Judge’s Inquiry: Breaking Down One Near-Perfect Routine on Each Event From Week 7

This week, as a bonus to the regularly scheduled Judge’s Inquiry coming out Friday, I received a special request to look at some of the 9.975 routines. Should they have been a 10.000, a 9.950, or something else? Check out the videos below to see my breakdowns of the routines and the deductions that I saw.


Malia Hargrove (Arizona)

Possible deductions: Shoulder angle on the table


Maddie Williams (California)

Possible Deductions: Bent arms, low bar cast handstand; bent arms low bar cast handstand half turn; possibly a short cast to handstand on the high bar, but I can’t tell from the angle of the video.


Jade Carey (Oregon State)

Possible Deductions: Balance error, full turn; rhythm in dance series connections


Arianna Patterson (Kentucky)

Possible Deductions: leg position, switch half ring leap; landing posture, double back

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Article by Rhiannon Franck

Rhiannon Franck is a former national-rated NAWGJ women’s gymnastics judge with over 15 years of USAG judging experience and nine seasons judging NCAA gymnastics. Outside of gymnastics, Franck works at a university as a nursing professor and loves to travel. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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