Emma Milne performs a wolf jump.

LIVE BLOG: MPSF Championship

No. 35 San Jose State | 196.165 NQS | 196.625 season high | Final ranking range 29-39
No. 43 UC Davis | 195.720 NQS | 196.325 season high | Final ranking range 39-47
No. 53 Air Force | 194.670 NQS | 195.700 season high | Final ranking range 51-55
No. 57 Sacramento State | 193.855 NQS | 195.400 season high | Final ranking range 55-58
No. 63 Alaska | 191.695 NQS | 192.250 season high | Final ranking range 63-64

This conference title is likely a three-way fight. San Jose State has had a historic season: The Spartans had never scored over 196.000 before 2022 and now have a NQS above 196.000 before the season is even over. They have a distinct, but not massive, advantage over UC Davis which has been fantastic on the leg events this year. Air Force might look a long way behind based on NQS, but we can’t forget that that was also the case the last time this meet was held in 2019. That day, the Falcons set a program record and shocked everyone by walking away with the title. Air Force might be a little streaky, but it has great potential and is very comfortable as an underdog.

San Jose State has a chance to qualify to regionals today, but it can’t guarantee qualification even with a perfect 200 today. It’ll all depend on what other teams on the bubble do. I’ll let you know any updates as I get them.

On the individual front, San Jose State’s Jada Mazury is nearly certain to qualify for regionals as an individual, while Lauren Macpherson and Jaudai Lopes are on the bubble. UC Davis’ Kyla Kessler is a strong prospect in the all around and several members of the Aggies’ great vault team could also qualify. For Sac State we could see Emma Morgenthaler advance on vault as well as Amber Koeth on beam.

Rotation 1: UC Davis VT, Alaska UB, Air Force BB, Sac State FX

Missed the first round of routines trying to get the stream to work but we’re good to go now.

Otsu (UCD): Yurchenko half on front tuck, big step forward. 9.775

Johnson (Alaska): Toe to Maloney to bail, loose legs but made the handstands, double tuck with a big step back. 9.3

Tavenner (CSUS): Double pike, underrotated with low chest. Switch side Popa is good. Double tuck also underrotated, but a little less. 9.575

Carswell (Air Force): Double wolf solid, great BHS LOSO. Tic toc because she is a lady with style and grace. Split split quarter, cat leap switch side, BHS gainer full high with a hop back. 9.825

Decious (UAA): Jaeger to overshoot solid. Shy on a couple handstands, half to half, toe on front tuck with a little hop. 9.4

Ray (UCD): Half on half off piked, crazy dynamics with a big step back. 9.75

Gilman (CSUS): Solid, double pike. Nice rotation on her leaps. Double tuck underrotated, big step forward. 9.7

Kessler (UCD): Solid FTY, little leg sep throughout and small hop. 9.8

Perkins (UAA): Maloney to Pak pretty, caught too high and had to do a glide swing out of the Pak before kipping, that takes some serous abs. Double tuck with a step back. 8.95

Sabado (USAFA): BHS LOSO shaky but made. Full turn, check. Split to ring. One and a half twist with a little hop. 9.725

Abraham. (UCD): Yurchenko one and a half, great with just a small step forward. 9.825

McClure (UAA): Clear hip to true Shap, shapey. Clear hip to bail with soft legs. Full turn to double back stuck. 9.35

Morgenthaler (CSUS): Rudi LOSO solid. Overrotated her double back. Double pike landed well. 9.75

Smith (USAFA): BHS LOSO steady. Little check on the full turn, split to split full… ish. Hitch kick side aerial MISSED A FOOT BACK FULL SIDEWAYS OFF THE MATS. She’s okay but I hate those. 8.975

Manley (UAA): Tkachev great, half turn to bail with great handstands, half to half to double pike stuck with an arm swing. 9.65

Koeth (CSUS): Underrotated double back, step forward. Double cat leap to wolf full gorgeous. One and a half front lay a little archy. 9.825

Stevenson (USAFA): Front tuck mount great. BHS LOSO steady, switch… breaks the connection. Back tuck to split, a little shaky. Gainer pike stuck. Good. 9.6

After 1: UC Davis 48.900, Sac State 48.550, Air Force 48.525 Alaska 47.125

Great start for the Aggie vaulters but not a shabby start for anyone.

Rotation 2: Sac State VT, SJSU UB, Alaska BB, Air Force FX

Watley (CSUS): Tucked FTY, pace back. 9.675

Lopes (SJSU): Just saw blind full double back, little hop back. 9.8

Tavenner (CSUS): FTY with soft knees throughout. 9.65

Weyhmiller (SJSU): Shy on the first handstand, blind to Jaeger good. Leg sep on the Pak, switch kip. Double layout stuck.

Fairbairn (UAA): Solid leaps, BHS to side aerial. Front full dismount stuck, good. 9.55

Won (CSUS): FTY, pace back. 9.7

Carswell (USAFA): Missed the first pass, front lay through double back great. I think her music cut out? Double tuck.

Robinson (UAA): BHS back pike, little check. Full turn. Round off 1.5 twist.

Milne (SJSU): Maloney to Pak super clean, toe half, aggressive handstands, double layout with a hop back.

McKean (USAFA): Double pike, great presentation. Front full front tuck and managing the landings well. Beautiful Popa Popa, short on the double tuck and stumbles forward. 9.725

Mazury (SJSU): Blind to pike Jaeger, high and clean, making the handstands, lovely Pak. Double layout stuck. One of her very best. 9.85, these judges don’t know how to have fun.

Morgenthaler (CSUS): Baby step back on her one and a half WOW. 9.8 booo.

Stevenson (USAFA): Front full front lay a little bouncy, great double tuck. 9.775

Solomon (SJSU): Toe on to Church to overshoot, little bits of form as usual, double layout with flexed feet and a big step forward. 9.725

Decious (UAA): Joining partway. Full turn, front aerial LOSO with a little bit of form but emphatic landing. Pike jump to split 3/4, front full stuck. 9.725

Johnson (UAA): Kickover front, little check. Repeats it to BHS. Full turn lovely, there was a major check in there, cat leap gainer full with low chest and a step forward. 9.2

Sabado (USAFA): Double pike great. Front lay front full to split, great.

Stapleton (USAFA): Great double pike. Combo pass with a little bit of form and a bound forward out of it, solid double tuck with chest just a tiny bit low.

Farrell (UAA): Wolf turn good. BHS LOSO very steady. Front aerial. Split to ring. Side somi back full stuck, awesome!!

After 2: Air Force 97.275, Sac State 97.150, Alaska 95.400, San Jose State 49.025, UC Davis 48.900

Not much separating our two leading contenders here. A little anti-fun judging all around that rotation, but some great work and not a whole lot of major mistakes.

Rotation 3: Air Force VT, UC Davis UB, SJSU BB, Alaska FX

Weyhmiller (SJSU): Switch switch half with great positions. BHS LOSO, bend check and falls. Full turn, side aerial back full with a hop forward. 9.2

Scafani (UCD): Toe on to Deltchev, high and pretty. Full turn double back, a little deep with a pace forward. 9.0

Volpe (USAFA): Tuck full, wonky and very underrotated with a big step forward. 9.0

Sklow (UCD): Toe on to Gienger, flexed feet, missed a handstand, bail with form a little loose. Double layout with flexed feet but stuck. 9.7

Mazury (SJSU): Hitch kick side aerial. Full turn, BHS LOSO super steady. Straddle half, one and a half twist with a little step. 9.825 ANTI-FUN. FUN POLICE.

Cunningham (UCD): Toe to Maloney to bail with flexed feet throughout. Blind full double back, two steps back. 9.65

Nelson (USAFA): FTY pikey throughout with a step back.

Landess (UCD): Toe on, archy, to Gienger to overshoot great. Shy on a handstand, was that a double Arabian?? with a step.

Lopes (SJSU): BHS BHS LOSO a little shaky. Side aerial back full, step back. 9.75

Stevenson (USAFA): Solid tucked FTY, hop back.

Macpherson (SJSU): Switch split with good positions, BHS LOSO LOSO awesome. Standing LOSO, check. One and a half twist stuck with an arm swing. 9.825

Brochi (USAFA): FTY a little piked, step to the side.

Kessler (UCD): Full turn to Gienger, a little loose legged, bail good. Double lay close to the bar and a touch short with a step forward. 9.65

Sabado (USAFA): FTY, big leg split on the table and a hop forward. 9.65

Milne (SJSU): Split to Korbut pretty, wolf to sheep and makes the position. Sid aerial back full stuck. 9.925!!

Kopsack (UAA): Round off double tuck, chest down. Tour jete half split… something with iffy position. Whip half front lay with bent knees throughout.

Kirsch (SJSU): Candle mount. BHS Onodi, soft knees and a check. Split split quarter, BHS tucked 3/2 with a little hop back to salute. 9.750

Reese (UAA): Front full front lay good! Tour jete half Popa rotated, double tuck with a big hop to the side. 9.25, we had a judging delay like ten minutes long there and I’m honestly not sure why.

Johnson, (UAA): Front double full, very deep with two big steps forward. Bailed out of her leap series, Front full front tuck, switch half wolf full so we have a leap series now, bouncy Rudi with leg form. The judges are going THROUGH it. 9.0

After 3: Air Force 145.400, Alaska 143.400, SJSU 98.050, UC Davis 97.600, Sac State 97.150

Second-straight 49+ rotation for SJSU, so the Spartans definitely look the part of the favorite. A solid Davis bars rotation means the Aggies aren’t far behind, though. There won’t be a program record repeat for Air Force, which underrotated most of its vaults today, but Sac State is in line for a good score.

Rotation 4: Alaska VT, Sac State UB, UC Davis BB, SJSU FX

Morgenthaler (CSUS): Blind to Jaeger, high and just slightly flat footed, good bail. FTDLO stuck!

Scafani (UCD): BHS BHS LOSO good, just a touch of form. Split jump. Split to split 3/4. BHS gainer full.

Kopsack (UAA): Yurchenko pike, step back. 9.5

Thomas-Lutchmedial (UAA): Didn’t see what vault she attempted but she fell.

Schuelke-Lombardi (UCD): Kickover front BHS. Side aerial, cartwheel gainer full stuck. Nice and steady.

Lahmidi (CSUS): Blind to Jaeger to overshoot, good, bit of feet. Shy on a handstand, blind full double back with a little hop forward.

Hildebrand (UAA): FHS front tuck half, low and puts her hands down. 8.7

Lopes (SJSU): Double pike, great landing. Front full front lay, double tuck a little bouncy. Good one. 9.85

Lyle (UCD): Side aerial BHS, pretty but major check sequence. Switch to split quarter. Cartwheel gainer full is good! 9.65

Kelperis (SJSU): This routine is my favorite. One and a half front full steady, gets the tour jete full, double tuck just a little overrotated. 9.85

Abraham (UCD): BHS back layout with an extra step, good switch side. BHS one and a half twist with a step forward.

Otsu (UCD): Wolf turn, side aerial BHS good! One and a half twist stuck but deep.

Watley (CSUS): Made the first handstand, Tkachev good with flexed feet, FTDB flung way out but nearly stuck.

Koeth (CSUS): Maloney, short and falls on her back. Got it on the second try, blind full double back with a step.

Kessler (UCD): Tic toc BHS LOSO, little step. Split full jump. One and a half twist stuck. 9.65 I must have missed something.

Edit: They changed it to 9.875 in the rotation break, that’s more like it. I was confused!

Mazury (SJSU): Front lay to Rudi great. Tour jete half Popa. Nailed the double pike. 9.925 yes girl.

Orcutt (SJSU): Solid first pass, switch ring switch half, whip half front full misses the punch and falls. It’s OK, great rotation in the books already.

After 4Alaska 190.500, SJSU 147.375, UC Davis 146.700, Air Force 145.400, Sac State 144.525

It’s just parking the bus at this point, with huge gaps between all four teams. Everyone needs to not fall and we’ll have our SJSU-Davis-Air Force podium as expected.

Rotation 5: SJSU VT, Air Force UB, Sac State BB, UC Davis FX

Pires (UCD): One and a half front lay solid. Double tuck, lunge goes forward but nothing dramatic, good leaps. 9.85

Morgenthaler (CSUS): Double wolf turn a little shaky, triple series good, round off. Switch back tuck, step. One and a half twist with a substantial hop forward. 9.675

Kelperis (SJSU): Tsuk full, LOTS of form and a hop in place. 9.725

Mazury (SJSU): Full on pike off, hop back. Great, very high and pretty in the air. 9.75

Trejo (UCD): Good double pike. One and a half front lay a little whippy but landed well, double tuck a little low and cowboyed with a long lunge back. 9.8

Macpherson (SJSU): FTY off to one side but very straight position, hop back. 9.75

Gentry (SJSU): Great FTY, just a couple-inch wiggle of the right foot. 9.825

Otsu (UCD): Front double full, overrotated with cross step. Solid combo pass.

Bardes (USAFA): Piked Deltchev, clear hip to bail, solid but not exceptional handstands, blind full double back with a step back.

Gillen (CSUS): BHS LOSO pretty. Full turn, missed an acro skill there, switch straddle half. Tucked front full with a hop.

Kessler (UCD): Front lay front full great! Double pike, looks so thrilled every time she makes a landing.

Lopes (SJSU): FTY with a hop straight back. 9.825

Abraham (UCD): She’s such a great dancer, I always look forward to this one. Double layout great, switch side wolf full very precise. Front lay front full a little shaky, beautiful double back.

(USAFA): Maloney to overshoot good. Blind full double pike, big hop forward.

Searle (CSUS): Candle mount, front aerial BHS immaculate. I think Sac State put her in the lineup just for me because she’s my favorite. Front aerial split to ring. Gorgeous. Full turn, side scale, gainer full stuck. 9.525

Ray (UCD): Double pike a little overrotated. Tour jete half split full great, front full front lay stag jump is pretty and snappy. Double back good. 9.925!!

Koeth (CSUS): BHS LOSO BHS gorgeous. Split to ring, beautiful tictoc, BHS gainer full stuck. 9.9

FINAL: San Jose State 196.425, UC Davis 196.050, Air Force 193.750, Sac State 192.975, Alaska 190.500

AA Champ: Jada Mazury (SJSU) 39.350

VT Champ: Madison Kirsch (SJSU) 9.875

UB Champ: Jada Mazury (SJSU) 9.850

BB Champ: Emma Milne (SJSU) 9.925

FX Champ: Megan Ray (UCD), Jada Mazury (SJSU) 9.925

Live Blog by Rebecca Scally

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