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2023 Metroplex Challenge Live-ish Scores

Due to the lack of live scores or a video stream for the 2023 Metroplex Challenge, we created a spreadsheet where we’ll be inputting scores from the meet, using info from teams’ social media, SIDs and trustworthy individuals in attendance to provide “live-ish” scores.

The afternoon session will feature Georgia, Illinois, Illinois State, and Utah while the evening session will feature Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Stanford.

Note: Scores will take a few minutes to appear in the sheet once added on the backend. Please be patient!

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Scores compiled by the editors of College Gym News

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    1. FLO Gymnastics still owns the broadcast rights to Metroplex and we know FLO hasn’t done any gymnastics coverage since 2021-22 really. Hoping that next year the meet rights are available.

    1. No, this meet will not have official video or live scores. We are doing these “live-ish” scores to give fans something.

  1. Thank you for posting the live-ish results. I sure hope that someone else can get the rights to the Metroplex challenge if FLO isn’t going to broadcast anything.

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