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Welcome to the post-season! We made it!

In addition to being one of the most competitive conference championships this weekend, it is also one of the most important when it comes to regionals—there are currently five teams in a position to qualify. While winning the title here will certainly be be a big deal, these teams are all most certainly focused on getting a useable score here to solidify that regionals bid.

The top four teams are currently separated by mere hundredths or tenths of a point, so this meet will almost certainly come down to who manages to have the best performance today. Each team has different strengths, so be sure to watch those particular events: Central Michigan can get off to an early lead on vault, Ball State is currently tied with Kent State for first place in the conference on bars, Eastern Michigan is not to be missed on beam and Kent State has some impressive difficulty on floor. All of these events will be happening in the very first rotation, so we should have a good idea how these teams are looking right from the get-go. Western Michigan has struggled on bars this season, so that will likely be the make-or-break event for the Broncos—if they can get through that event with a strong score, they will be in a good position to fight for the title. Likewise, beam has been where the Chippewas have struggled the most, so that will be a big focus for that team.

Central Michigan, arguably the favorite here, will be finishing the meet on a bye—just like last time—so the teams competing in the final rotation will know exactly what they need to surpass the Chippewas should they end their day with the lead.

Let’s revisit the conference championships history while we’re here, too:

Past Champions

  • Central Michigan: 16 titles, last won in 2018
  • Kent State: 12 titles, last won in 2015
  • Western Michigan: 4 titles, last won in 2013*
  • Eastern Michigan: 3 titles, last won in 2017
  • Bowling Green: 3 titles, last won in 1985
  • Northern Illinois: 1 title, last won in 2019
  • Ball State: 1 title, last won in 2002

*co-champion with Central Michigan

Buckle up folks, this is going to be a long day: seven rotations, with three teams on bye for each.

Rotation Order:

*Thanks to Michael Scholl at Western Michigan for passing along the media guide, which includes this lovely rotation order chart. 

I have to give a shoutout for teams that post their lineups in advance, it makes my job so much easier, especially during big meets like this one.


Rotation 1: Central Michigan vault, Ball State bars, Eastern Michigan beam, Kent State floor (Western Michigan, Bowling Green, and Northern Illinois bye)

Johnson (CMU): FTY, pike down hop back. 9.775

Stuckey (EMU): BHS LOSO, big bend at the waist. Switch leap, little shy of 180. Standing back LOSO, another big balance check but stays on. Side aerial tucked full, stuck. 9.450

Amodei (KSU): Double back, little bouncy on her lunge back. 9.800

Ruthberg (BSU): Tkatchev, bail to overshoot, shy on handstand. Finishes with a FTDT, big bounce forward with a lean. 9.625

Williams (CMU): FTY, lots of power, hop back. 9.750

Price (EMU): Beat jump, under rotated on her wolf. Cat leap to front toss to BHS, good. Full turn was sharp. Illusion turn, love that. Sticks her dismount. 9.725

Weinpert (KSU): Good combo pass to open. Double back, controlled lunge, good. 9.750

Hudson (BSU): Beautiful HS on her bail. Lovley final HS as well. Blind full double back, hop back. 9.800

DeMers (CMU): FTY, hop back 9.800

Richard (KSU): Little shy on her straddle leaps, but good control on the landing. Front 1.5, looked good. 9.900

Gregory (EMU): Switch back LOSO, big balance check. Beat to sheep, head not back quite far enough for me. Comes off the beam on her BHS LOSO series. Pretty tick tock, I love unique little beam moments like that. BHS 1.5 dismount with a hop. 9.050

DeCavitch (KSU): Opens with a double arabian, lacked control on the landing and kind of bounces out of it, I think she stayed in bounds though. Finishes with a front rhrough to double back, lands chest a tiny bit low. 9.800

Henry (BSU): Blind change to double front dismount with a hop 9.725

Crossen (EMU): BHS LOSO, good. Front toss to beat jump. Switch to sheep to beat. Looks like she stuck her dismount. 9.775

Brown (KSU): Double pike to open, very big bounce back, but keeps it in bounds. Front lay to 1.5. Double back, controlled lunge back. 9.800

Rondeau (EMU): Split 3/4, looked shy of 180 there. RO 1.5 dismount, holds the stick. 9.825

Fletcher (KSU): Opens with a DLO, little loose in the air but good landing. Pretty leaps. Second combo pass looked good. 9.925

Satler (EMU): BHS BHS LOSO, floaty and solid. Split jump, pike half. Sticks her double full  dismount. 9.850

AFTER ONE: Kent State 49.225, Central Michigan 48.950, Ball State 48.750, Eastern Michigan 48.625

Alright folks, that rotation was an important one, so let’s recap: all teams ended up underperforming a bit, but Kent State will be happy to kick off the meet with the lead and the only team to break 49. The floor looked a bit bouncier than normal, I’m wondering if that is something will impact everyone’s landings just a bit. Eastern Michigan had some uncharacteristic mistakes and wobbles on beam, which was an event that it was hoping to utilize to separate itself from the competition, so the road ahead will be steeper now.

Rotation 2: Western Michigan vault, Bowling Green bars, Ball State beam, Northern Illinois floor (Kent State, Central Michigan, and Eastern Michigan bye)

Binstock (WMU): FTY, pike down, hop. 9.700

Hooper (NIU): front full to front lay, good. Double pike, sticks it. 9.825

Jensen (BGSU): double back dismount. 9.425

Harrison (WMU): FTY, decent hop back 9.750

Ruthberg (BSU): Pretty triple series to start, solid.  Switch switch, shy of 180. Side aerial to full dismount, good. 9.725

Martz (NIU): Double pike, flexed feet but good control. Finishes with double back, deep knees on the lunge back. 9.775

Murphy (WMU): FTY, big lunge back 9.750

Lawson (BGSU): Jaeger to overshoot with leg separation. Shy on the final HS. Blind full double back, hop. 9.675

Nychyk (BSU): RO 1.5 with a step forward on her dismount. 9.625

Ludwig (WMU): Y half with a lunge forward. 9.800

Lord (NIU): Front full front lay, little out of control on her landing. FHS 1.5 split, goes crooked on her split. 9.700

Harsch (BGSU): Pretty straddle jaeger. Blind change double front dismount with a step back. 9.750

Ostendorf (BSU): Split jump to back LOSO, knee looked bent from that angle. Switch to straddle quarter, good. BHS LOSO, lean. Full turn. Cat leap to switch half. Side aerial to a full, step to the side. 9.750

DiPrisco (NIU): Front full front lay, little uncontrolled step on the lunge forward. Third combo pass, that was a fun one handed RO. 9.850

Hudson (BSU): Full turn. Side aerial BHS, tiny balance check. Switch tuck full, big bend at the waist. Side aerial to a full, stuck. 9.500

Bachner (BGSU): Shy final HS. Blind full, looked slow to rotate and a step on the dismount. 9.650

Welch (NIU): Double back, very bouncy landing. Sits her second pass, just doesn’t have enough power. Finishes with a double pike, good landing. 9.100

Fochler (BGSU): double back dismount with a tiny hop 9.800

Kofmehl (NIU): Opens with a double pike, fantastic landing. Good leap series. Front full front lay, nice form and good control. Finishes with a double back, another great landing. Best floor routine of the day for me so far. 9.900

Waldo (BSU): Front aerial to FHS, love that series. So fun. Switch to straddle quarter, good leap position. Front toss. Standing tuck 1.5 dismount, good landing. 9.850

Roberts (EMU): FTY, hop.

DeCavitch (KSU): DLO with a step.


AFTER TWO: Ball State 97.375, Kent State 49.225, Northern Illinois 49.050, Central Michigan 48.950, Western Michigan 48.850, Eastern Michigan 48.625, Bowling Green 48.300

Strong start for Northern Illinois, who is the second team to crack 49. That is also a season high floor score for the Huskies, so that’s the way they want to start their day.

Rotation 3: Kent State vault, Central Michigan bars, Bowling Green beam, Eastern Michigan floor (Northern Illinois, Western Michigan, Ball State bye)

Looked like a strong start for Bustello (CMU) on bars. 9.775

Williams (BGSU): switch to split jump. Cat leap to side aerial, slight balance check. Front full dismount. 9.800

Kosanovich (EMU): double back, good landing. 9.825

DeCavitch (KSU): FTY, sticks it but with suuuuper deep knees. 9.700

Demarinis (CMU): Straddle jaeger. Bail to HS. Unique dismount, takes a step. 9.550

Weinpert (KSU): FTY, has to really whip her arm around to get it rotated, looks like she under rotated and takes a step forward. 9.575

Boris (EMU): Pretty leap and tuck full series. 1.5 front lay, nice. Finishes with a double back, keeps it in bounds. 9.850

Veglucci (CMU): Pak with leg separation. FTDT, step back. 9.650

Franz (KSU): FTY, decent hop back. 9.750

Gregory (EMU): double pike, big lunge back and goes OOB. Good second combo pass. Finishes with a double back. 9.700

Johnson (CMU): good landing on her dismount 9.750

Amodei (KSU): FTY, hop back 9.775

Lawson (BGSU): Side aerial. Balance check on her straddle. Finishes with a RO 1.5 with a hop forward. 9.700

Hammond (CMU): Good HS. FTDT, hop forward. 9.050

Crossen (EMU): Double pike, good controlled landing. Front lay front full, good. Pretty straddle position on her leaps. Finishes with a double back, good landing and keeps it in bounds. 9.875

Jones (BGSU): absolutely love that back tuck series, it looked like she got a lot of height. Split jump, good. 9.800

DeMers (CMU): Giant tkatchev, lovely. Bail to HS, arches but saves it. Shy on the final HS. Very open FTDT, sticks it. 9.900

Roberts (EMU): Double pike, looked a touch short on the landing but she covers well. 1.5 front lay, lovely. Finishes with a rudi to split jump, little wild on that but overall good. 9.825

Jensen (BGSU): Cat leap side aerial, good. switch leap, looks like she maybe wanted to connect that to something. BHS 1.5 dismount, good.

Rondeau (EMU): Double back to open, bounces way back on her landing. Seriously, something seems up with this floor. Second combo pass was nice and controlled. Finishes with a Rudi to straddle, good. 9.650

Fochler (BGSU): Finishes with a RO 1.5, sticks the landing.

AFTER THREE: Kent State 97.925, Eastern Michigan 97.700, Central Michigan 97.575, Ball State 97.375, Bowling Green 97.175, Northern Illinois 49.050, Western Michigan 48.850

It’s kind of tricky to follow things when there are so many byes in play, but keep a close eye on how Northern Illinois does in rotation four. Central Michigan is not having the best day, and is currently heading to its weakest event, so that could make or break how the rest of this meet will go for the Chippewas.

Rotation 4: Northern Illinois vault, Western Michigan bars, Central Michigan beam, Ball State floor (Eastern Michigan, Kent State, Bowling Green bye)

Bustello (CMU): BHS LOSO, solid. Good on her leap series. Beat jump straddle 3/4. RO 1.5, stuck. 9.875

Ruthberg (BSU): front through to double back. Good landing on her double pike. Ring to switch side, good. Finishes with a Front 1.5 straddle. 9.900

Lynd (NIU): Tucked y half. 9.600

Petrousek (WMU): Good first HS. Maloney with some leg sep. Another pretty HS. Bail to HS. Blind full to a double pike, loses control of the landing and takes several steps back.

Lord (NIU): FTY, piked down with a lean. 9.775

Ostendorf (BSU): double pike, good. Second pass looked clean. Finishes with a double back, good control on her landing. 9.850

Mueller (CMU): Step back on her dismount 9.750

Murphy (WMU): looked like a solid routine, just caught the dismount but was blocked. 9.825

Schroeder (NIU): FTY, little hop. 9.825

Vanderbeeki (CMU): BHS LOSO, comes off. Finishes with just a layout. 8.625

Kofmehl (NIU): Y half, great landing “those legs were like tree trunks” is an interesting take, commentary dude. 9.850

Welch (NIU): FTY, mostly held that landing. Not a lot of amplitude. 9.825

Olivier (WMU): Comes off on her geinger. WMU will be counting a fall now. Sticks her double back dismount. 9.000

Looks like a delay on beam, DeMers is literally dancing and doing cartwheels to stay loose. Mood.

Waldo (BSU): Opens with a front double punch front, not a ton of height but manages to power through it. Front full front lay front pike, good. Finishes with a rudi. 9.850

DeMers (CMU): Front aerial BHS LOSO, and she’s off. Pretty switch to split. And she’s off a second time after her front toss to scale. Side aerial to a full dismount. 8.700

Teter (BSU): sits her final pass 8.900

Demarinis (CMU): BHS LOSO, good. Cat leap switch side. Front aerial to a beat jump. Finishes with a RO 1.5, stuck. 9.800

Goyco (BSU): Double pike to start, landing a little uncontrolled. Front lay, front full and she got no power, so she’s down and it looked tucked. Guessing that will be a SV issue as well as the fall. Good double back to finish.

Tong (CMU): Beautiful press mount to start. Front aerial BHS LOSO, lovely. Switch to straddle quarter, good. Good full turn. Good dismount. 9.900

AFTER FOUR: Ball State 145.775, Central Michigan 145.600, Northern Illinois 98.025, Kent State 97.925, Eastern Michigan 97.700, Bowling Green 97.175, Western Michigan 96.925

Well. This just got REAL interesting. Both Central Michigan and Western Michigan are counting a fall after that rotation, so the door is wide open. Kent and Northern Illinois have both looked incredibly strong today, so keep an eye on Kent in the next rotation (Northern Illinois is on another bye).

Rotation 5: Eastern Michigan vault, Kent State bars, Western Michigan beam, Bowling Green floor (Ball State, Northern Illinois, Central Michigan bye)

Decious (BGSU): Back 2/1 to open, good. Good leap series. 1.5 front lay, good

Binstock (WMU): BHS LOSO, balance check but saves it. RO 1.5, hold the landing with a lean.

Rondeau (EMU): FTY, good landing, didn’t look like she got a ton of amplitude.

Iannuzzo (KSU): DLO, kind of a weird bend in her knees at the landing and a hop.

Kosanovich (EMU): Front pike with a hop

Chan (BGSU): Front lat front full. Second combo pass, a little bouncy on the landing.

Petrousek (WMU): Side arial with a lean, beat jump. Side aerial to a full dismount.

Franz (KSU): hop on the dismount

Parris (EMU): FTY, tiny hop on the landing. Terrible camera angle to tell anything else.

Brown (KSU): Tkatchev, had to muscle it a bit. Bail to handstand and she completely breaks form on the handstand, but manages to stay on some how. Finishes with a DLO and a hop.

Crossen (EMU): FTY with a hop back.

Fochler (BGSU): I believe that was a giant 2.5 to start, wow. Last pass was a 1.5 to front lay, good.

Thomas (WMU): BHS LOSO, solid. Full turn. Front aerial, good. Little shy of 180 on her split series. Side aerial to a full dismount with a step.

Another weird deep knee DLO landing from KSU – Trott I think.

Lawson (BGSU): Front HS front lay front full, lands a little short but saves it. Finishes with a rudi.

Moravansky (WMU): BHS LOSO. Side aerial, knees looked pretty bent. Switch split to back LOSO to pike, keeps it moving through the connections. BHS 1.5 dismount, good.

LAwson (This is not Chan, despite what the graphics say) (BGSU): Not a lot of amplitude on that combo pass, but she manages to power through it. Sky high double back and she sticks it.

Tishkoff (WMU): BHS LOSO. Split series was decent, touch shy of 180. Beat jump side aerial, good. Side aerial to a full, good.

Jensen (BGSU): 2/1, uncontrolled step forward. Pretty straddle positions on that series. Second combo pass was pretty.

Murphy (WMU): Front toss, sharp. Full turn. For some reason they are showing a split screen of Murphy and her team. BHS LOSO, and she’s off. Finishes strong with a good 1.5 dismount.

AFTER FIVE: Eastern Michigan 146.775, Kent State 146.775, Bowling Green 145.975, Ball State 145.775, Central Michigan 145.600, Western Michigan 145.600, Northern Illinois 98.025

Y’ALL. BOWLING GREEN. I AM SCREAMING. They are having themselves a DAY!

Rotation 6: Ball State vault, Northern Illinois bars, Kent State beam, Central Michigan floor (Bowling Green, Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan bye)

Veglucci (CMU): Solid start for the Chippewas, great control on her passes.

Henry (KSU): Beat jump straddle 3/4. Finishes with a cat leap gainer full dismount.

Ostendorf (BSU): FTY, pike down and a hop back

? (NIU): DLO with a bounce forward.

Fettinger (CMU): Back 2.5 punch front, good. 1.5 to a front lay, lands a little short but saves it. Finishes with a double back.

Al-Ashari (NIU): DLO, hop.

Haxton (KSU): BHS LOSO, balance check but saves it. Switch leap back tuck, solid. Full turn, good. Split series looked solid as well. Tucked front full dismount.

Kofhmehl (NIU): Good first HS. Blind change straddle jaeger, good. Bail to HS, immediately back up to the high bar. Goes over on her HS and she’s off. Finishes with a blind change double front and a hop.

Williams (CMU): Giant double back, lands a touch short but covers.

Henry (BSU): just the FTY today; hop on the landing.

Danielson (KSU): BHS LOSO, takes an extra step out of it. Front toss to a split jump, good. Switch switch, good. BHS LOSO to a full dismount, stuck.

Hooper (NIU): solid with some form issues

Ball State finishes with a 194.800

DeMers (CMU): 2.5 to start. Pretty double pike, good form in the air and controlled landing. Leap series looked good. Front lay to a rudi, lands chest a little low but overall solid routine.

DeCavitch (KSU): I love her mount, so unique. BHS LOSO, and she’s off. Cat leap to a front toss to a beat jump. BHS gainer full dismount.

Hamp (NIU): Good DLO dismount

Pitchell (CMU): double pike to open, looks like her foot was right to the edge there. Pretty straddle series. Front lay front full, not a lot of control on the landing there. Finishes strong

Klein (KSU): BHS LOSO, solid. Leap series looked good, leg position a touch shy of 180. Gainer dismount with a tiny step.

DeMarinis (CMU): Great opening pass and leap series. Second combo pass with a dance out of it also good. Finishes with a double pike, good controlled landing.

Fletcher (KSU): BHS LOSO, floaty with just the tiniest balance check. Switch side, good height. Little bobble on her full turn. Front aerial to a front full dismount and a hop.

AFTER SIX: Kent State 195.425, Central Michigan 194.900, Ball State 194.800, Eastern Michigan 146.775, Northern Illinois 146.475, Bowling Green 145.975, Western Michigan 145.275

Keep your eyes on Eastern Michigan, Northern Illinois and Bowling Green – the Eagles  are most likely to catch Kent but the Huskies could also do it with a season high, and Bowling Green could feasibly surpass Central Michigan and Ball State here.

Rotation 7: Bowling Green vault, Eastern Michigan bars, Northern Illinois beam, Western Michigan floor (Central Michigan, Ball State, Kent State bye)

Moravansky (WMU): Opens with double pike and a controlled landing. Double back second pass, another good landing. Finishes with a front lay front full. 9.850

Roberts (EMU): FTDT, looked stuck

Al Ashari (NIU): BHS LOSO, good Switch to switch side, good. Side aerial. Tucked gainer full.

Williams (BGSU) Y half, lunge forward.

Crossen (EMU): Tkatchev, good. DLO with a hop back.

Petrousek (WMU): super high double back. Front full front lay, good.

Goldstrom (BGSU): FTY, little pike down.

Boris (EMU): Bail to HS. Good HS. FTDT with a small hop.

Kofmehl (NIU): BHS LOSO, good. Side aerial, small balance check. Switch to switch side, some flexed feet but good. They cut away from her dismount.

Lawson (BGSU): FTY 9.825

Parris (EMU): Piked geinger, good. Bail to HS, archy but she saves it. Finishes with DLO.

Harrison (WMU): Front lay front full second pass, good. Controlled leap series. Finishes with a double pike.

Jensen (BGSU): FTY, step back.

Hooper (NIU): Good series. Wolf turn was solid. Finishes with a RO1.5 and a big hop forward.

Rondeau (EMU): DLO hop back

BGSU: FTY, no where near enough power and she kind of crashes it.

Bezold (EMU): Good HS. Blind full to a piked geinger to overshoot, lovely. Finishes with a DLO, stuck.

Biddle (NIU): BHS LOSO, good. Full turn mostly controlled. Cat leap switch side, good. Finishes with a RO 1.5 and a hop.

EMU has just surpassed Kent to take the lead with a 195.900

Murphy (WMU): Front through to RO double back and she goes OOB. Rudi to a straddle, good.

Schroeder (NIU): BHS LOSO, solid. Split jump split full, good. RO 1.5, stuck

Ludwig (WMU): front through to double back, good, she’s excited about that. RO double pike, big lunge back.

Lord (NIU): Pretty press mount. BHS LOSO, balance check. Split jump double stag, lovely. Finishes with a RO 1.5, some loose legs and a hop.

FINAL: Eastern Michigan 195.900, Northern Illinois 195.525, Kent State 195.475, Central Michigan 194.900, Ball State 194.800, Bowling Green 194.600, Western Michigan 194.600

All Around: Sarah Morvansky 39.250
Vault: Tara Kofmehl, Marissa Nychyk, Molly Parris 9.850
Bars: Hannah DeMers, Natalie Hamp 9.900
Beam: Morgan Tong, 9.900
Floor: Abby Fletcher 9.925

Live blog by Kalley Leer

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