but worked through it. Tour jete full stepped around. 9.825

Davis (Brown): With a ballet background myself I adore this one, her technique is just something else. Double pike overrotated, avoids any extra steps. Switch ring to switch ring half, actually makes that position which is so rare. Whip half front full good. Switch half split full, gorgeous. 9.85

Van Zandt (Brown): Front through double back, short, lunge goes forward. Plays it off pretty well. Double pike short again, hands down immediately. 9.125

Bedell (Brown): Full in, short with a hop forward. It’s so great in the air. Tour jete half split full is gorgeous. Front through double back is good. 9.55/9.9 split, we’re gonna need to talk about this… 9.575 is the final score.

After 1: Maryland 49.225, UNH 48.975, Penn 48.775, Brown 48.700

Some oddities on floor there for Brown and some checks on beam for Penn but overall a really solid rotation all around the gym here.

Rotation 2: Brown VT, Maryland UB, New Hampshire BB, Penn FX

Poley (Brown): FTY, piked down but stuck. Awesome start. 9.7

Kramer (Brown): FTY, piked down a little less with a hop. 9.65

This rotation the order got changed late, so my lineups aren’t correct. Gonna do my best.

Xing (Brown): Crashed her FTY to hands and knees. 9.025

El Mammann (Brown): FTY, piked down a touch, hop. 9.725

Contello (Brown): Nice FTY, higher than the others, baby hop. 9.725

Bedell (Brown): FTY, huge but landed on her toes, rebound back. 9.8

Gatzendorfer (UMD): Just caught stalder double back, looked great. 9.875

Brozowski (UMD): Okay UMD, I’m actually going to watch an entire bars routine this time. Blind to Jaeger good, caught with nice straight arms, good bail. Making handstands, DLO stuck-ish. Great! 9.8

Kondo (UMD): Nice Jaeger to overshoot CAUGHT WITH ONE HAND, catches the bar with her left arm and somehow manages to keep moving. Got the dismount which I didn’t write down because I was still kind of gaping. 9.2

Silberman (UMD): Half turn to Gienger, keeps her legs together. Bail. Drilled her double layout. 9.675 is lower than I expected but keep in mind that I’m head-on and can’t see any handstands.

Tsiknias (UMD): Blind to Jaeger, nice straight bail, crowd loves her handstands. Double lay and it looked like she had it for a second but hops back. 9.9

This rotation beam is the event that’s blocked by a team, fair warning.

Bauman (UNH): Front aerial BHS, slow and careful. Cat leap kickover front pretty good. Gainer full looked OK but I can’t see anything above her shoulders so I’m guessing here. 9.775

Mullin (UNH): Full turn good. Big check on her series. Switch switch half. Medium check on a kickover front. One and a half dismount solid. 9.575

Beaulieu (UNH): Kickover front BHS nice. Switch side. Solid full turn, looking a little tentative throughout but no drama. One and a half twist looked good. 9.725

Worthington (UNH): Side aerial BHS impossibly steady. Cat leap switch half. Nailed the gainer pike. This is what she does. 9.925

Kelley (UNH): BHS LOSO LOSO, falls.

Oniki (Penn): Double pike, three steps back. I’m unclear whether that stayed in bounds. Leaps a little chaotic, yanking them around. Nice one and a half front lay. 9.625

Agarwala (Penn): Double pike, short, lunge goes forward. Switch ring to switch ring half, the front leg didn’t make vertical either time. Solid combo pass to wrap up. 9.775

Rosen (Penn): One and a half front pike, a bit low on the punch but makes it fine. Double back a touch short, shuffles it forward. Conference again, 9.65. Judge A is wrecking everyone’s SVs.

Davies (Penn): Double pike, OOB. A little bouncy on her combo pass. Tour jete half split full is nice. Double back, hop back. 9.55

Lassiter (Penn): Front full front full… lays out the second one a bit more than usual, it’s typically tucked and today it just looked like a soft layout. Shuffly landing. Double pike short with chest down. Switch side Popa, imprecise rotation. 9.75

S. Kenefick (Penn): Front double full front punch, punch slightly mistimed and the tuck is low and horizontal. Keeps it in bounds. Switch side to Popa Popa, a little overrotated. Front double full. This is a different composition. 9.8

I haven’t been able to catch most exhibitions but Ana Kenefick hit a floor ex for Penn and looks absolutely thrilled. That was a team group hug situation. She’s been out all year, I wonder if that was her first routine back.

After 2: Maryland 98.125, New Hampshire 97.725, Penn 97.325, Brown 97.300

Rotation 3: Penn VT, Brown UB, Maryland BB, New Hampshire FX

R. DeBarberie (Penn): Nice FTY, big hop back. 9.675

Van Horn (Penn): FHS front pike with a step forward. Clean. 9.675

Agarwala (Penn): Full on tuck off, good! Small hop back. 9.825

Lassiter (Penn): FTY, piked down a touch, hop back. 9.8

Marr (Penn): Full on tuck off, absolutely runs back out of it.

Belkoff (Penn): Yurchenko Arabian, straight and clean, hop forward.

Lee (Brown): Gienger clean but a little low. Blind to straddle back, a little low again. Double back with a step.

Richter (Brown): Nice pike Jaeger, steady bail. Blind full double back, low with a step to the side.

McKeown (Brown): Half turn to Tkachev, good bail, a touch of leg sep in the air but nothing crazy. Double layout with the tiniest baby hop in history.

Poley (Brown): Gienger with some form, good bail. FTDB step back.

Contello (Brown): Tkachev, overshoots and totally misses the bar.

Farrell (Brown): True Shap to Pak, lovely, not an inch of leg separation. Blind full double back with a step back. Nice to follow a fall.

Silberman (UMD): Nailed her triple series, switch straddle quarter nice. One and a half, big bounce forward and to the right. 9.8

Weir (UMD): BHS LOSO, small check. Hitch kick switch side. Looked like a one and a half twist, hop. 9.825

McClure (UMD): Front aerial, swims a little, BHS. I think she’ll get that connection. Switch straddle quarter, step-in Rudi with a hop back. 9.875

Gatzendorfer (UMD): BHS BHS LOSO, small adjustment. Check on her leaps. One and a half stuck. 9.85

Komoroski (UMD): BHS LOSO, adjustment, pretty front aerial. Actually a decent sheep jump for NCAA! Drilled her one and a half dismount. 9.9!!

Kogler (UMD): Solid opening leaps, BHS BHS LOSO just absolutely dead on. I’m pretty much end-on to the beam and she didn’t have a finger out of line. Switch split, nice. Little check on a full turn. Gainer full, uh, college stick!

Worthington (UNH): One and a half to piked Barani, solid. Full turn to wolf 3/2, nice! Solid Rudi. 9.775

Mowers (UNH): High double pike, lunge clean. Front lay front full… tucked, but maybe not intentionally. Nice double back. 9.825

Kelley (UNH): Great high double pike. One and a half front lay. Double tuck maybe a touch overrotated. 9.8

Brown (UNH): One and a half front full, solid leaps, great, nice Rudi. Perfunctory because every event is happening right now, sorry Kenadi. Good routine! 9.85

Gorgenyi (UNH): Double pike, lunge looks long but I can’t really see her feet due to teammates. Live coverage is so fun! Front lay front full front pike is FANTASTIC. Switch side half wolf full. Great Rudi. Could go high. 9.9 goes into the lead on floor.

Beaulieu (UNH): Stuck the double tuck and her team just SCREAMED. Solid combo pass, knees a little soft as she approached the ground. switch half wolf full. Solid Rudi. 9.8

After 3: Maryland 147.425, New Hampshire 146.900, Penn 146.175, Brown 145.850

Great rotation for Maryland and UNH there, with Maryland keeping the edge with a super tidy beam rotation and likely to keep it heading into senior meet home floor. It’s still close between Brown and Penn, with Penn heading to perhaps a less-favored event while Brown is relatively good at beam but it’s still beam.

Rotation 4: New Hampshire VT, Penn UB, Brown BB, Maryland FX

Moreno (UNH): FTY, piked down heavily with a hop forward. 9.7

Mullin (UNH): FTY, pike a little throughout, hop back.

Kelley (UNH): FTY a little lower but nearly stuck.

Beaulieu (UNH): Nice high FTY, hop in place.

Mowers (UNH): Yurchenko half deep with a big hop forward.

Gorgenyi (UNH): One and a half, hop forward. Nice.

S. Kenefick (Penn): Tkachev to… fall.

Lassiter (Penn): Solid Jaeger, FTDB a little deep with a hop. 9.725

Kuhn (Penn): Tkachev, good bail. Hard to tell handstands, step back on her FTDB. Honestly it’s so rare for her to not stick that. 9.725

Kerico (Penn): Nice Ray. Toe to bail. These handstands look OK but my angle isn’t great. FTDB deep with a big step back.

M. Marr (Penn): Toe to Maloney to bail, looking great, double lay I think stuck.

McKeown (Brown): BHS LOSO fine, big check on a side aerial. Gainer full dismount looks solid.

Davis (Brown): BHS LOSO, check, gets it back fast. Switch half to split to beat. Side aerial, falls. Got the dismount.

Marcus (Brown): BHS LOSO, check, hangs on. Beat to split 3/4 really nice.

Contello (Brown): Beat to split 3/4, little check. Something to straddle quarter is clean. Front aerial, tentative but made, full turn just a touch shaky. Drilled the gainer pike. There was almost definitely an acro series at the beginning of that don’t worry.

Xing (Brown): Great BHS back pike. Beat to LOSO nailed. Back double full stuck. Nice!

Rech (UMD): Front double full, some form and rotating into the ground. Good one and a half front lay. 9.85

R. LeBlanc (UMD): Front double full, better control than before. Combo pass out of my sight but fine. Nice Rudi to finish. 9.9!

Komoroski (UMD): Great rudi. Front leg on that ring leap was everywhere except horizontal. One and a half front lay is nice! 9.925

Osterhout (UMD): Great double tuck. Switch ring switch half Popa. I wasn’t sure on any of those splits except the straddle. Slightly overcooks her double pike. 9.85

Silberman (UMD): One and a half Barani to straddle, travels back a lot on that leap. Nice front double full. 9.9

McClure (UMD): I believe a 9.95 for her here is a 197 for the team. Double back looks overrotated but I couldn’t see her feet. Front lay to Rudi really nice. Tour jete half wolf full, perfect rotation. Front lay front full, step forward is a little long and she’s already crying. 9.9

FINAL: Maryland 196.950, New Hampshire 195.600, Penn 195.100, Brown 194.625

VT: Alexsis Rubio 9.925
UB: Aleka Tsiknias, McCaleigh Marr 9.9
BB: Alyssa Worthington 9.925
FX: Maddie Komoroski 9.925
AA: Emma Silberman 39.200

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Live blog by Rebecca Scally

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