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As I write this intro, it’s Wednesday night, and I am ALREADY pacing my house with excitement for this matchup. It’s still days away. If I could type this entirely in all caps, I would.

Now that meet day is finally here, right off the bat, and if you followed along with a single live blog of mine last season with Yale and LIU, you know exactly where we’re starting: Ilka Juk, Mara Titarsolej, and Raegan Walker. Juk is a steady three-event athlete with a beam routine that’ll actually make you question just how it’s all possible. Last year she dismounted with a back handspring full to layout full, but with the new requirements, that’ll change. Jah’Liyah Bedminster is another three-event Shark to keep your eyes on. Titarsolej notched the first-ever program 10 last season, doing so on bars, an event you can expect her to win on a regular basis this season. Another jewel in the LIU beam lineup, Syd Morris, has a STUNNING pike jump. Go ahead, try one out in your own home. But keep the standing full in your heart.

Walker, Walker, Walker. While at times consistency proved to be a struggle last season, the Yale senior is a shining star, and when she’s on beam, you can sit back, relax, and truly enjoy gymnastics. Expect to see Yale gymnast Oren Aviad more this meet than last year, with Sarah Wilson and and Sherry Wang ready to chase down a win the first meet of the season.

In 2022, LIU and Yale met just twice. The Sharks edged out the Bulldogs by a fraction of a tenth the first meet and a little over three-tenths the following meet. Today will be a tightly contested competition. Also, I’m hoping for some new leos.

Hey pals! So far it looks like live scores might be found here, although it currently gives an error. Cross your toes that we’ll find that up and running when the meet gets going. You can also watch along here.

National Anthem and then we’re getting started!

Warm ups are underway!

Rotation 1: LIU Vault, Yale Bars

Koopman (LIU): FTY, biiig hop, leg separation and form on the entry and post flight. 9.750

Aviad (Yale): KCH, little shy on both handstands, tkatchev, good. Nice bail to hs. Shy on that kch, handstand full to double tuck, good landing.

TBD about whether we get scores, but I’ll updated when we do!

Loo (LIU): Tucked FTY, pretty flexed feet and hop with the landing. Solid, though. 9.575

Wilson (Yale): KCH, GOOD! Ray to bail, so nice. A little shy on that second handstand, great handstand full, stuck double tuck. Ohhhhhh so beautiful.

Savino (LIU): We .. didn’t get to see the vault? Tsuk full on replay. Some form in the air, but nearly stuck. 9.750

Sabatini (Yale): Free hip, tkatchev with flexy feet, shootover, sloooww handstand full not quite in handstand, doubletuck, tiny hop in place.

Ricketts (LIU): Y full, pikes it down, big hop back, good height! 9.700

Wang (Yale): Shy on first hs. Nice straddle jaeger to bail to hs. Reaaally shy on the last hs. FTDB, lands with her chest down and takes a small step forward but that’ll look much more polished as the season goes on.

Morris (LIU): FTY, hops back but with control. Could use a touch more height but overall lovely and best LIU has put up today. 9.80

Walker (Yale): Straddle jaeger, nice. Bail to hs. Shy on that last hs. Double lay, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Is short and falls.

Bedminster (LIU): FTY, suuuuuuper zoomed out for some reason? Ah, replay. Pikes it down, and only takes a step back so the best landing for LIU on vault so far today, I’d say. 9.750

Henry (Yale): Leg separation on the half, straddle jaeger good. Bail to hs could have a little more shape. Shy on the last hs. Double lay-pike and takes several steps back, but keeps it on her feet.

After 1: 48.750 LIU, — Yale

LIU had some good looking vaults, definitely working with some power and causing over rotation but that’s not a bad way to kick off the season. Yale had just one fall from Walker on her dismount, but not a bad rotation for the Bull Dogs to start. Those handstands are going to haunt them before long, but, it’s just the first meet. So no need to worry yet.

Rotation 2: Yale Vault, LIU Bars

Wilson (Yale): Tucked FTY, takes a tiny step, chest a liiiiiiittle down.

Bedminster (LIU): Shy on the first hs, toe on shaposh, good. Bail to hs. Shy on that last hs. Double lay, stuck! 9.775

Wang (Yale): Yurchenko layout, hops it back, fairly open. Good height.

Folino (LIU): Toe on shaposh to pak, very nice. Good half pirouette. Shy on the last hs. Good handstand full to double tuck, small hop. 9.775

Aviad (Yale): Yurchenko half, bent knees after the turn, steps forward.

Miller (LIU): Shaposh, gets it with her fingertips AH nope. Comes off. Good hs. Free to hs, nice. Bail to hs, leg separation. Double lay, hop in place.

Walker (Yale): Waiting for the replay since they keep cutting to vault late. Y half, legs bent at the end, steps forward.

Juk (LIU): WHY DID WE CUT AWAY. Toe on shaposh, nice, pak had some major leg separation. Wobble on the transition. Handstand toe full to double tuck and lands that quiiiiiiiite deep. But keeps it up.

Titche (Yale): Y full, BIIIIG pike down, steps off and over the new white line.

Today’s meet has some artistic camera work.

Savino (LIU): Half to giant straddle jaeger, gorgeous height. Bail to hs, solid. Shy on that last hs. Handstand full is slow, to double tuck, takes a step. That’s going to be a great routine as the season goes on.

Brueck (Yale): FHS front pike, doesn’t get it around, sits it down. Gahhhh, that was such a great vault, just didn’t have the amplitude needed.

Titarsolej (LIU): Toe on shaposh to pak, leg separation on the back swing on the hb. Shy on that last hs, handstand full, double tuck, tiny shuffle back. Not her best, but that’ll still be a solid score. 9.925

After 2:

Tough vault rotation for Yale but time to shake it off and double down on floor to get the groove back. Not a bad bar rotation for LIU, the Titarsolej’s 9.925 in the anchor spot will add some distance between the teams. Still waiting on official scores.

Rotation 3: LIU Beam, Yale Floor

Bixler (LIU): BHS LOSO, solid. Cat leap to side aerial, chest down wobble, comes off. Switch leap to split jump, not quite 180 on the jump. Wobbles a little on the full turn. RO 1.5, graceful hop forward. 9.075

Strause (Yale): RO 2.5 to front tuck, some form in the air but so quick! Leap series has great extension. Ends with double pike, great form in the air, tiniest bit of chest down. 9.725

Ricketts (LIU): Love that flexibility choreo to start. Front aerial tiny pause to jump, a little bobble. BHS LOSO, floaty. Switch leap switch leap, excellent. Her poise is chefs kiss. BHS step out to tuck 1.5, some form in the air, steps to the side. Love watching her on beam. 9.600

Holt (Yale): FHS front double full, doesn’t totaaally get it around but works it. Needs a little more height. 1.5 to front lay, good. Choreo with a wink at the judge, here for it. Switch side to popa is a liiiittle soft. Here for Aviad in the background dancing along. FHS rudi to ends, a little soft on the landing and some form but that’ll be a good routine as the season goes on. 9.525

Doten (LIU): Ring tiny hesitation to split jump. Be still my heart, that was a two carat diamond (badumm tss). BHS BHS LOSO, right on. RO to 1.5 sinks a little on the landing, hop forward.

Wilson (Yale): RO 1.5 to front lay, could have a little cleaner form on the lay. Great leap series, has the ring series again this year. Double pike, some foot shuffling, a little bit of chest down there. That’ll score even better as the season goes on.

Barrington (LIU): BHS LOSO, balance check but keeps that on. Switch leap to split jump, nooooot great splits on either. Hitch kick to side aerial to split jump. Love an old school hitch kick. RO 1.5, shuffle hops to the side.

Brueck (Yale): Front double full to open but staggers back, keeps it on her feet. Double tuck, comes to her knees, puts her hands down. Great leap series after, though. Front lay front full, steps to the side but gorgeous in the air.

Morris (LIU): READY FOR A BEAUTIFUL PIKE JUMP. Let’s go. Cheststand cartwheel choreo, yes. Switch leap to the perfect pike jump. And I mean perfect. BHS LOSO, hips not quite square but easy fix. Side somi, balance check. This routine is packed. Cross position pike jump half. RO double full, shuffles it. I am melting. What a beam routine.

Meeks (Yale): Double pike to open, steps back, keeps that in. Front full to a very archy front lay but gets that around, good recovery though. I love this snappy music rhythm. Leap series could have a little more definition on shapes but great amplitude. Front full to end but sits it down. Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Juk (LIU): RO BHS to mount, floaty as always. BHS BHS LOSO, almost goes off the end of the beam, keeps that right on though. Full turn in attitude, good. Switch leap pause to leap, okay. May not get the connection. BHS full, YESS. Tick tock choreo. Cartwheel gainer lay full off the side. Couldn’t see the landing due to angle. Good routine.

Wang (Yale): Double pike to open, chest down, some shuffling. Switch side popa, pretty clean. RO 1.5 to front lay, leg separation in the front lay. Puts her hands down on her double tuck.

After 3: 145.725 LIU, 142.175 Yale

Yale had a tough go at floor, struggling with tumbling. Again, don’t forget. It’s the first meet of the season and floor routines can be a struggle. LIU had a few bobbles and balance check on beam that’ll smooth over as the team settles into the season.

Rotation 4: Yale Beam, LIU Floor

Strause (Yale): BHS LOSO, solid. Great start for Yale so far. Front aerial to split jump, great extension. Switch leap to split jump, excellent. BHS BHS to double full, a little landing issues but that routine was a great way to kick things off for Yale in this last rotation. 9.750

Barrington (LIU): Triple turn, ooohhhokay. Big double tuck to open. RO 2.5, biiig step forward but great power. Good leap series. RO 1.5 to front lay, front lay could be a little cleaner but nice control. 9.800

Wilson (Yale): Front tuck beat well connected. Switch leap to split jump. BHS LOSO, looked crooked but smoothed it over. Floaty side aerial. Piked gainer off end, stuck. 9.725

Koopman (LIU): Ro 2.5 to front tuck, quick twister, some crossed feet there. RO triple twist! Same feet. Switch ring series to cat leap 1.5, not bad. 9.800

Mangiacapre (Yale): BHS LOSO, great. Switch leap to split jump to split 3/4, holds onto it with her toes. Front aerial to beat, nice. Piked gainer off end, stuck. 9.550

Miller (LIU): Double pike to open, steps back but neatly keeps it in. Front full to front lay, and doesn’t really get a rebound from the full but whips the front lay around. Chest down on the double tuck, but good height. 9.650

Qu (Yale): Great candle mount. BHS LOSO, comes off on her series. Ahh. Beat to sheep, awkward bounce, keeps it on. Switch leap to straddle quarter. Comes off.

Morris (LIU): Gorgeous opening pass with front lay to rudi, great height. Leap series, great amplitude. Stuck double tuck. Front lay to front full, good, choreo step forward. Solid routine. 9.800

Walker (Yale): BHS LOSO, bobbles and comes off. Recovering nicely. Switch leap to split jump, beautiful extension. BHS gainer full off side, great. Ahh. 9.225

Bedminster (LIU): Double pike to open, steps forward, great height though. Double tuck, hops forward, great height on that too, and pretty much back to back. Big leaps. Ro 1.5 to front tuck, form on that tuck. OOB.

Meeks (Yale): BHS LOSO, smooth. Bobbles and covers with choreo right after. Side aerial. Switch leap to split jump quarter to half, great extension throughout. Piked gainer, stuck.

Loo (LIU): Double lay to open but tucks her legs a little bit on that second lay, interested to see how the judges approach that. Switch side, popa, straddle, excellent. Front tuck through to double tuck, lands with her chest down but solid.

Final: 194.400 LIU, 190.125 Yale

LIU showed up big here today, and Yale had a few struggles and counted a few falls. Not quite the meet Yale would’ve wanted, LIU doesn’t have much to complain about. Both have room for improvement moving into week two.

Waiting on official scores to wrap things up.

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Live Blog by Allison Freeman

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