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The History of the Gym Slam

On January 16, Florida senior Trinity Thomas became the 12th college gymnast to accomplish a Gym Slam—that is, scoring a perfect 10 on every event—in her career. Thomas is the third gymnast in Gator history to record this feat after Alex McMurtry in 2018 and Bridget Sloan in 2015. 

Utah great Missy Marlowe became the first gymnast to record a Gym Slam in 1992. Her Utah teammate Kristen Kenoyer notched one of her own the next year in 1993, along with Heather Stepp of Georgia. Fellow Gymdog Karin Lichey achieved it herself in 1996. Lichey’s was extra special, as she became the first and only gymnast to score a perfect 40 in the all-around. To cap it off, Lichey was just a freshman when she did it. 

It was eight years before another Gym Slam was accomplished. In 2004, Arizona State’s Ashley Kelly became the fifth gymnast to record a Gym Slam. The next year, UCLA’s Kristen Maloney earned the final piece of her Gym Slam with 10 on bars. 

Courtney Kupets was the next to record a Gym Slam. The Gymdog did so in 2009. 

Six years later, Sloan accomplished hers in 2015, becoming the first Gator to do so. 

Oklahoma’s Maggie Nichols was the first to record two Gym Slams in her career. The first came as a freshman in 2017. She achieved it again just a year later. McMurtry’s Gym Slam came that same year.

In 2019, Kyla Ross followed with a Gym Slam of her own. Later that year, she achieved a second Gym Slam, becoming just the second gymnast to record two. 

Three years later, Thomas achieved the coveted feat. Her 10 on vault was the final piece of the Gym Slam puzzle. 

“I knew that I needed a 10 on vault to finish the Gym Slam,” Thomas said. She joked that she wouldn’t leave until she finished it.

The week before, she stuck her Yurchenko one and a half and thought to herself, “Oh my gosh.” The Florida senior has had trouble controlling her vault landings in the past but is dialed in thus far this season. 

“When my feet hit the ground this time, I was like, ‘No way! I did it again.’ I was super pumped and ready to see what the judges were gonna give it. I was so happy to see the 10 come up,” Thomas said. “That was so special, that moment.”

Thomas is the latest in a string of gymnasts to achieve the coveted feat. She certainly won’t be the last. With an influx of talent in the NCAA and the introduction of NIL in college athletics simplifying the “go pro or do college gymnastics” decision, it’s only a matter of time. Tokyo Olympic medalist and Oregon State freshman Jade Carey already appears up to the task. If not her, any number of other gymnasts are likely contenders. When it happens, fans won’t want to miss it. 

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Article by Tara Graeve with contributions from Jenna King and Katie Walsh

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