LIVE BLOG: Centenary and Greenville at SEMO

Centenary will open its season today alongside new program Greenville in its second meet ever. The two come to Cape Girardeau to face a SEMO squad that is coming off a two-point loss to rival Lindenwood. There, SEMO had a solid but typical first meet of the season in that a lot of polish remains to be added. Freshman Lion Jaly Jones won the all-around in the first meet of her career.

Greenville scored a 181.425 on the big stage at Ohio State last week, eclipsing 180 in its first meet ever. Bright spots were all-arounders Molly Froman and Amara Nelson, who contributed the team’s highest scores on vault and floor, respectively.

Centenary will be competing for the first time under new head coach Meg Crowley, who takes over for gymnastics coaching legend Jackie Fain. Promising freshman Olivia Stratmann is out for the season with a foot injury, but look out for her classmate Amy Foret, the reigning all-around, vault and beam champion in the ultra competitive Region III in the USAG Developmental Program. She is poised to make a huge impact for the Ladies, and that could start today.

I’m excited to be live blogging my first meet of the season! You can follow along with the stream for today’s meet here.

Rotation 1 SEMO VT, Greenville UB, Centenary BB

Ingle VT: Bent legs in the air on her full, piked down a bit, hop back. 9.550

Miller UB: Short first handstand, bail, handstands getting better, double tuck chest down little shuffle forward. Good landing. 9.025

Molina BB: Leap series not to 180, BHS LOSO no hesitation, same with side aerial, dismount small hop. 9.575

Webb VT: Small hop back on full. 9.500

Nelson UB: Short last handstand, hop forward on double back. 9.000

BB: Clean BHS LOSO series, good position on straddle half, looks like a few steps forward on back 1.5 dismount.

Reader VT: Bent legs in the air on her full, piked down a bit, hop back. 9.625

Commentary is just a clear pronunciation of the gymnasts’ names and I’m…not mad.

I am mad that there’s no scores, though. You’ll see them when I see them.

Russo UB: Piked Jaeger, cool to see a big release, clean on the bail, oh that’s an interesting dismount fall, double back landed with chest basically on the ground then falls forward. 8.300

Johnson BB: Off on BHS LOSO series, clean leaps, big hop to side on dismount. 8.900

Lopez VT: College salute on the stick of the full, but good one. 9.650

Carter UB: Maloney to bail, slightly short on last handstand, similarly low chest on double back but stays standing. 9.125

Foret BB: The reigning Region 3 beam champion! Clean leaps, confident side aerial, next leap combo not quite 180, gainer full dismount off the side small step to the side. 9.725

Greene VT: Chest piked down, bigger hop back on this full. 9.675

UB: Big Maloney, high double tuck one step back.

Stephens BB: lovely front aerial connected to BHS LOSO slight check, check on full turn, ring jump! back tucked 1.5 small step back. 9.625

Ockler VT: Biggest full of them all, hop back. 9.800

Martinez BB: Off on BHS LOSO series so the Ladies counting a fall, big switch half, front toss to bear slight check, straddle jump perfect position, better dismount. 8.950

Froman UB: Maloney catches close and has to recast, next handstand looks like she’s gonna go over so hops off. Back tuck small step forward. 8.600

Wilson BB: Front toss very low can’t connect to BHS, sheep jump, front toss and another fall, swich leap right into cartwheel dismount is unique, step forward.

AFTER ONE: SEMO 48.300, Centenary 47.525, Greenville 44.975,

SEMO had some better landings than last week that bode well for future lineups. Greenville went for it with some big releases; you’ve got to appreciate the risks. Centenary won’t like having to count two falls, but lots of pretty moments and Foret will be a bright spot there for weeks to come.

Greenville’s matte gray leo with ombre to orange sleeves is super pretty.

Rotation 2 SEMO UB, Greenville BB, Centenary FX

Ingle UB: Catches Jaeger a little close but good to bail, 9.575. Now can sort of see scores. 9.575

Huff FX: Cotton eyed Joe floor! Double tuck chest up on landing, front Rudi good, now into rock this is a fun routine, FHS little side pass, back 1.5 to front lay legs apart on that but that’s cute overall. 9.475

Moffitt UB: Another close Jaeger, bail better, short on last handstand to pirouette, hop forward and chest slightly down double back. 9.475

Heubach BB: Fall to start, sticks gainer pike. 7.900

Foret FX: Double tuck step back, this one higher, a dramatic orchestral version of Toxic I THINK, handspring Rudi, oh yes it is, love this! Some feet but great extension on leaps. Technically really strong gymnast. Back 1.5 to front tuck stumbles out of it a little but strong go! 9.600

Stephens FX: Stumbles way out of double pike and off the floor, double tuck better to end. 9.425

Froman BB: Off on front aerial, goes for it again and check but better. Comes off again on another skill. Punch front full dismount is fun. 7.900

Lavelle FX: Powerful double pike step back, leaps good extension, double tuck chest slightly down step back. Love her powerful run. 9.150

Miller UB: first handstand short, between the bars Tkatchev caught well, Ezhova!! last handstand a bit short, DLO and takes it to knees with hands down. 8.925.

Ockler UB: Maloney, pretty Pak, full in chest down but a stick. 9.725

Kaiser BB: Comes off on back pike. BHS slightly bent legs, squatty front toss but stays on. 8.275

Reader UB (exh): Can’t catch Tkatchev.

Gilmer BB: BHS LOSO chest way down, keeps it on beam. Back 1.5 small step forward. 8.275.

Martinez FX: Straddle leap combo nice, back 1.5 to front lay sits the lay. 8.650

Miller BB: Bent BHS LOSO and comes off, piked cartwheel off again, more poise on leaps and stays on, full turn big check stays on, fighting for the rest, punch front full not sure if meant to be tucked but slide forward.

AFTER TWO: Still tabulating.

Rotation 3: Centenary VT, SEMO BB, Greenville FX

Kaiser FX: Back 1.5 to front pike, leaps pretty flexible, back 1.5 to front lay. 9.000

Maxwell BB: Leap combo a little short. 9.625

Foret VT: Hands down on vault. 8.700

Ingle BB: Triple series leg goes up but stays on the beam, dynamic leaps, chest forward on straddle, double full small step back. Good recovery. 9.550

Nelson FX: Punch front Rudi good position, straddle leaps good extension, 8.775

Moffitt BB: Pretty back 1.5 dismount step back. 9.650

Johnson VT: layout vault step back. 9.550

Huff VT: Tucked full hop back. 9.550

Wedge VT: Handspring front pike tiny step forward. 9.700

Webb BB: Front toss, nice extension on connected leaps, gainer full off the beam small step. 9.625

Martinez VT: Full chest a little down but good landing for the difficulty. 9.350

Gilmer FX: Slides out of double pike, front full to front lay, fun music, hands down on double tuck. 8.825

BB: Front aerial bent legs to BHS, looks solid on side aerial but steps off, sticks gainer pike dismount.

Miller FX:love one BHS into the double pike, very vocal routine is a little weird, beautiful leaps, oh now it’s into “Mi Gente” SUPER interesting vibe, again just one BHS into double tuck and hands go down. front full to front lay, decent three pass routine. 8.675

Reader BB: 9.750

Froman FX: Rudi, front full good, more upbeat music, solid to end. Front aerial to one leg, punch front full. 9.400

BB: Front aerial BHS check after aerial but works it into the BHS well. Switch half.

Jones FX: Wang Yan’s 2016 floor music, double tuck, back 1.5 to front pike, 9.225

AFTER THREE: SEMO 144.550, Centenary 142.050, Greenville 127.875

Rotation 4

Looking forward to SEMO’s floor music after how fire the meet music has been.

Rodriguez VT: Half on back pike chest down. 9.250

Ingle FX: She is the queen of leading off. Back 1.5 to front lay pretty, nice dance on the rest. 9.675

Heubach VT: Layout pretty good landing up straight. 9.150

Foret UB: Legs apart on the bail, landing looked good, strong debut day for her otherwise. 8.925

Webb FX: Love how she starts with her leg in the air and some foot-ography. Nice front 1.5, back 1.5 stumbles, back 1.5 to front lay steps out a little but saves it. Love all twisting routines. 9.725

Froman VT: Sits handspring double front. 9.025

Moffitt FX: Double tuck good height, front full to front lay legs a little messy, double pike chest is low but powerful. Fun floor lineup thus far. 9.700

Miller VT: Many steps forward. 9.350

Plaza UB: legs apart on bail, good last handstand, floaty double tuck hop. 8.850

Jones FX: This goes from waking up/breathing sounds to “Drunk in love” what a ride, double tuck, super creative, double pike chest up nice, leaps not fully 180, 9.800

Nelson VT: a full this time chest slightly down and a hop back. 9.650

Lavelle UB: over on first handstand recasts but stays on, bail, hands down on dismount. 7.325

Reader FX: Tia Tamera by Doja Cat! Double pike chest low, this music hasn’t disappointed now into Anaconda, front full front lay great, stellar leap extension, double tuck strong. Will be a nice score. 9.800

Gilmer VT: Handspring half on back pike. Step back. 9.475

Schmitz UB: Pretty handstands and lines, double back small step back chest down a little. 9.525

Wilson UB: Nice release to low bar, another pretty handstand to the end, full twisting double tuck small step, great to see that level of difficulty. 9.575

Greene FX: FHS Rudi almost loses her balance on landing, side aerial side pass, double back chest up, Motor Sport Cardi B Offset and Nicki, team was especially hype for this. 9.775

FINAL: SEMO 193.350, Centenary 188.300, Greenville 180.475

VT winner: Ockler (SEMO) 9.800

UB winner: Ockler (SEMO) 9.725

BB winner: Reader (SEMO) 9.750

FX winner: Jones (SEMO) & Reader (SEMO) 9.800

Live blog by Katherine Weaver

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