LIVE BLOG: No. 56 Sacramento State at No. 47 UC Davis

We’re rounding out the weekend with some MPSF action between two near by rivals. UC Davis has had phenomenal meets the last two weekends, highlighted by a massive 49.525 on floor last weekend against San Jose State. Watch to see if the Aggies can put it all together and hit beam this week to match its impressive leg event performances led by Keanna Abraham. As for Sac State, the team has had up and down performance all season, lacking consistency especially on bars. Beam has been a solid event for the team and freshman Sarah Lutrel has made an immediate impact, scoring as high as 9.925. These two teams faced off in the first weekend of the season, with UC Davis taking the meet, and this afternoon’s rematch should be a significant progress marker as midseason approaches. This should be an exciting matchup!

Rotation 1: UC Davis VT, Sacramento State UB

Fitz-Gerald (VT): Solid yfull to start, nice amplitude and distance. Big hop back. 9.700

Tavenner (UB): Solid first handstand. Straddled Jaeger and falls. Remounts, overshoot with a leg separation. Arches over a high bar handstand and falls again. Remounts, and does a double layout to her knees. Not an ideal start for Sac State. 7.500

Pires (VT): Yurchenko full on, pike off. Pretty clean in the air, big hop back. 9.725

Houghton (UB): Nice opening handstand. Straddled Jaeger, caught with bent arms. Big leg separation n the Pak. Great final handstand. Stuck double layout with some leg separation. 9.800

Moneymaker (VT): Big yfull with a step back. Really nice amplitude and stretched layout position. 9.750

Morgenthaler (UB): Hit first handstand. Caught Jaeger with some bent arms. Short handstand, Pak is solid. Final handstand is short. Full twisting double layout is a little piked and a step. 9.725

Otsu (VT): Yurchenko half on, front tuck off is stuck! Great distance as well, a really nice vault. 9.825

Fitzgerald (UB): Solid first handstand. Maloney with a leg separation. Bail. Final handstand is a little short. 1.5 twisting dismount with a step. 9.800

Ray (VT): Yurchenko half on, tuck half off. Very clean vault, nice height with just a step. 9.825

Lutrel (UB): Nice first handstand. Bail is a little archy. Khorkina is solid but a bit low. Good final handstand, stuck FTDT. 9.725

Abraham (VT): Yurchenko 1.5 is stuck again! Great vault, the squat on the landing might have been a smidge deep, but excellent overall. 9.925

Lahmidi (UB): Nice first handstand. Straddle Jaeger to overshoot, some flexed feet throughout. Giant full to double tuck with a step, giant full was a little over as well. 9.775

After 1: UC Davis 49.050, Sacramento State 48.825

UC Davis leads after one thanks in part to Keanna Abraham sticking her Yurchenko 1.5 again and tying her school record on vault. But overall, that’s a very solid rotation from UC Davis, with unique vaults from Ray and Otsu and very dyanmic fulls to complete the lineup. As for Sacramento State, after a rough opening routine, it was able to hit five solid routines for a season high 48.825. After one, this matchup is close!

Rotation 2: Sacramento State VT, UC Davis UB

Lahmidi (VT): Tucked yfull with a step back. Good amplitue, some flexed feet. 9.700

Scafani (UB): Solid first handstand. Deltchev and falls. Remounts, overshoot. Nice final handstand. Giant full, nice finishing position, into a double tuck with a step. 8.850

Fitz-Gerald (VT): Yurchenko full on, tuck off with a step. Not the most distance, but a solid vault. 9.775

Laird (UB): Good first handstand. Straddled Jaeger to overshoot, some bent arms and flexed feet. Giant full to double tuck with a small step. 9.875

Zimmerman (VT): Yurchenko full, great amplitude but can’t find the landing and stumbles back, taking six or seven steps. 9.350

Moneymaker (UB):Nice first handstand. Maloney to Pak, a little leg separation both. Great extension on the last handstand. Really clean double layout with a hop. 9.850

Otsu (UB): OH she’s going now?? Piked Jaeger, bail with a small leg separation. Good final handstand. NICE giant full, into a double tuck that’s stuck but with her chest down. 9.850

Okay we’re getting a bit out of order because two bars routine went in a row?? The PA announcer is confused as well lol.

Gilman (VT): Attempts a Yurchenko half but overpowers it and she puts her hands down. 9.100

Fitzgerald (UB): Lovely first handstand. Jaeger to overshoot, leg separation on the overshoot. Double layout has some leg separation but is stuck. 9.850

Lutrel (VT): Nice yfull with a step, really impressive distance. 9.725

Michovsky (UB): Clean first handstand. Jaeger to overshoot, does a nice job keeping her legs together. Last handstand is a little short, giant full into a double tuck with a step. 9.875

Morgenthaler (VT): Yurchenko 1.5 with a small step, some knee form in the air, but a really good vault. 9.775

After 2: UC Davis 98.250, Sacramento State 97.250

Half way through and UC Davis has a sizable lead over Sacramento State. It’s bar rotation responded well after a leadoff fall, with Emma Otsu’s bar routine being a standout because of her gorgeous giant full. As for Sac State, it had some struggles on vault as a result of having too much power and not being able to find landings. Emma Morgenthaler’s anchor Yurchenko 1.5 was really nice though.

Rotation 3: UC Davis BB, Sacramento State FX

Scafani (BB): Okay, so we missed the first beam routine because the Facebook live was still like on the big screen and not on the beam :/ But cheers make it sound like it went well? 9.800

Dumas-Guzman (FX): Open with a double tuck, chest down and a step back. Front Rudi, a little crooked and messy legs. Switch half, popa, popa, not the most precise landing positions. Front lay, front full, underrotated but saves it well. 9.750

Holtan (BB): Bhs, bhs, loso, small arm wave. Switch leap, switch half, short of split on the switch half, with a small leg up wobble. Full turn is fine. Gainer pike dismount is stuck. 9.725

Long wait before Houghton on floor.

Houghton (FX): Double pike to open, lands with chest far down and stumbles some. Switch side, popa. Rudi, straddle jump, the straddle jump was asymmetrical. Back 1.5 to front lay to close, pretty clean. 9.775

Abraham (BB): Small bobble on the full turn. Long pause before the series, bhs, layout to two feet with a step backwards. Hitch kick, switch side, good straddle position. Bhs, 1.5 with a step. 9.650

Gilman (FX): Solid double pike to open, really clean form on it. Front lay, front full, a little awkward and maybe lock-legged on the landing. Really short on the closing double tuck and has to take a big step forward, but manages to keep it on her feet. 9.650

Ray (BB): Stag jump mount is pretty. Side aerial, loso with a wobble, great in the air though. Cat leap, switch half, split jump, decent position on the switch half. Front tuck full with a step. 9.775

Lahmidi (FX): Whip half, front full is good. Tour jete full, wolf full, tour jete was very under rotated. Front rudi is solid. 9.725

Lyle (BB): Good series. Switch leap, straddle quarter, nice straddle position, front leg may have been a bit low on the switch leap. Cartwheel gainer full is stuck. 9.800

Lutrel (FX): Great amplitude on the opening double pike, step back. Front lay, front full, slightly uncontrolled step forwards. Tour jete half, split jump full, a little short of split on the tour jete. Final double tuck has nice amplitude but she lands really low in a swaut.. 9.700

Schuelke (BB): Front toss, bhs, very smooth connection, nicely done. Split jump, straddle 3/4, good split positions on both. Side aerial. Stuck gainer full to finish, really good routine. 9.875

Morgenthaler (FX): Rudi, loso, love the rise in ampltuitde on the loso. Tour jete half, popa, nice split position on the popa. Nice double pike, really good chest up landing on that pass. Wolf turn 1.25, not sure if that was supposed to be a full or 1.5? Nice routine overall! 9.850

After 3: UC Davis 147.225, Sacramento State 146.050

Another good rotation for UC Davis as they continue to stay on 196 pace. There were some wobbles and issues on dance throughout that rotation, but overall really solid, especially anchor Kaitlyn Lyle. Sacramento State looked good on floor, but had some short leaps and landings on final tumbling passes that were costly. Morgenthaler was a real highlight of this rotation.

Rotation 4: Sacramento State BB, UC Davis FX

Gilman (BB): Bhs, loso, nice extension throughout. Good side aerial. Straddle jump, straddle jump 3/4, short of split on the second jump. 1.5 is almost stuck with a small step back. 9.750

Holtan (FX): Some issues with the music, has to step off the floor. Front lay, front full, the front full might have been a little piked throughout. Tour jete half, chets the rotation significantly. Double pike with a small stumble. Switch half, popa is good. 9.800

Morgenthaler (BB): Wolf turn, solid. Bhs, bhs, loso with just a small arm wave correction. Love all her low to the beam choreography. Switch leap, back tuck, small wobble. Dismount with a 1.5 and a hop. 9.800

Pires (FX): Really clean back 1.5, front lay. Switch side 1/2, straddle position was a little asymmetrical. Double tuck is clean, chest is a just a little low. Tour jete half, split full, missing some split on the first leap, but not bad. 9.875

Fitzgerald (BB): Love how she holds the releve after her full turn. Bhs, loso with a wobble, but stays on. Split jump, split 3/4, split 3/4 is short of split, small wobble. Front aerial with an arm wave correction. Bhs, 1.5 with a step backwards. 9.600

Moneymaker (FX): Front tuck through to double pike, excellent amplitude and control. Switch half, wolf full bouncy landing. Rudi, lands with chest a bit low. Double tuck to close, nice chest up landing. Good routine. 9.925

Zimemrman (BB): Check on the full turn. Front aerial, another small check. Bhs loso is solid, very clean as well. Switch leap, breaks the connection redoes switch leap, split jump 3/4, short of split on the jump and a chest down wobble. 1.5 dismount with a step forward. 9.675

Trejo (FX): Whip to cowboyed double tuck to open, good control. Straddle jump, punch front. Great double pike, excellent chest up position. Switch leap, tour jete that rotates like 3/4 of the way around? 9.900

Lutrel (BB): Bhs, loso with a wobble. Leaps are okay. Full turn. Side aerial back 1.5 with a step. 9.750

Abraham (FX): Massive double layout to open, some leg separation throughout. Switch side 1/2, great. Front lay, front full, somewhat uncontrolled step. Great double tuck to finish, love how she opens up out of it. 9.925

Houghton (BB): Bhs, loso, chest down wobble. Switch leap, straddle 1/4, fine. Straddle jump 3/4 and falls. Double full is really nice and stuck. 9.100

Ray (FX): Front tuck through to double tuck, good landing control. Tour jete half, split jump full, popa, good split positions. Double pike to finish, lacking a little bit of control on the lunge, but not egregious. Good routine. 9.900

FINAL: UC Davis 196.750, Sacramento State 194.625

Well, what a meet for UC Davis, scoring its second highest score in program history and matching its program record on floor! Sacramento State competed well, but was really held back by some issues on vault that ultimately kept them out of the 195 range.

VT: Keanna Abraham 9.925
UB: Marisa Laird 9.875
BB: Rachel Schuelke 9.875
FX: Keanna Abraham, Amelia Moneymaker 9.925
AA: Emma Morgenthaler 39.250

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Live blog by Rebecca Williams

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