LIVE BLOG: Denver at Iowa State

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Denver lineups:

Rotation 1

Turner (ISU): fine yfull, missed it getting things loaded. 9.7

Ruiz (DU): Tkatchev good; solid bail; bad hs angle but looked good. dlo small hop. 9.75

Parker (ISU): decent yfull, hop back. 9.775

long wait for Casali. could be a judges conference.

Casali (DU): Maloney bail hs pretty; next hs solid; dlo small shuffle. great debut for the freshman! 9.8

Maxwell (ISU): y1.5, good form, small hop forward. Good. 9.825

Hutchinson (DU): wow, didn’t expect to see her in the AA. good first hs; Maloney pretty to pak small leg sep good. next hs good; dlo, small hop in place. 9.85

Steinmeyer (ISU): great 1.5 with just a small foot move/slide. 9.85

Mundell (DU): much anticipated debut. good first hs; pretty tkatchev; clean bail hs, perfect hs; dlo with some leg sep and a small hop. 9.875

Boychuk (ISU): y1.5, some knees, small hop forward. Annie Johnson (former ISU gymnast) says it’s the best she’s seen her do. 9.825

bars judges really taking their time here.

Glynn (DU): clear hip gienger good; bail, solid; perfect next hs; ftdt small foot slide. Wow. 9.85

De Jesus (ISU): her much anticipated Cyclone debut. 1.5 with a small hop in place. 9.9

Brown (DU): in case you missed it, she now has red hair. Maloney to pak, her usual; van Leeuwen, good; dlo slides feet together. She’s back! 9.925

AFTER ONE: Denver 49.300, Iowa State 49.175

Well, Iowa State didn’t do all its 10.0 SV vaults, but it was still a solid rotation. Denver put more freshmen in on bars than I anticipated, but man did the Pioneers look good. There’s a reason they’re so excited for this class.

Rotation 2

ISU lineup:

apparently Iowa State offered De Jesus more scholarship money than UCLA or something.

Ruiz (DU): yfull, some pike and a hop back. 9.7. about right.

Langkamp (ISU): piked jaeger, good, great next hs; good bail; why didn’t we get this camera angle for Denver bars? good final hs; dlo hops feet together. 9.725

Hutchinson (DU): yfull with leg sep in flight but nearly stuck. 9.65.

Maxwell (ISU): ooh, her bars debut! She’s looked great in preseason training clips.blind change straddled jaeger good; slightly short next hs to bail, fine; god next hs; dlo small shuffle. Great debut. 9.725

Sundstrom (DU): only did a full today, but it was a good one! small hop in place. She did the boob mask too, like Maile O’Keefe! 9.875

Cooke (ISU): good first hs; Maloney to pak gorgeous, some pike on maloney; great next hs; double tuck small hop. wowwww. that’s good. 9.675. hmmm.

Glynn (DU): tsuk full with her usual preflight leg sep, small hop then a step. will be interesting to see what they do with that. 9.7

whyyy are bars judges taking so long. I do not like.

Vella-Wright (ISU): Maloney to pak gorg; van Leeuwen pretty; ftdt small hop to the side. 9.875

Mundell (DU): y1.5, slightly short and hop back. glad to see her landing it again. Annie Johnson, that tusk full was a 10.0 SV too. 9.7 seems a lil harsh, but not bad.

Horowitz (ISU): slightly short first hs; pretty straddled jaeger; bail hs, solid; pretty dlo with a hop forward. 9.8

Brown (DU): y1.5, a lil short and small step back. 9.8

De Jesus (ISU): good first hs; ray good; bail fine; good next hs; dlo hop back. Good.

AFTER TWO: Iowa State 98.150, Denver 98.075

Those vaults were, something. Not bad, but definitely not great either. Lots of landing issues and they seemed pretty timid (see, the under rotations). Iowa State’s bars lineup was gorgeous. I have…questions…about that Cooke score. Those vaults made this meet a lot closer than it should be on paper.

Rotation 3

Steinmeyer (ISU): front toss beat jump solid; bhs loso some knees but secure; switch split 1/4, would like more extension; aw, her parents are here; ro 1.5 hop in place. Great leadoff. 9.8

Ruiz (DU): let’s see if she does her new piked full in here. she does! pretty good too. switch side popa straddle good; front punch through to double tuck, solid. 9.825

Parker (ISU): bhs loso, small lean; cat leap switch half beat, would like slightly more extension; ro 1.5 good, small hop forward and to side. may have missed something. 9.75

Casali (DU): should be seeing another piked full in from her. yep, and stuck cold too. 2.5 to punch front, looked short but pulled around nicely; good leaps; double pike, good. may have been oob. couldn’t tell. 9.675

Palacios (ISU): side aerial bhs, good; wobble on leap series, touches beam; cat leap pause aerial lay full. not connecting that dismount combo could be an issue. 9.475

Thompson (DU): double pike, good; little do you know her last pass….Annie Johnson…before you diss her difficulty; front lay rudi good; triple twist final pass, maybe slightly low chest. Did I miss her leaps? 9.85

De Jesus (ISU): bhs loso, lean back; straddle sheep, good straddle, some form on sheep; cat leap side aerial, lean; cartwheel lay full, some crossy legs but stuck. 9.75

Glynn (DU): um what is this music. front punch through to double tuck good; she’s another two pass girl; fine leaps, nothing special, could be better; I’ve always loved her head choreography. double pike, large lunge, definitely not tired! 9.775

Semple (ISU): bas loso pretttyyyy; switch half, not great split and a small check; switch split, better leaps there; side aerial lay full, stuck. Solid overall. 9.825

Hutchinson (DU): front double full, good; good splits; if you didn’t know, her mom is Silvia Mitova, ro 1.5 to lay good; rudi to straddle jump to close. And Aly Raisman music at the end there! 9.85

Boychuk (ISU): bhs loso loso, some knees, small lean; side somi, she’s off; big wobble on leap series; gainer full stuck. 9.15

Brown (DU): yay, her post-achilles floor debut! hugeeee DLO. aaah. It’s so good to have her back. good leap series; so 5 of 6 routines with E passes for Denver; ro 1.5 lo sissone, good; closing double pike, hop forward. 9.875. Just that last pass.

AFTER THREE: Denver 147.250, Iowa State 146.750

I’m impressed with what Haylee Young has done for Iowa State on beam. There’s still room for improvement, but this is leaps and bounds a better beam team than a few years ago. Also impressed with Denver on floor. Landings and endurance are good for January. The Pioneers will definitely want to clean up landings even more, but this is a great starting point.

Rotation 4

Per commentators, Maddie Diab is being pulled on floor in favor of Kelsey Boychuk.

Brown (DU): front toss bhs, pretty solid; switch split, slightly low back leg on split; front aerial wolf jump secure; gainer full looked stuck from here. She’s such a leadoff rock. No, Annie Johnson, that series isn’t new for her. 9.85

Cooke (ISU): first pass solid; switch tour jete half good; ro 1.5 lay full, good. Solid leadoff. Aw, she gets a nice hug from Jay Ronayne. 9.65

Thompson (DU): side aerial loso, pretty and secure; switch switch solid, could have more extension; small check on full turn; side aerial lay full, stuck. Great beam debut for her! 9.875

Steinmeyer (ISU): yay, she’s back after not competing floor last season! fhs double full solid, new pass for her, she used to do a full in; good leap series; ro 1.5 to lay potentially short, but deals with it well; double pike low chest and weird hop step back. 9.675

Ruiz (DU): switch side, good and extended per usual; bhs loso and she’s off; she’s usually so consistent for DU; side aerial secure to split jump good; gainer pike stuck. 9.225

Parker (ISU): piked full in…I don’t remember her having that before, but I could be wrong; leaps good; front punch through to double tuck, slightly uncontrolled landings. 9.775

Mundell (DU): pressure’s on these next three…2 freshmen. bhs loso pretty good; switch switch half great; side aerial, saved herself from a check and gives nothing away. ro 1.5 stuck. Great routine for a freshman going up after a fall! 9.9. It was good, but that’s a choice.

Diab (ISU): guess she’s competing after all; front double full to open good; leaps looked good from what I saw; combo pass, good; fhs rudi lo gorg. 9.825

Hutchinson (DU): front aerial bhs pretty; her lines are great; switch split, secure and extended; front aerial slight lean beat small check; cartwheel gainer full small shuffle. 9.8

De Jesus (ISU): double tuck, big hop sep back; ro 1.5 front loso good; switch side popa nice and extended; double pike, weird landing; she looks gassed. 9.525

Vasquez (DU): bhs loso good; think that’s new for her, think she did a front aerial bhs before; pretty leaps, so extended; sissone, pretty and secure; side aerial lay full, stuck from what I could see. Team was in the way. 9.925

An. Maldonado (ISU): fhs Randi, good! I’ll never get over it. ro front double full punch front nice; solid leaps; double pike, nearly stuck, small foot slide. 9.825

FINAL: Denver 196.600, Iowa State 195.500

This meet was close through 2, but Denver was able to pull ahead amid Iowa State’s beam miscues. Denver’s bars and beam were impressive, and floor is on its way to being something great too. Bars was definitely the highlight for Iowa State, even if the scores don’t reflect it.

VT: De Jesus 9.900
UB: Brown 9.925
BB: Vasquez 9.925
FX: Brown 9..875
AA: Brown 39.450

Live Blog by Tara Graeve

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