LIVE BLOG: Eastern Michigan and UC Davis at Iowa State

Hilton Coliseum plays host to teams from three different conferences tonight. Host team Iowa State had some bright spots at its first meet of the season, such as four 9.800-plus beam scores. But the Cyclones also counted two falls on bars, which held it back to a 194.8750. The Cyclones are capable of much better and will look to rebound at home tonight; look to see how their mega-roster (24 gymnasts!) cycles through depth throughout the season.

Eastern Michigan also opened the season below its standards with a 192.1500, over two points below last season’s opening mark. One of the Eagles’ opponents last week will be in the arena tonight, as well: the UC Davis Aggies. The Aggies posted seven scores of 9.800 or better in their second outing of the season, though they also counted two falls on beam. Overall, these three teams have been having typical seasons for January.

Scores here, stream here!

Andrea Maldonado, former Iowa State standout, is commentating tonight!

ROTATION 1: Iowa State VT, EMU UB, UC Davis BB

Ana Irene Palacios VT: Yfull piked down, small bounce back. 9775

Parris: Deltchev into bail, nice last handstand, big hop back on DLO with pike in the second flip. 9.625

Loyim VT: not as much air as Palacios, hop back. 9.650

Macy UB: Piked Jaeger nice handstands, bail, good last handstand, pikey DLO with some feet, small step back. 9.675

Bergstrom VT: Huge hop back, crossed legs and piked down on the landing on the yfull. 9.750

Lowe UB: Piked Jaeger close to the bar, love the big releases, beautiful Pak legs together, arches over a little on the last handstand, double front lunge forward. Looks like it will be counted as a fall. 9.275

Seeing that UC Davis is on a bye, so we won’t see the Aggies on beam for a minute.

Boychuk VT: really big yfull, small step I think, actually pulls in her heels and it’s a stick. Piked down at the end though. 9.825

McCullough UB: Jaeger to bail, another double front and stumbles back and sits it. 9.050

Parker VT: opens up the yfull, tiny step but beautiful vault. 9.825

Crossen UB: Tkatchev between the bars right at the end of her routine, short last handstand, stuck DLO. 9.775

Hong VT: goes for yfull, step back a little piked in the air. She had trouble with the 1.5 in warmups. 9.850

No sign of or reference to UC Davis yet. Hmmm.

Boris UB: some feet on the Jaeger, nice last handstand, full-in chest down but fights and holds the stick. Big air on that too. Nice routine to end the lineup. 9.725


Pires VT: half on tucked vault, chest down two steps back. 9.650

Langkamp UB: piked jaeger, nice last handstand, DLO step back and has to take a couple more. 9.675

Trejo: tucked full not a lot of amplitude, small step back. 9.625

Loyim UB: nice air on the piked jaeger but can’t catch and falls. Doesn’t go to re-chalk, gets back on, Pak slightly labored looking at this point, DLO good form in the air, step back. 8.875

Moneymaker VT: has a fun celebration at the end, steps back pretty piked at the end. 9.500

Thomas UB: big straddled Jaeger, first not-piked one we’ve seen all night, Pak right on top of the bar, super pikey DLO tiny hop. 9.725

Otsu VT: 9.750

Ana Irene Palacios UB: bail awkward with legs bent, blind full to double back step forward. 9.400

Ray VT: tucked off the board step back. 9.725

Cooke UB: beautiful Pak, handstands all slightly short, piked chest way down tiny hop but gets right back into place. 9.775

Abraham VT: first 1.5 of the night flies forward, big step forward.

Basuel UB: nice first handstand, big Jaeger, short last handstand, chest down some arm circles tries so hard to hold that stick but little step. Pretty routine. 9.675 feels a little low.

After 2: Iowa State 97.275, UC Davis 48.425, EMU 48.075


Chemotti VT: full looks tucked at the beginning but laid out toward the end, interesting. 9.675

Scafani UB: Deltchev, sticks double back to end. 9.650

Lewis VT: piked down full, step back. 9.575

Laird UB: nice handstands, blind full into double back small steps back. 9.600

Parris VT: flares out yfull at the end, small step. 9.650

Lyle UB: beautiful lines, piked Jaeger, pauses before going back to high bar, pretty DLO at first legs come apart at the end but sticks the landing. 9.700

Fisher VT: not a ton of height, hop back. 9.700

Senthil UB: Maloney nice air, back into the bail, slightly short last handstand, DLO steps forward and knee nearly touches the ground as she steps forward.

Boris VT: half on tucked, hop back and has to adjust again. 9.700

Taking a long time to score Senthil. She gets 9.600.

Michovsky UB: Jaeger flips far from from bar and misses, lands on chest. Double tuck step back. Will miss connection from Jaeger to bail bc of the fall.

McCullough VT: double tuck very open, step back.

Fitz-Gerald UB: nice handstand into Jaeger, arches over a little on last handstand, DLO legs slightly apart.

After 3: ISU 97.275, UC Davis 96.700, EMU 96.375

Rotation 4: UC Davis FX, Iowa State BB

Thomas BB: front toss to BHS, small break. Swich to straddle half, beauiful leaps, back 1.5 small step. 9.775

Holtan FX: front lay to front full step out, controlled double pike, leap combo not quite 180, “oops I did it again” to open routine. Solid. 9.725

Boychuk BB: first leap definitely not 180 with flexed feet, BHS LOSO slight wobble, gainer full small step. 9.650

Senthil FX: back 1.5 to front lay, double tuck step forward, leaps are short 9.525

Maldonado BB: Andrea commentating her sister’s routine. BHS LOSO confident great positions, side aerial misses and falls, dismount small step. 9.000

Moneymaker FX: I recognize this music but not sure from where. That’s going to bother me. Rudi chest down step back. Double tuck better to end. 9.675

OH it’s a song from the movie Birds of Prey- recommend that soundtrack.

Bergrstrom BB: chest down on first leaps, falls off on series. Counting a fall now. Front tucked full small step. 8.800

Abraham FX: oop HUGE DLO, jazzy routine, layout front full controlled, big double tuck to finish. 9.725

Horowitz BB: front toss to BHS, elegant leaps, switch half to beat some feet flexed on the leap, stuck landing 9.725

Ray FX: front tuck to double tuck. Three leap series no trouble, double pike steps forward. Love this music and entire lineup. 9.700

Loyim BB: let’s see if she can bounce back from the bars fall. Switch to straddle half wobbles, BHS LOSO same, gainer full slight shuffle. 9.700

Trejo FX: whip to double tuck chest down, loving the all drums music, fun straddle jump to front tuck side pass, double pike controlled chest up. Amazing leap position. 9.450

After 4: ISU 145.150, UC Davis 145.050, EMU 96.375


Scafani BB: triple series to open the rotation impressive, small step, switch leap series some flexed feets, sticks full off the side. 9.750

Parris FX: Rudi and leap combo nice, double pike controlled lunge. 9.650

Holtan BB: another triple series no hesitation, leaps, forward roll she has to grab the beam, gainer pike stick. 9.375

Macy FX: Rudi to back lOSO, leaps some flexed feet, love her dance, back 1.5 to front lay oop the layout was a little scary but she got it around. 9.400

Abraham BB: BHS to two foot layout, back 1.5 step forward 9.550

Stuckey FX: triple leap series each one well extended, back 1.5 to front lay, double pike chest pretty low. 9.600

Ray BB: BHS LLOSO perfect, switch half to split jump slightest hesitation, tucked gainer full step forward. 9.725

Apparently music is out in the arena. Let’s see if floor is impacted.

Nope, we hear McCullough FX: double front steps out to the side, front layout to rudi to stag. 9.550

Lyle BB: side aerial to BHS great control, slight bob on full turn, leap series slight wobble back, cartwheel to full off the side stuck. 9.725

Crossen FX: crowd clapping along, double tuck controlled step. Excellent 180 position on straddle leaps. 9.775

Schuelke BB: front toss BHS, straddle to full, BHS very confident routine, cartwheel to full of the side that’s a stick.

Boris FX: EMU’s anchor! Double pike controlled step, funky music, back 1.5 to front lay, double tuck good to end.

After 5: Iowa State 145.100, EMU 144.350, UC Davis FINAL of 193.150


Stuckey BB: 9.600

Boychuk FX: BHS LOSO out of bounds front leg goes up, back 1.5 to front lay crowd clapping. 9.525

Bergin BB: BHS LOSO lovely, sheep jump position could be better, front full from kick swing stuck. 9.650

Cooke FX: double front to stag, controlled, back 1.5 to front full, straddle to stag great positions, fun choreo at the end. 9.775

Parris BB: BHS LOSO slight check, side aerial chest pretty low and checks, back 1.5 college stick. 9.625

Parker FX: front tuck to back double tuck, Myia Hambrick’s senior floor music to start, and it’s the whole cut, back double pike nice height and control. 9.850

Boris BB: 9.800

Maldonado FX: Back 1.5 to front full, big double pike. 9.900! First 9.9+ score of the night.

Crossen BB: airy BHS LOSO, front toss to beat could have been more defined but connected, switch to sheep to beat again, stuck landing. 9.825

Ana Irene Palacios FX: front tuck to double tuck steps OOB, triple leap series well extended, double pike to knees. 8.775

Chemotti BB: front aerial to BHS LOSO, nice 180 position on leaps, back 1.5 stuck. 9.925

Diab FX: front double full to front pike, different from usual front layout, FHS front lay, Rudi bhs loso. 9.875

FINAL: Iowa State 194.075, UC Davis 193.675, EMU 193.575

Live blog by Katherine Weaver

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