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2023 Predictions: Which Team Will Win the NCAA Title in 2023?

We’re narrowing in on the 2023 season, and it wouldn’t be a new year without some predictions! We’ll be answering one pressing question over the course of eight days as we gear up for the first meet on January 6. Check out the previous days’ questions and predictions here.

Today we’re talking the question on everyone’s minds. With so many good seniors returning for fifth years and a plethora of great freshmen, there are so many good teams capable of standing atop the podium come April.

Which Team Will Win the NCAA Title?

Winner: Oklahoma (5 votes)

Runners-up: Florida (2 votes)

Illustrated headshot of Elizabeth GrimsleyElizabeth: Never count Oklahoma out.



Illustrated headshot of Peri GoodmanPeri: Florida. It has an embarrassment of depth, which may be the key to the end of season multi-day competitions. 


Illustrated headshot of Alyssa Van AukerAlyssa: On one hand, if I continue to say Florida, one year it is bound to happen. I just don’t think 2023 will be that year, so I have to go with Oklahoma.


Illustrated headshot of Emily MinehartEmily M: I believe the Sooners will repeat. It’s Oklahoma for me.



Rebecca Scally Illustrated HeadshotRebecca: I don’t just think Oklahoma will win this year, I think it will dominate. I’m predicting a 2019 repeat where the Sooners look untouchable from the start and never really falter.


Savanna Whitten illustrated headshotSavanna: Florida. I know Oklahoma will scratch and claw, but I think the Gators will have the depth and cleanliness to get it done.


Illustrated headshot of Allison FreemanAllison: How much time do I have? If you’re not a gator, then you’re gator bait. I think Florida will chomp that title this year. 


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Article by Elizabeth Grimsley, Peri Goodman, Alyssa Van Auker, Emily Minehart, Rebecca Scally, Savanna Whitten, Allison Freeman

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