LIVE BLOG: WIAC Championship/NCGA-West Regional

In just a few short hours, we’ll know which three teams are advancing to NCGA Championships… and which teams’ seasons are over. For an in-depth preview of what to watch for, check out my preview. But to keep things short and sweet, Stout and Oshkosh will be wanting to prove their top finishes last year weren’t a fluke; Whitewater and La Crosse will be looking for redemption; and Winona, Hamline, Gustavus and Eau Claire will be battling it out to claim a top five finish.

Buckle-up because we are in for a long, but exciting, evening of DIII gymnastics! 

Hey ya’ll. It looks like the two streams are just cameras at the top of the stands, so it’s going to be a bit difficult to see details and ID the gymnasts. Most likely, I’ll just be putting the team name and discussing the routine, but I’ll do my best to ID those I can.

March-ins are starting and competition should begin around 4:20pm CT. 

UPDATE: Vault and bars stream is only showing bars….. sooo we may not be getting any vaults today.

Rotation 1: La Crosse vault, Winona bars, Gustavus beam, Whitewater floor

Gustavus – wolf + tuck full short; didn’t connect aeria + ro but stayed on; switch +switch short; good gainer pike

UWW – beautiful rudi + layout; missed the jumps; perfect front double full (this must be Sabol); AMAZING start for UWW

Winona – nice blind full +bail; oh bummer, over on her cast hand on high bar; almost over again but saves it; nice blind full + back one and a half twist

UWW – I missed first two passes but finished with a great Rudi

UWW – Nice front full + front full; RO + LOSO; fabulous Rudi… UWW is crushing this first rotation

Winona – blind + bail some leg stuff; almost stuck double lay

UWW – double pike and steps OOB; floaty front full + front lay; and ANOTHER nice Rudi to close

Gustavus – nice full turn; fall on her series, and falls again on second attempt; switch +wolf 3/4; cat leap +side aerial another fall.. they’re going to want to drop this one

Winona – hop + huge Jaeger but just peels right off; gets back up and finishes with some form issues but stays on

Gustavus – off on front toss; back tuck + back tuck didn’t quite connect; stuck front full

UWW – Big double pike; split 1.5 is a little wonky; RO 1.5 +front lay with a little bounce out of it… good set

UWW – BIGGGG double pike with a few steps out, front full + front lay big bounce; good jumps

Rotation 2: Stout vault, Eau Claire bars, Oshkosh beam, Hamline floor

UPDATE: we can now see the vault table…. still can’t see the landing mat

UPDATE #2: the “live scores” aren’t actually live so i’ll update when available

UWO – nice full turn; bhs +LOSO solid; good jumps; hitch kick + aerial with a big check; slow leap connection; gainer pike with a big step; good start for the Titans

UWEC – loose bail; good toe shoot; blind full double back comes up short and puts her hands down

UWO – solid bhs +loso but had soft knees; switch + back pike connection a bit slow but no wobble; good turn; hitch kick switch something?? not sure what it was supposed to be; stuck gainer pike

Hamline – beautiful back 2.5; RO + whip 1/2 + front lay a bit stuttery on the landing; Rudi with her chest down

UWO – nice stag handstand; switch + LOSO great! cat + switch side a little lopsided; off on bhs + loso; switch + pike jump nice; slight check on turn; cartwheel step-in 1.5 with a small step… recovered nicely after the fall

UWEC – great tkatchev; loose on bail and drags feet; over on HS

UWO – switch + gainer loso stuck; BHS+LOSO stuck; switch + straddle 1/4 nice; cartwheel gainer full piked down but stuck

UWEC – pirouette + bail kinda crazy; stuck blind full + double back

UWO – switch + straddle 1/4 nice; perfect bhs+loso; solid front aerial; cat leap + aerial almost off but saves it; almost off on full turn but saves it again; good gainer full dismount with a slight bounce

UWO – off on bhs +loso; switch + straddle 1/4 big bobble; she looks super nervous.. gainer full with chest down but stuck

Hamline – front full + front lay some legs stuff; fabulous jump connection; STUCK double tuck; another good jump connection; Fantastic routine!

Hamline – front lay + font full + stag a little out of control; great leaps; a little short on her double back but pulls her chest up fast to hide it

After 1: UWW – 47.725; Hamline – 47.375; UWO – 47.250; UWS – 47.050; UWL – 47.00; Winona – 44.525; UWEC – 43.850; Gustavus – 41.050

Rotation 3: Whitewater vault, La Crosse bars, Winona beam, Gustavus floor

UWL – blind full + bail nice; good toe shoot; blind full + double tuck with a small step

Winona – Bhs + front toss great; nice full turn; good switch + switch half; almost stuck front full

UWL – tkatchev good; almost over on the bail; slow on the blind but pulls it around and sticks the double tuck

Winona – lovely back walkover; front aerial big check; repeats and does the same thing; squatty side somi

UWL – good tkatchev; nice free hip + bail; double lay with a small step

UWL – piroutte + toe shoot a little close; a little crazy pirouette before the pak; full-in with a small step

Winona – bhs +bhs+loso big wobble

UWL – Blind full + Geinger + bail with some form; blind full double back STUCK

Gustavus – Rudi didn’t quite get around but love this choreo! i think this is sam tonjes… she’s a performer through and through

UWL – Maloney + bail handstand + Stalder + toe shoot; toe shoot a little close; stalder + double tuck with a small step… Great rotation for the Eagles

Gustavus – stuck RO + double pike chest a little low; some more nice choreo; little low on her jumps; stuck front full front pike! such a nice set

Winona – stuck bhs + loso some leg issues; nice hitch kick switch side; cat leap + side somi… interesting; good gainer pike just landed with her chest down a bit too much

Gustavus – wolf 2.5 not quite around; another stuck double tuck! The Gusties are really finding these landings; nice front full + front tuck; couldn’t quite tell what the jumps were… shoot! i jinxed her! fall on her back 1.5 + front tuck

Rotation 4: Hamline vault, Stout bars, Eau Claire beam, Oshkosh floor

Oshkosh- good 1.5 + front lay; i missed the rest

Stout – short on HS; archy free hip + low tkatchev; good bail; double lay a little wonky.. ends up bending her knees halfway through

Stout – nice blind half + Jaeger + bail; Blind full + double back almosssst stuck… nice set!

Oshkosh – Rudi + split + punch front is great! double back chest a bit low

Stout – floaty Jaeger; nice blind full + double

Stout – a little too far over on the blind full + bail; same on the blind full before the double back; crashes the double back but gets up fine

Oshkosh – Bouncy double pike; jumps unidentifiable; double tuck chest a little low and steps forward

Stout – fall on Geinger; repeats and makes it, good bail but has to do two toe arounds… full out dismount with a big step forward

Oshkosh – nice back 1.5 + front lay; good wolf 1.5; double pike with a step forward

Stout – nice tkatchev; free hip and falls over but stays on kips back up and falls; remounts and does a nice bail and blind full + double with a small hop… rough rotation for the Blue Devils but they are super strong on beam so they should be able to bounce back

Oshkosh – I missed the first pass but finished good double pike almost stuck

Oshkosh – Great open double pike… i think this is Jarvis, looks like she took out the double lay; big floaty jumps that get all the way around; front tuck through to double back pretty much stuck just a little low chest

Eau Claire – side aerial + side aerial with a small check but actually super nice in the air; interesting jump combo of straight jump 1/4 + tuck full but falls; perfectly stuck gainer pike

After 2: UWW – 95.200; UWL – 94.875; UWO- 94.850; Hamline – 93.975; UWS- 92.425; Winona – 90.375; UWEC- 86.400; Gustavus – 86.250

From what I’m seeing on the stream, scores are looking pretty conservative… there have definitely been some bars and floor routines that I would have gone about a tenth higher on. 

Rotation 5: Gustavus vault, Whitewater bars, La Crosse beam, Winona floor

UWW- good free hip + bail; toe front big step

UWL – switch double stag big bobble; stuck front aerial + back tuck; good leap connection; aerial + 1.5 stuck

UWL – bhs + loso stuck; good turn; hitch kick front toss beat jump nice; good leaps; switch + gainer pike stuck

UWW – AMAZING Jaeger; missed the middle half; beautiful full in with a small step

UWL – nice turn; bhs + loso slight check; cat + front toss + beat slight check; good leaps; aerial back full stuck

UWL – good turn; back tuck + bhs swing down with some knees; good popa; side somi + back full stuck

UWW – good tkatchev; some legs on the bail; STUCK double lay!

UWL – slight check on turn; perfect bhs + loso; aerial switch leg slight check; good jumps; gainer pike with a small step

UWW –  pirouette tkatchev nice; low on the bail; missed a handstand; ANOTHER stuck double lay

UWW – free hip + shaposh + bail combo good; short on her handstands; blind full + double big step back

UWL – good turn; off on bhs + loso; great cat + front toss + beat jump; stuck gainer pike

UWW – close toe shoot; missed the middle; free hip + blind and fell; remounts and finishes with a stuck double tuck

Winona – double pike chest a little low but pulls up quickly; front full + front lay and bounces oob; Rudi chest super low but makes it

Rotation 6: Oshkosh vault, Hamline bars, Stout beam, Eau Claire floor

Stout – good turn; bhs + loso with a slight check; switch + back pike solid; good jumps; RO + 1.5 stuck… that was the start the Blue Devils needed after that bar rotation

Hamline – short hs; Geinger + bail some legs and piked on the bail; stuck blind full + double

Hamline – super far over on the pirouette before the bail but still goes to hs and connects the toe shoot; squatty on the double tuck dismount

Stout – bhs + loso solid but some knees; good jumps; cat + switch side a bit short; RO + 1.5 super low and squatty with a hop to the side but stays on her feet

Hamline – missed the set but saw a really nice double lay dismount!! nearly stuck just had a tiny hop

Stout – bhs + bhs?? or maybe the second was a one-arm? side aerial small check; really nice switch + straddle 1/4; check on the turn; side aerial + tuck full with a step

Hamline – I’m coming in after fall #2 but she finishes with a blind full + double tuck with a big hop forward

Hamline – Geinger with some leg issues; missed the ending but she made it

Stout – beautiful bhs + loso; good side aerial; really struggling with her leaps and not sure she’ll get credit; finishes with a good side aerial back full almost stuck

Hamline – hop + front giant half + bail with leg issues and low; stuck double lay! I had no idea Hamline had two double lays in its bar line up! 

Stout – fantastic split jump + loso combo; good double stag; nice bhs + loso but too powerful and takes a step back; RO 1.5 nearly stuck, just a tiny hop forward

Stout – pretty needle scale; bhs + loso tiny check; Y turn with a small check; leaps a bit low; cat + aerial andddd off bummer this was a really nice set until then; stuck gainer pike

Eau Claire – front lay + front lay half with some leg stuff; really great jumps; double tuck and crashes

Eau Claire – beautiful Rudi… one of the nicest we’ve seen today; front lay + front lay half solid; back 1.5 + front tuck a little low but stays on her feet

After 3: UWL – 142.975; UWO – 142.400; UWW – 141.975; UWS – 139.300; Hamline; 139.200; Winona – 136.350; Gustavus 132.575; UWEC – 131.375

Rotation 7: Winona vault, Gustavus bars, Whitewater beam, La Crosse floor

UWW – bhs + side aerial solid; leaps a little wonky; good jumps; aerial + back full stuck

UWL – front full + front lay nice; back 1.5 + front pike stuck; good leaps; Rudi with chest low but stays on her feet

UWW – good turn; bhs + loso solid but some knees; good leaps; jumps a bit low; aerial back full way off but hangs on and stick with chest low

UWL – RO + double tuck good; great leaps; back 1.5 + front pike stuck; little out of control on last pass and may have gone oob 

UWW – missed the first half; bigggg bobble on side aerial; RO + 1.5 a little low but basically stuck

UWL – great front full + front lay; leaps get all the way around; back 1.5 front lay almost stuck; Rudi a little wild

UWW – switch + loso good but some knees; good jumps; RO almost off but saves it; fakes the stick on the front full 

UWL – Rudi + straddle great; jumps nice; back 1.5 + pike good

UWW – good turn; perfect front toss + bhs; legs a little low in her twisting split positions; nearly stuck gainer full, just lifted one of her heels a bit

UWL – reached down her hand on double back; lovely front full front lay; missed all her jumps/leaps

UWW – great turn; off on bhs + loso; cat + side aerial super solid; switch + straddle 1/4 great; RO 1.5 a little crooked; bummer about that fall because that was a really nice set otherwise

UWL – double Arabian a little short and sits it.. bummer first time all season she’s missed that; front full + front lay really nice; great double back to finish

Rotation 8: Eau Claire vault, Oshkosh bars, Hamline beam, Stout floor

UWO – almost over on first hs but holds on; Jaeger super close; rest of the set is clean

UWS – back double full + wolf! that’s unique; back 1.5 + front pike a bit low but clean

UWO – good first hs; really nice Geinger and bail; pirouette right on top of the bar; tight blind full + double tuck with a step back… that was REALLY nice… UWO wants this!

UWS – good double tuck; back 1.5 + front lay… not sure how she saved it because she was super turned over; great last pass

UWO: good blind; loose Jaeger and bail; blind full double tuck stuck but chest super low

UWO – massive tkatchev but peels hard and looks like she may have done something to her wrist… still chalking back up so i hope she’s okay; blind full + double a little loose

UWO – good hs; fabulous blind + Jaeger; legs on the bail; double lay???? big pike on the way down but sticks it

UWS – one of the best double pikes i’ve ever seen! WOWZA; back 1.5 front lay really good; double tuck huge! personally, i feel like that should win 

UWO – tkatchev + pak with some leg separation; double lay a little low but holds on and sticks

UWS – did some sort of twisting first pass and made it; finished with a double tuck and bounced a bit because it was super high

Hamline – front aerial to squat (on purpose); bhs + loso and off; great leaps… i feel like this could be Kalland which is a super big bummer because she can get some high scores; double stag nice! gainer full a little pikey with a step


Well that was a really fantastic meet. Still waiting for final scores but looking like it’ll be Oshkosh, Whitewater, and La Crosse moving on to nationals. Stout had an unfortunate bars rotation that pretty much took them out of the mix fairly early on but they came back as strong as they could and ended with a great floor rotation. Hamline was the big surprise today and hung in there with the top dogs right up till the end.

  1. Oshkosh – 189.675
  2. Whitewater – 189.425
  3. La Crosse – 189.350
  4. Stout – 186.925
  5. Hamline – 184.925
  6. Winona – 182.100
  7. Eau Claire – 177.075
  8. Gustavus – 175.925

Individual Event Champions:

All around –  Blaise Wilson (UWW) 38.175

Vault – Emily Gilot (UWO) 9.725

Bars – Kerrie Legault (UWL) 9.700

Beam – Kacey Mortenson (UWL) 9.750

Floor – Karina Sabol (UWW) 9.700

Live blog by Rachel Riesterer

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