LIVE BLOG: No. 17 Arizona State at No. 46 Washington

Yes, it’s me, Katherine. Clearly I’ve forgotten my title here is SEC editor, since last week I blogged a Big 12 meet and here I am in the Pac-12. Please tolerate my outsider status for the evening.

Arizona State is in a comfortable position as the away team. This week’s Wednesday meet with rival Arizona was a success, with the Sun Devils recording a top 10 score in program history. Nonetheless, it’s a double meet weekend, so energy could be a factor as they go into Seattle.

While the Huskies had their best first half of a meet all season long, things quickly fell apart and they once again failed to crack the 49 on any event. Nonetheless, they escaped with their first win of the season, so they’ll hope to bring that energy back today.

An update from the floor tonight- Washington junior Talia Brovedani is nowhere to be seen. 

Rotation 1

Washington Vault, Arizona State: Bars

Weiss (UW): Tsuk tuck half, tiny step forward, stronger than last week. 9.500 ooop. 

Reeves (ASU): Nice high Jaeger, handstands just a touch off, good on the bail, nice last handstand, DLO leg separation on the second flip but good landing. 9.800

Killough-Wilhelm (UW): Pretty full, good distance and a hop back. 9.700

Boyer (ASU): Floaty Maloney, Pak perfect position, slightly short last handstand, full-in small hop forward. 9.825

Smith (UW): Tucked 1.5, doesn’t get a huge block, small hop forward. 9.775

White (ASU): Almost goes over on first handstand but saves it, Van Leeuwen fine, DLO lunge back. 9.775

Cunningham (UW): Flares her full, again not the most height, hop back. 9.775

Scharf (ASU): Excellent Maloney into clean Pak, perfect last handstand, full-in stuck. ASU bringing it on bars today. 9.875

Thompson (UW): Full chest down, tries to hold the stick but has to hop forward. 9.725

Live score link is unfortunately not functioning for me so please hold. 

Clark (ASU): Beautiful floaty Jaeger, Pak with leg separation, all the sudden we are SUPER zoomed in so hard to see, okay fixed. DLO stuck but sorta pikey. 9.925

McNamara (UW): Yurchenko half on tuck off small step to the side. 9.750 

Leonard-Baker (ASU): Again super zoomed in but the Maloney looked fine, van leeuwen caught kind of close, sticks the full-in for THREE sticks in a row for the Sun Devils ahhh actually spoke too soon, it’s a tiny shuffle to the side. She might have been able to fool the judges though. 9.900

Miller (ASU) (exh): Nearly goes over on handstand, Jaeger caught sort of close, nice last handstand, DLO small step forward. 

After 1: Washington: 48.725, Arizona State: 49.325

ASU brought the amplitude on its releases for yet another 49+ rotation. Washington’s vaults were decent, but a lack of amplitude and distance will keep them in the 9.700 range for the foreseeable future. 

Rotation 2

Washington: Bars, Arizona State: Vault

Killough-Wilhelm (UW): Floaty piked Jaeger to bail, Double front hop back with chest slightly down. 9.725

Mangahas (ASU): Full a little piked down. 9.825

Thomas (UW): Jaeger caught a bit close, Pak leg separation, kip looks a bit labored going up to the high bar, double back super close to the bar, small step. 9.550

White (ASU): Full chest slightly down and a tiny hop back. 9.800

Wickman (UW): Misses the piked jaeger, it looked too close to the bar. Getting back up as Mi Gente plays in the background, sounds like too many pre-COVID nights at the club for me. Double back sticks cold. 

Jaslow (ASU): Full with a big hop back. 9.500

Bowles (UW): Deltchev was not even close and she crashes to the floor, very fun and dramatic fall but UW will have to count it. Double back sticks that too. 8.850

Scharf (ASU): Full with some crunchy knees and piked down. 9.850

McNamara (UW): Big Jaeger, messy pak from the jump with the legs and she doesn’t catch-slides forward. UW is Going Through It. Double back small shuffle to end. 9.125

Leonard-Baker (ASU): Full, hop back, her usual. 9.900!

Thompson (UW): Big Jaeger close to the bar, sticks the full-in, good to get the Huskies back on track…with the anchor routine lol. 9.875

Smith (ASU): Goes for the 1.5 and sticks it! Gorgeous vault. 9.900

Redmond (ASU) (exh): Full piked down, step back. 

After 2: Washington: 95.850, Arizona State: 98.525

ASU looked really nice on vault once again, while Washington…did not. The GymDawgs are feeling Brovedani’s absence tonight. 

AWWW Washington honoring its 2020 seniors tonight “due to the timelessness of the pandemic.” Oh yeah, it was a really timeless event. 

Really wanting everyone to see this:


Rotation 3

Washington: Beam, Arizona State: Floor

Killough-Wilhelm (UW): BHS LOSO check, front toss to beat no hesitation, switch leap to split jump with a break in between, back 1.5 stuck! Fairly confident leadoff. 9.675

Reeves (ASU): Back 2.5, back 1.5 to front lay, switch to switch ring, rudi stuck! 9.800

Eksteen (UW): Aerial to BHS LOSO looked great, beat to wolf jump, 1.5 sticks. Well alright UW I see you staying in the fight. 9.825

Clark (ASU): Come and Go by Juice WRLD floor music! Double pike, solid, double tuck, one and a half front lay really nice. 9.700

Bowles (UW): Side aerial to BHS looks a bit off but saves it. Beat to wolf full pretty. Back full, small step. 9.550

Boyer (ASU): Front lay to front aerial small step back, double pike, tour jete half wolf full, love her dramatic music. 9.900

Thomas (UW): Front toss to BHS, solid, switch to straddle half good, back 1.5 holds the stick. 9.825

Mangahas (ASU): Full in chest down, front full to double tuck, switch half to wolf full. Another similarly Ancient Egypt TM routine. 9.875

McNamara (UW): BHS LOSO some bent legs but good control. Switch leap to switch half to beat, this is nice but a little tentative. 9.825, it’s a 9.825 party for the Huskies on beam. 

Scharf (ASU): Front tuck through to double back, FHS to front full to front tuck. switch half wolf full. Oh this music is also super fun. Lovely open double pike to end! 9.875

Thompson (UW): Candle mount, switch leap to straddle jump 3/4, BHS LOSO falls. Shoot. Back 1.5 small hop. 9.025

Leonard-Baker (ASU): Back 1.5 to front full good control, switch full to wolf 3/2, love how she times the music with the drop to the ground. Really high double pike. 9.925

Russon (UW): BHS LOSO pretty, missed the leap combo. Good 1.5 to end.

After 3: Washington: 144.600, Arizona State: 147.900

Rotation 4

Washington: Floor, Arizona State: Beam

Smith (UW): Double back, front handspring to Rudi to double stag jump, wolf jumps in combination, a bit out of control, 1.5 twist to front layout, good control. 9.825

Thompson (ASU): Triple series slight hesitation but confident, Switch straddle quarter, full turn, side aerial, sticks the back full. 9.825

Weiss (UW): The vault specialist’s debut on floor. Double pike very secure. Back 1.5 to front lay stuck, okay she’s bringing it. Leap combo second one note exactly 180. Double tuck chest WAY down, it was looking really good up until then. 9.675

Gutierrez (ASU): BHS LOSO perfect, no hesitation, Rulfova looked good, back 1.5 lovely. Good routine. 9.800

McNamara (UW): switch ring half, not super extended, Rudi to straddle jump, good, switch ring to switch leap half, back 1.5 to front lay, nice! 9.750

Reeves (ASU): FALLS on the BHS LOSO, jeapordizing ASU’s plan to go 49+ on all four events for the fouth week in a row. Clean leaps, slight check on the front aerial. BHS 1.5. 8.925

Thompson (UW): Huge double tuck. Leap series, front lay to front full, switch full excellent extension. Sticks the Rudi. Other than beam, a great day for her. 

White (ASU): BHS LOSO zero hesitation, front aerial to beat jump, split jump to ring jump. She shows beautiful extension on this event. Back full tiny shuffle, getting the Sun Devils back on track. 9.825

Cunningham (UW): Front through to double tuck good control, nice double pike. 9.875

Clark (ASU): BHS LOSO LOSO looks shaky on the landing but she holds it. Front aerial, looking more confident now! Back 1.5 good. 9.800

Scharf (ASU): BHS BHS LOSO with big knee problems. Switch split, split issues and a check, front aerial to cradle jump with some form again. One and a half twist with a check. 9.900

Final: Washington: 193.575, Arizona State: 197.050

Wowww ASU with another 197+ on the road. Watch out for the Sundevils this postseason. Washington fixed some problems but not the most pressing ones- when Brovedani gets back, the work can begin. 

Live Blog by Katherine Weaver

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