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LIVE BLOG: Wasatch Classic Session 1 with No. 6 UCLA, No. 19 Minnesota, No. 25 Washington and Boise State

There are so many quad meets this season. Just so many. But some of them are a real blast, and this is one. UCLA and Washington return to podium from Super 16 last week and will be hoping to pick up some more great road scores. UCLA had three fantastic events and then also beam last week. Beam was far from a disaster, but a few more tenths there and you really start to see the road to 198.000 opening up for UCLA.

Realistically, UCLA should win this and everyone else is fighting for second, but that fight could get close. Washington had a nice steady opener but so far hasn’t cracked 49.000 on any event this season, so that’s the goal today. A secondary goal is to fully rotate those front double twists on floor. Just as a personal favor to me, okay?

Minnesota put up a solid opening number in a meet that got drowned out by all the drama of last Friday night. The Gophers are one of very few teams that fully utilized their freshmen last week, so if you didn’t watch that meet, you’ll probably walk away from tonight with a new favorite beam routine. Boise State had a bye last week, so this will be our first look at the Broncos. As of the intrasquad last month, Boise State looked very deep and very healthy. If that’s true, it should be in the mix with Minnesota and Washington.

Rotation 1: Minnesota VT, UCLA UB, UW BB, BSU FX

Johnson (Minn): Solid FTY, hop back. 9.825

The quad box took me by surprise. Got what looked like a clean beam routine from Brenna Brooks, stagger forward on a tumbling pass from Emma Loyim that stayed in bounds.

Lee (UCLA): Missed a handstand, Pak with messy form, missed another handstand, van Leeuwen with form, missed a THIRD handstand, double lay short with a step forward. 9.6

Moraw (Minn): Rotates slowly on her FTY, bit pikey with lots of distance, step back. 9.8

Leitch (BSU): Double pike fine. Front lay front full, nice and clean. Chest down a bit on her double tuck.

Moody (UW): BHS LOSO, up on her toes but no check. Switch to split with the back knee SLIGHTLY soft, full turn. Side aerial to split. One and a half twist stuck-ish. Looks thrilled.

Remlinger (Minn): Tucked one and a half, a bit lock-legged with a step back.

Padurariu (UCLA): Toe on to Maloney to bail, clean. I’m tired just watching Janelle. FTDB a bit deep, big hop forward.

Gerdes (Minn): One and a half, CLEAN but two hops forward, one of them pretty big.

Bowles (UW): Side aerial BHS, elbows buckle a little, check. Full turn, split to hop full turn… is that new? Beat to side aerial good.

Harris (UCLA): Ray, arched a handstand, bail a little imprecise on the position, full turn double lay looks a little close to the bar today with a smidge of knees but sticks it. 9.975 okay…

Lucas (BSU): Joining partway for a one and a half front lay, and we’re leaving.

Hooten (Minn): One and a half, good, hop forward.

Chiles (UCLA): Pike Tkachev to Pak, little bits of feet, Maloney with feet to Gienger. Missed a handstand, FTDB with a hop. 9.95

Navarro (UW): Beat switch side, mistimed, not sure she made that position, Full turn, one and a half twist with a little hop.

Popa (BSU): Missed the first pass again, awkward landing on her one and a half front lay.

Davis (UW): Triple series, little check. Beat to straddle 3/4. Full turn, check. Great one and a half twist. 9.825

We didn’t see Marz Frazier’s full routine, but got a double lay with a hop back on replay. 9.9

I think this is Anyimi in ex. Piked Jaeger to overshoot great, missed a handstand, full out stuck. Nice! 9.875

Killough-Wilhelm (UW): Front aerial BHS pretty. Full turn, kickover front to beat, switch split is good. Side aerial one and a half, short with a step back.

McGovern (BSU): Rudi LOSO, imperfect form but SUPER emphatic landing. Great double tuck.

Roberts in the ex for UW. BHS LOSO, just a front foot fidget. Switch double stag, positions just a little iffy, cat leap gainer full stuck.

Blackson (BSU): The stage to herself. As she should. Front double punch front, hop forward, I think she’s in bounds, tour jete half split full I think a little underrotated. Two and a half twist lovely.

After 1: UCLA 49.500, Minnesota 49.075, Washington 48.925, Boise State 48.900

Good start for UCLA, but not as great as the judges thought it was. Solid for the other three teams, not much to choose between them right now.

Rotation 2: Boise StateVT, Minnesota UB, UCLA BB, UW FX

Lee (UCLA): Full turn, clean acro, switch to straddle is nice. Wow I totally failed to write down any skills from this routine. It was good!

Killough-Wilhelm (UW): Front double full, step forward is a little long. 9.825

Johnson (Minn): Toe to Maloney to bail, form throughout and not a convincing handstand on the bail. Stalder to toe front half, undercooked with a big step forward.

Loyim (BSU): Yurchenko half, a little low with a step.

Alipio (UCLA): Full turn. Front aerial back tuck slow but steady. Switch half to beat. Side aerial to split is slow, not sure that connection will go, gainer tuck full with an arm swing.

Blackson (BSU): Just the full today, nice and straight with a hop back. 9.775

Campbell (UCLA): BHS LOSO, a little on her toes but no check. Side aerial. Full turn steady. Gainer full good. 9.9!

Jencks (Minn): Didn’t get all the skills down here, a couple short handstands but a short double layout.

Innes (UW): First pass wasn’t on screen. Wolf full wolf full combo is rotated, good Rudi. 9.875

Stream died! Love.

Navarro (UW): Stream came back alive halfway. Switch side Popa good. One and a half front lay stuck. Double pike a little scooty.

Sales (Minn): Bail good. Blind to Markelov on the low side, double lay SUPER SUPER low and almost drops her knee, runs forward to save it.

Harris (UCLA): BHS LOSO BHS steady. Side aerial, nice, great one and a half twist stuck.

Roberts (UW): Double tuck solid. Double pike, short with a step forward.

Malabuyo (UCLA): Wolf turn, BHS LOSO with a little adjustment. Front aerial, adjustment. BHS gainer full hop back.

Hooten (Minn): Blind pike Jaeger to overshoot. Full out stuck on her toes. 9.95!

Cunningham (UW): Double tuck, a little short but no big deal. STREAM DIES.

Frazier (UCLA): Front aerial to BHS Side aerial to split fine. One and a half twist, DRAMATICALLY stuck.

Nguyen (UW): Double pike, scoots back out of bounds. Front lay front pike, that was landed completely out of bounds. Switch to switch ring half is actually good. Double pike again…? Odd but her presentation was so good. 9.5

McWilliams in the ex for UW. Believe Minnesota put up Albertin and LaNeave.

After 2: UCLA 99.000, Minnesota 98.425, Washington 98.150, Boise State 97.750

Wow, the bars judges are happy. Note to the other two teams: Just stay on the bars. It’s worth your time. UCLA was super steady on beam. Washington got its first 49+ score of the season, which is awesome!

Rotation 3: Washington VT, Boise State UB, Minnesota BB, UCLA FX

Koch (Minn): Leaps were sketchy, Liukin a little low but pretty good. Glitched through her dismount but looked good. 9.8

Davis (UW): Solid FTY, hop back. 9.85

(BSU): Maloney to Pak, flexed feet there. Missed a handstand, blind full double back with a step back.

McNamara (UCLA): Rudi to straddle comes in close to the line but OK. One and a half front lay, soft knees.

Brooks (UW): Yurchenko Arabian way short, sits.

Johnson (Minn): Kickover front BHS solid. Aerial round off, great! Love that skill. One and a half twist stuck. NICE.

Navarro (UW): Solid FTY, little hop back. Hoping for the upgrade soon. 9.825

Stream STRUGGLING now.

Malabuyo (UCLA): half-glitched through her combo pass which looked fine.Good double pike.

Hooten (Minn): Front aerial BHS a tiny bit off line, no big deal. Big check on a switch side and off. Good one a half twist.

Cunningham (UW): Good FTY, small hop.

Blackson (BSU): Markelov is HUGE and gorgeous. Stuck the double lay.

Harris (UCLA): Good full in. Great double tuck, high and clean. Good combo to finish.

Schrady (UW): FTY, piked down hard and landed on the line with a hop.

Lopez (BSU): Blind to pike Jaeger. Good bail. Double tuck, little scoot back

Nguyen in the ex for UW. Innes second ex, deep with steps forward.

Frazier (UCLA) Whip to double tuck. Solid double pike.

Gerdes (Minn): Front aerial with soft knees. Acro series made, split to double stag, gainer full good.

Leitch (BSU): Hindorff to overshoot, lands straight on her feet. Oopsie.

Rowray (Minn): BHS LOSO, great extension. Switch to straddle half great. Switch… lands awkwardly and falls. Minnesota now counting one.

Chiles (UCLA): Double lay, great. Front through double back steady. Tour jete half wolf full a little short. Chest low on the double pike but bounces a little to a pretty normal lunge.

Loyim bars ex for Boise. Some handstand issues, drills a double lay.

Moraw (Minn): Full turn, BHS LOSO, leg up check. Split to split 3/4, way short of split. Front aerial. Gainer full, little scoot.

Campbell (UCLA): I don’t think we saw the first pass, tour jete half to Popa. Front lay front full is pretty good. Great double pike.

Lashbrooke in the ex for UCLA.

After 3: UCLA 148.600, UW 147.275, Minnesota 146.175, Boise State 146.025

Minnesota and Boise both counting falls there, which is nice for Washington and sad for everyone else. Could UCLA go 198 here??

Rotation 4: UCLA VT, UW UB, BSU BB, Minn FX

Vulaj (BSU): Gainer BHS LOSO, some soft knees. Kickover front, check, one and a half with a hop. 9.7

Frazier (UCLA): FTY, piked down with a BIG hop back. 9.75

Killough-Wilhelm (UW):Hop change a little late to Jaeger to overshoot, clean. Blind to half to double tuck stuck. 9.875

Anyimi (UCLA): LATE on the table on her FTY, very long with a large hop back. 9.65

Moody (UW): Short on the first handstand, toe on tl Maloney to Pak, leg sep. FTDB, hop forward.

Looked like a big hop out of a FTY for Emily Lee on the background. 9.8, the hop was just medium in a better view.

Little (BSU): Switch to switch side, front aerial to beat was a little wonky in the middle but kept it moving. One and a half, baby hop forward.

Campbell (UCLA): FTY, chest a little forward with an awkward hop on FTY.

Oppegard (UW): Jaeger, bail, handstands a little iffy, stuck the double lay. Washington has NO intention of letting this lead go.

Elkabchi (BSU): First meet back from an Achilles last year. BHS LOSO, extra step, beat to side aerial. One and a half with a hop. (Minn): Double tuck, scooty landing.

Chiles (UCLA): DTY, medium-big hop. 9.925

Brooks (UW): Short on first handstand, true shape to clear hip to bail with a bit of leg sep. Blind full double back, step

Lopez (BSU): BHS LOSO BHS great. Split to straddle half. Kickover front. Gainer full stuck. Nice!

Koch (Minn): Front double full to front tuck with knees. Even in the handspring. Rudi, knees again.

Russon (UW): Blind to Jaeger to overshoot a little close, blind full double tuck GREAT and stuck.

Loyim (BSU): BHS LOSO nice. Side aerial steady. Nice switch to switch. Gainer full stuck. Nice one for the Broncos.

Oh, we’re getting a replay of Harris vault. Good one and a half, one shoulder trails a bit, hop forward.

Remlinger (Minn): Full in, rebound OOB. Switch side Popa good. One and a half front lay, okay but timing not ideal for rise in the layout. Double back good.

Popp (BSU): Front aerial, full turn, BHS BHS back pike (intended layout but no), switch half good. Gainer pike stuck.

We just got a dismount from Lilly Tubbs. Double lay with a tiny pace.

Bowles (UW): Ex I think. Blind full to Markelov with flexed feet to overshoot. Missed a handstand, double lay super deep with hands down.

Hooten (Minn): Full in great. Front full front pike, lunge a little long but no biggie. Great double tuck. Easy.

Sales in the ex for Minnesota and her music is Ready For It. Front lay… front tuck? A little odd.

McWilliams up for UW in the ex, big hop back on a double lay.

FINAL: UCLA 197.850, UW 196.550, Minnesota 196.175, Boise 195.050

VT: Jordan Chiles 9.925
UB: Selena Harris 9.975
BB: Jordan Chiles, Selena Harris 9.925
FX: Chae Campbell 9.950
AA: Jordan Chiles, Selena Harris 39.725

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Live blog by Rebecca Scally

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  1. Sitting right next to bars for ucla. Talk about Christmas again with major gifts. Just judge correctly. Don’t turn the meet into a joke in the first rotation. Janell needs to take it down a notch. She is so distracting. Won’t travel to another meet if it’s just same old same old. That rotation overscored by 3 tenths. Sad commentary

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