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LIVE BLOG: Best of Minnesota with No. 16 Minnesota, Gustavus Adolphus, Hamline and Winona State

Welcome to the Best of Minnesota Meet! While Minnesota is the only top 10 team featured here, this will be a great opportunity for the other three squads to get competitive experience on the big stage. Meanwhile, Minnesota will start the season with a low-stakes meet to get its feet wet. Gustavus, Hamline and Winona State are all Division III programs that compete in affiliation with the WIAC. 

Winona State enters 2023 without its All-American all-around performer in Bryce Stoltz, as she suffered an elbow injury in the preseason. However, be on the lookout for Kennedy O’Connor on vault. A 10.0 start value is likely from her. 

Gustavus Adolphus graduated its two All-Americans in Sophie Redding and Brooke Merilla, so there are big shoes to fill for the Gusties. Annie Corbett will be returning from injury this year. As a previous standout all-around performer in 2021, she’s likely to make a big impact for the team in her senior season. 

Hamline also graduated a large class but brought in 10 freshmen to dampen the blow. Some athletes to watch for are Bailee Davis, Julia Cheely and Emily Anderson. There’s likely to be a good deal of routines from the freshmen today, so this will be a good temperature check to see areas for improvement and determine lineups later in the season. 

Minnesota finished the season No. 6 but will be entering 2023 without Lexi Ramler and Ona Loper, two of the best athletes in program history. Don’t be mistaken. The Gophers still have heavy hitters on the roster. Mya Hooten, with 10.0 floor routines under her belt, is ready to take this season by storm, and Maddie Quarles returned for her fifth year of eligibility as well. The freshman class is also bound to add some competitive depth. The event to watch out for today will be beam. One of the team’s weaker events in 2022, a good beam rotation today means the meet should be smooth sailing. 

I noticed a couple of things when combing through the tentative lineups for Winona State and Hamline. First, Izzy Kropiwiec does not seem to be in any of the lineups. As she competed on all four events last season, be on the lookout for some possible injury news. Maddie Sowinski also appears to be out this week for the Pipers. As expected, there will be lots of new faces for both teams!

Currently staring at the B10+ “no plus like home” page, so I’ll let you know when it’s go time!

It’s national anthem time! Let’s get into it, Ladies and Gents!

Rotation 1: Minnesota VT, Hamline UB, Gustavus BB, Winona State FX

Just an FYI, I will not be using the quad view. It is the first meet of the season, and I’m trying not to overstimulate myself. I’ll give intel on as many routines as I can.

I’m sad that the commentators are highlighting Bryce Stoltz, and she’s hurt 🙁 Get well soon!

There are two exhibition spots per rotation! That is so rare, especially for a quad meet.

The touch warmup just started. T-minus four minutes till show time!

Good rudi on floor from Knutson. Switch half strong. Back 1.5 to front lay. Little whippy. Front lay, front full. Pulled it around. Soft knees. Good start for the freshman.

Johnson (UMN): Starting with a freshman debut! Let’s gooooo! Yfull. Off center to the right with a slide back. Strong shape.

Liuerance (HU): rudi dismount is a little wild and short on the landing.

UMN: strong layout full, larger step back.

McSweeney (WSU): front full front lay. Good. hop wolf full. RO double tuck was VERY short to finish.

Remlinger (UMN): tucked Y1.5 with a medium step to the side. Stays in bounds though. Strong 10.0 sv vault.

Hooten (UMN): Y1.5 lovely and absolutely stuck. What a way to start the season MISS HOOTEN! 9.925

Schauer just finished up on bars for Hamline.

Gustavus: BHS LOSO. Soft knees throughout but no wobbles. Switch leap, split 3/4. Small check.

Quarles (UMN): HUGE height and distance on the Y1.5. Small slide forward. Good stuff!

Split 1.5 looking nice on floor. Front lay front full. Jessica Miley. That’s who this is. Low rudi.

Stuck double layout from Ramsdell on bars.

Another strong Y1.5 from Minnesota!. A little under rotation, so she had to step back. GERDES.

Gustavus: BHS LOSO. Just saved it, but she might’ve touched her hand on the beam? Front toss to beat. Lovely. Good amplitude. Switch leap, pause. Beat to split 3/4. Foot slippage.

Yfull for Jencks. Not great amplitude, but good.

Looks like Wiekel came off the bar for Hamline. She was shaking her head as the video panned to her. Double tuck with a hop back.

Jahnke (Gustavus): Medium wobble on the full turn. LOSO LOSO. I loved that unique series. Switch tooooooo idk. Pike to wolf 3/4. Gainer pike dismount. Strong routine!

Onto floor? Switch half to wolf 1/1. Double tuck. Just around.

Cheely (HU): Just missed on the straddle Jaeger. Nice amplitude. Overshoot. Blindfull to double tuck. Chest down with a hop forward. Good finish.

Gustavus: Beat, split 3/4. check. I’m getting whiplash from this switching back and forth between videos. RO back 1.5 with a hop forward.

O’Connor (WSU): RO double pike. Pulled a little too long and sat it down. Looked high enough. Back 1.5 front layout. Soft on the knees in the layout. Rudi. Chest down but good.

I sincerely apologize for my difficulty with identification of athletes. This feed is giving a flash of a face and switching routines without notice.

Roth (WSU): Wolf turn. Didn’t hate it. So that’s a compliment. Rudi to split jump. A little under rotation on the leap connection. Back 1.5 to front tuck. Just in bounds.

BTW Kropiwiec did go on floor for a 9.525. Idk why she wasn’t on the start sheet, but good for her!

AFTER ONE: Minnesota 49.225, WSU 46.475, Gustavus 44.925, Hamline 42.400

Okay! So Minnesota pulled out the stops on vault. Those were some pretty good landings for January 6th! I almost forgot that the Gophers had two Y1.5s graduate during that rotation! Impressive! Winona State was led by Kropiwiec’s 9.525, Gustavus was led by Jahnke’s 9.350 and Ramsdell’s stuck double layout earned her a team high 9.125.

Rotation 2: Winona State VT, Minnesota UB, Hamline BB, Gustavus FX

Cheely up on beam! Sassy!. BHS, side Aerial series. A chest down landing, but on. Split to tuck 3/4. Beat, to split 3/4. Under on the shape.

Johnson (UMN): toe hand, Maloney, overshoot hand. Lovely lines. Stalder to toe front tuck half. Fought for the stick but some forward chest lean. 9.775

Gerdes (UMN): Maloney, overshoot hand. Slightly short. FTDT small hop back. Good set. 9.775

Gustavus up on floor. Front lay, front full. ESTEB. some form in the air.

I spot a side Aerial from Weikel on beam. Tucked front full to finish.

Jencks (UMN): Ray. Short handstands. Clear hip to overshoot. double layout, stuck. Handstands were the largest deductions there.

Rudi on floor.

Hintermeister (HU): Fall on the series. Pike, straddle 1/4. Good extension. Gainer pike. Off to the side some, but stuck.

Flashed in a Y layout there from Winona State.

Remlinger (UMN): Ray! HUGE. Toe hand to overshoot to sole circle. FTDT, a little too close for me with a step back. 9.750

O’Connor (WSU): Full on to pike. Went for the 10.0 start. A bit short with a step to the side.

Sales (UMN): Archy on the handstand. Overshoot hand. Good HS. Blind to Khorkina. Nice! Double layout, stuck cold. As she should! 9.800

Stuck dismount for Lieurance on beam for Hamline.

Finishing with a front full, front tuck on floor. Short on the full, so had to sit the second flip.

Hooten (UMN): Blind, piked Jaeger, overshoot. Nice connection. FTDT with a hop forward. Lovely routine.

Raymond (HU): BHS LOSO, solid!. Switch leap, split 3/4. Small check. Side Aerial. Not enough umph but saved. RO back 1.5 with a step forward.

Strong double tuck on floor.

(UMN): Toe hand, Geinger. Just missed. overshoot. Supposed to be connected from the release I assume. Double layout with a step back.

Anderson (HU): Hitch kick. PAUSE. Hitch kick, side aerial. Small check. Switch leap, split 3/4. Large lean forward at the hips. Inverse full turn. Tuck punch full dismount.

Leneave (UMN): Clear hip, Tkatchev. Overshoot. Not to handstand. FTDT, with a knee give on the landing.

Griffith (Gustavus): Back 1.5 front layout. Strong finish.

Ramsdell (HU): Sideways straddle half. BHS LOSO. Fought hard, but came off. tour jete 1/4 on the beam! OKAY. Split, split 3/4. A TRUE BEAMER. A little off on the 1.5 dismount. Overall, good routine.

Judging conference underway! Welcome to gymnastics season!

Gustavus: RO, double tuck. Placed her hands down. Switch side, popa. A little front flip to the booty. Not sure if that was for fun or to fill the forward flip requirement. Back 1.5, front layout. On her heels, but saved with a step back.

AFTER TWO: Minnesota 98.125, Winona State 93.900, Gustavus 91.00 or 90.900?, Hamline 86.975

Minnesota looked pretty strong on bars. Stand out routines to me were Hooten and Sales. The handstands looked pretty good for January, so that’s a good sign for the rest of the season. Obviously some dismount landings could be cleaned up, but as I stated, it’s the first day out here. I’m not mad at it. Leaders for our DIII teams included Jahnke’s 9.550 on floor, Raymond’s 9.250 on beam and Kropiwiec’s 9.575 on vault. WSU had three scores over 9.5 this rotation, so the Warriors will be happy with that.

Rotation 3: Gustavus VT, Winona State UB, Minnesota BB, Hamline FX

Koch (UMN): BHS LOSO. Split 3/4. Under on the position. front toss to scale. Solid. RO back 1.5. Stuck. Good lead off.

Parsons (WSU): Blind full, swing half, overshoot. 8.800

Boom Pipes from Weikel on floor.

Miley (WSU): Just kidding. Pep talk. Just missed on the Maloney. Rushed it some. Overshoot, toe up. Toe front pike dismount.

Johnson (UMN): Front toss, BHS. Small check, but managed connection fine. Cat leap, switch side. Lovely extension. Side aerial toe feet. Very hard. Very solid. Front full. A little on her heels, but stuck.

Stuck Ylayout for the Gusties. A little piked in the hips.

Roth (WSU): Blind, Jaeger. Overshoot, some form in the air. Blind full, double tuck. Big step back. Some handstand issues, but good set. A hit after a fall is always ideal.

No credit for Johnson’s series. Started at a 9.700… Score was still over 9.600.

Gerdes (UMN): Front Aerial. Small check. BHS LOSO. Solid. Split, double stag jump. Head release=higher start value. BHS to gainer full dismount. Stuck.

Short on the double tuck for Davis on floor.

Looked like the next WSU routine missed the major release. Phillips maybe? Overshoot to horizontal. Double tuck with a step back.

Lion King floor music. Wolf 1.5. Actually around. I’m shook. Back 2.5. Nice. Whip to 1.5. I think that was Zack.

Rowray (UMN): BHS LOSO. Small foot adjustment. Switch leap, straddle half. Good. Front toss. Pretty low to me. RO 1.5 with the smallest step. Strong set for the freshman 9.825

Toe front tuck to a step forward on bars. The commentators loved her blind full!

Hooten (UMN): Cat leap, front aerial, BHS. I would not give that series credit. VERY slow. Beat to straddle 3/4. Check. A cringe on her face turned into a smile. Back 1.5 dismount with a small step.

Tkatchev on bars looked nice! I want to say that was Miller.

Raymond just finished up on floor for the Pipers.

The commentators are shouting out the managers! We love to hear it!

Moraw (UMN): A freshman anchor. BHS LOSO. Solid as they come. Split 3/4. Front aerial. No issues at all. It’s just another day at the park. BHS gainer full. Stuck dismount too. OKAY MAAM

Piked Jaeger on bars!

When I tell you, all I’ve seen of Hamline floor is a montage of their BOOM PIPEs endings… I mean it.

Blind, piked Jaeger. Just missed. Winona is going for the difficulty! Overshoot. Toe up. Dead hangish.

Sirjord (UMN): A trust fall mount apparently. BHS LOSO. Stepped it right in front. Good save. Switch leap, double stag. Not quite enough head release. She moves so smoothly up there. BHS gainer full. Not enough amplitude with a step forward. Good set.

Campbell (HU): That was meant to be a RUDI. It was a front full. She looked a bit lost in the air. Good leap series. Switch leap… straddle down to the floor. BREATHE. Back 1.5 to front pike. Good landing. It looks like Hamline is staying in two-pass-routine land again this year.

AFTER THREE: Minnesota 146.875, Gustavus 138.000, Winona State 137.825, Hamline 133.650

I am once again impressed with Minnesota beam. Now, the front to back series are going to need to be cleaned up to ensure consistent connection requirements are met. But overall, everyone looked solid and confident. Moraw was beyond impressive in the anchor spot, especially as a freshman.

Winona State hit a bit of a hiccup on bars which landed them behind Gustavus after the third rotation. However, it should be noted that the Warriors went for more difficulty today than the team has in previous seasons. So it’s not surprising that there will be some falls early in the season. Four of the six competitors in the lineup were making event debuts.

Gustavus put together its strongest event on the day with a 47.100. Hamline also had a solid showing, highlighted by Jaworski’s 9.675.

Rotation 4: Hamline VT, Gustavus UB, Winona State BB, Minnesota FX

MAKE SOME NOISEEEEE! It’s the final rotation!

Piked Jaeger was just missed on bars for Gustavus. Smaby.

BHS LOSO with some knees for McSweeney. Stuck dismount.

Jencks (UMN): Front double full. So solid. Good leap series. Back 1.5 front layout. Good shape in the air. Danced right out. Rudi. Small hop to the side.

Ytuck on vault.

Aiken (WSU): Side Aerial… Right off the beam. Side Aerial and off again. No series and two falls. Very sad. Gainer pike to finish.

Steensland (UMN): Homegrown athletes are the best. 2.5 punch front. Made it look easy. Front leg low on the switch ring. Double pike to finish. Pulled it around with a step forward.

Gaudet (WSU): split, split 3/4. small check.

Gerdes (UMN): Front through to double tuck. NICE. Stepped out of bounds. Double pike. Good and around.

Unique dismount from the Gusties on bars.

Very short on the Y layout from Cheely.

Gustavus: Clear hip, blind half, overshoot. Nearly hit her head with her heels. Had to get down. Toe up to hgih bar. Double tuck with a step forward. 8.300

Koch (UMN): Front double full to punch front. Multiple steps back to try to save. Sits it down. Rudi to finish. Way to finish strong.

Did I just see a vault timer in competition? It looked a bit high on. Smart to stay safe.

Tsuk tuck looked pretty good. Small step back.

Remlinger (UMN): FTDT. VERY good landing. Controlled. Switch side, popa. Good shape in the air, and amplitude. 1.5 to front layout. Dance out. Good strategy to control all that power. Double tuck. Good chest up. That should score very well. The crowd is hype. What is the score? 9.950. One judge went 10.0. We love week one.

Toe hand, Maloney. Nice. I can assume Maddox Lee.

Hooten (UMN): 10.0 watch has begun. FTDT. Slight loss of control but fine. Switch side, popa. Absolutely huge on the amplitude. Front full, front pike. Stuck cold. A fist in the air for good measure. Double tuck. Small slide forward. Fought for it, but a little short. We love a good “HOO-TEN!” chant.

Unique low to high bar release out of her overshoot. Blind full, double tuck with a step forward.

Rowray (UMN): Double tuck. Strong height with chest up. Switch side to popa, looked a little over rotated? Front lay, front full. Just OOB.

WSU: Off on the switch half. Front full dismount. Good landing. Commentators said this was Parsons, but I don’t think so. 8.625

Blind full, Tkatchev from Corbett. Overshoot to sole circle. Double tuck was very close to the high bar. I’m fearful, but she is fine with a step back.

Parsons (WSU): Will the real Parsons please stand up?! BHS LOSO. Good stuff. Paused a bit long before the series. Switch leap, split 3/4. Fine. Small check. Side aerial toe feet. Chest down but saved. OKAY DIFFICULTY. Gainer front full. Put her in the lineup.

Final: Minnesota 196.075, Gustavus 181.025, Winona State 180.900, Hamline 179.675

Starting above a 196 is amazing for Minnesota. There are some things to clean up, but the Gophers will be happy with how today went. The freshmen came out and genuinely performed. I would’ve never guessed that it was their first time competing on the college stage!

The DIII competitors brought some bright spots of their own. 181.250 is a very strong start for Gustavus. Winona State waned during the second half of the meet, but there is definitely potential in this young team. With so many athletes making debuts tonight, things can only go up from here.

See you guys soon for SEMO @ Lindenwood on Sunday!

AA Winner: Gianna Gerdes (UMN), 39.025

VT Winner: Mya Hooten (UMN), 9.925

UB Winner: Tiarre Sales (UMN) & Mya Hooten (UMN), 9.800

BB Winner: Sarah Moraw (UMN), 9.850

FX Winner: Halle Remlinger (UMN), 9.950

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Live Blog by Tavia Smith

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