Projected Individual Nationals Qualifiers

The way individuals qualify to nationals is complicated and difficult to understand. So we did the hard part for you and figured out which individuals are projected to advance based on Friday’s scores and Saturday’s team results.

Individual tie breakers look first at the average of all four judges’ scores, then at the head judges’ score on the event, then at NQS if things are still tied.

Note that all information presented below is unofficial until confirmed by the NCAA and/or the teams and regional organizers.


Teams: Florida, Minnesota
AA: Lynnzee Brown (Denver)
VT: Madi Dagen (Oregon State)
UB: Hannah Demers (Central Michigan)
BB: Morgan Tong (Central Michigan)
FX: Emily Shepard (N.C. State)


  • No tie breakers were needed to determine qualifiers out of Athens after Florida and Minnesota gymnasts were removed from the standings, as well as Brown from the individual events due to her all around qualification.


Teams: Michigan, California
AA: Chae Campbell (UCLA)
VT: Nia Dennis (UCLA)
UB: Margzetta Frazier (UCLA)
BB: Hannah Joyner (Rutgers)
FX: Abbey Miner-Alder (BYU)


  • Frazier wins the bars tie breaker over BYU’s Abby Boden-Stainton and Penn State’s Alissa Bonsall due to having a higher average of all four judges scores (9.9500 to 9.9375).
  • Miner-Alder wins the massive 10-gymnast tie breaker on floor. To break it down: Miner-Alder and West Virginia’s Abbie Pierson both had 9.9125 four-score averages and each had head judge scores of 9.9; therefore, it goes to NQS, where Miner-Alder holds a 9.944 while Pierson comes in at 9.875.


Teams: Oklahoma, Alabama
AA: Kennedy Hambrick (Arkansas)
VT: Angelica Labat (Illinois State)
UB: Maggie O’Hara (Arkansas)
BB: Sydney Schaffer (Missouri)
FX: Hannah McCrary (Missouri)


  • O’Hara wins the tie breaker on bars over Iowa’s Clair Kaji with a higher four-score average (9.9375 to 9.9125).
  • McCrary wins the floor tie breaker over Arkansas’ Sophia Carter and Iowa’s JerQuavia Henderson. She and Henderson both have four-score averages of 9.925 (to Carter’s 9.9125), but McCrary’s head judge score was a 9.950 compared to Henderson’s 9.900.

Salt Lake City

Teams: LSU, Utah
AA: Hannah Scharf (Arizona State)
VT: Raena Worley (Kentucky)
UB: Cairo Leonard-Baker (Arizona State)
BB: Bailey Bunn (Kentucky)
FX: Malia Hargrove (Arizona)


  • Worley wins the tie breaker on vault over Washington’s Allie Smith thanks to having a higher four-score average (9.9000 to 9.8875).
  • Leonard-Baker wins the tie breaker over Worley with a higher four-score average of 9.9375 compared to Worley’s 9.9125.
  • Bunn wins the tie breaker on vault over teammate Josie Angeny after going all the way to NQS. Both gymnasts have the same four-score average and head judge score, but Bunn’s NQS of 9.906 is higher than Angeny’s 9.888.
  • Hargrove wins the 10-gymnast tie breaker on floor. She has the highest four-score average (9.9125) out of the tied gymnasts not on LSU or Utah.

Article by Elizabeth Grimsley and Emily Minehart

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    1. Sarah Shaffer is at Arkansas, but this article is referring to Sydney Schaffer, who is at Missouri. Thanks for reading!

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