LIVE BLOG: No. 19 Maryland at No. 14 Nebraska

Hello, hello and welcome to this Big 10 matchup!

Nebraska has settled into a groove the past couple of weeks after a less-than-ideal start. Sierra Hassel has come into her own and Taylor Houchin continues to impress. Keep an eye out for Kylie Piringer as well—the Husker freshman has gone below 9.875 on floor just once in four meets this season. Vault and floor are the Huskers’ strongest events. Watch those in particular, but the bigger story will be if the Huskers can hit bars and beam. Meanwhile, Maryland has cooled off since its hot start, but the Terps haven’t been bad by any means. Audrey Barber is out for academic reasons which hurts Maryland, but it did manage to put up a decent score without her last week. Alexsis Rubio has impressed on vault for Maryland while Tiara Wright has been steady on bars, beam and floor.

Injury update: Nebraska’s Kaylee Quinn suffered a season-ending knee injury. 

If you’d like to follow along, live stats can be found here and it is streaming on BTN+/Flo.

Rotation 1: Nebraska vault, Maryland bars

A few technical difficulties later and I’m set to go!

Piringer (Neb): solid yfull, hop back. 9.775

Tsiknias (UMD): starts off good, short hs or two, prettyyy dlo with a very good landing. 9.2

Verceles Carr (Neb): y1.5, some knees, hop forward. 9.85

we’re going back to vault while the judges conference bars…

De Jesus (Neb): nice 1.5, biiiig hop forward. 9.825

Silberman (UMD): missed her gienger, commentator said it was good; nice bail; slightly short next hs; dlo, some form. Another hit. 9.725

Houchin (Neb): her usual gorgeous 1.5, hop forward. Won’t be getting the 10 everyone’s waiting for. 9.9

Glauber (UMD): ok, it seems like bars is taking forever. here we go. nice first his, HIGH tkatchev, bail hs, short hs, god next hs, clean dlo stuck. 9.8

Hassel (Neb): fine full, some piking and a hop step back. 9.65

Wright (UMD): nice first hs, pretty Maloney; good tkatchev but loses form on her bail. doesn’t fall, but that’ll be a significant deduction. Finishes well. 9.325

Curtis (Neb): yfull, some pike and a tiny hop. 9.7

Farina (UMD): good straddled jaeger, next hs good; bail solid, misses squat on and has to take another toe circle to cover; missed her dismount, commentator says stuck but I don’t know that I believe her with how she’s calling this meet so far. 9.725

LeBlanc (UMD): good opening gienger; bail hs slightly short, next hs not quite there; blind full some form to double tuck fine. A hit, which is what they needed. 9.5


Not the start Maryland wanted on bars. You can tell this team misses Barber and Peterman, who we learned just today won’t be competing due to injury. Nebraska got off to a solid start on vault; those landings weren’t the best but they’ll suffice for now. Those last two vaults leave a lot to be desired (also, I think they’re trying to Bridgey them by putting them after Houchin), but they were hit nonetheless.

Rotation 2: Maryland vault, Nebraska bars

McClure (UMD): solid yfull to open with good form, just a step back. 9.725

Thaler (Neb): aggressive first hs; Maloney to pak, some leg sep; blind full double back stuck. Good start. 9.6

Silberman (UMD): y half on tuck half (I think), these vaults are getting more common but you still don’t see them a ton! Good overall. 9.825

Colombo (Neb): good first hs; piked tkatchev to pak, hit, double tuck, lowish chest and hop forward. Just little things here and there. 9.7

Glauber (UMD): yfull, nice in the air but short and has to take a step forward. 9.725

Verceles Carr (Neb): good first hs, blind full straddled jaeger, flexed foot; transition to low good, stuck double back. solid! 9.825

Farina (UMD): nice full, some cross legs, hop on landing. 9.8

De Jesus (Neb): nice first hs, pretty ray to bail; great next hs, yfull, slight leg sep at the end but stuck. Thought that was better than the score indicates. 9.75

Rubio (UMD): good yfull. 9.825

Houchin (Neb):  nice first hs; blind full straddled tkaatchev lovely, bail hs good; nice last hs, dlo with the tiniest of hops. 9.825

Tsiknias (UMD): ytuck 1.5, sits it down. 9.3

Piringer (Neb): good firs hs; Maloney some leg form to bail hs some form, short next hs and leg form on the blind full before her fine double tuck. 9.625

Morris (UMD) exh: yhalf, great form and stuck! She’s been commentating Maryland’s home meets, good to see her in action.

AFTER 2: NEBRASKA 97.775, 96.975

Ok, so bars wasn’t anyone’s friend today. That was a hit rotation for Nebraska, but not its best by any means. Maryland bounced back on vault and there is a lot of good for the Terps to take away from that rotation.

Rotation 3: Nebraska beam, Maryland floor

De Jesus (Neb): bhs loso, solid; straddle sheep, not the best sheep but landed well; cat leap side aerial off balance, leg up; cartwheel double twist, some crossed feet but good landing. A leadoff hit. 9.75

Tsiknias (UMD): fhs rudi loso pretty; switch ring split full, good; fhs double full, would like a little more control but not bad by any means. Good start for Maryland! 9.75

Curtis (Neb): wolf jump to front punch, off and adjusts by pivoting sideways; bhs loso, off. switch split, good; 1.5 dsmt, hop. Task now is hitting the next 4 so the Huskers can drop this. 9.2

Rubio (UMD): good opening double pike; 1.5 to lay, kind of archy and kind of stumbles to find her landing; slightly short double tuck; must have missed her leaps. 9.675

Verceles Carr (Neb): side aerial, good; secure turn; bhs loso, solid; slight bobble on dance; split split 3/4 good; ro 1.5 stuck. That’s how you get your team back on track! 9.775

Silberman (UMD): rudi to loso, good; switch side Popa, good positions; fhs double full, big hop step out of it. Not bad, not great. 9.675

Roby (Neb): only her second official beam routine; coming back from injury; front aerial split good; bhs loso, secure; secure turn; pretty y scale; switch split, good; side aerial lay full, stuck. So good. 9.75

McClure (UMD): double tuck, bouncy landing but finds it; lay to rudi, good; Solid leaps; front lay lay full, good. Solid. 9.775

Houchin (Neb): bhs loso, pretty; front aerial, secure; switch pause split jump; hitch kick side aerial good; ro double twist, tiniest of hops. 9.85. Sorry, but that wasn’t better than Roby.

Rouse (UMD): good opening double pike; 1.5 to lay, some form but good landing; beautiful splits; great double tuck to close. 9.85

Hassel (Neb): she’s really come into her own this year. bhs loso, secure; front aerial, slight check; split double stag good; ro 1.5, small hop. Great job by the Huskers to hit all 4 after the fall in the 2 spot. 9.825

Wright (UMD): lay lay full, solid; switch to ring half, pretty! ro double tuck, short and puts hands down. 9.05

Thaler (Neb) exh: front aerial bhs bhs solid; switch some knees to back tuck secure; ro 1.5, step to the side.

Morris (UMD) exh: solid double pike; fhs lay lay full, looked good but couldn’t see her feet on the landing; switch side Popa, nicely extended; double tuck, good landing but chest low.

AFTER 3: NEBRASKA 146.900, MARYLAND 145.700

Good for Nebraska to recover after the Curtis fall. You never know if Nebraska is actually going to come through after a beam fall, good that they came through. The meat of Maryland’s floor is there; it was a solid rotation but a lot is to be desired on the landings.

Looks like Roby’s beam score got raised to a 9.8.

Rotation 4: Maryland beam, Nebraska floor

McClure (UMD): front aerial bhs, would like less pause between the 2; switch straddle 1/4, would like more split, small bobble; front toss split, solid; the commentator just triggered my Alexa and I missed the rest, sorry. 9.75

Curtis (Neb): double pike, solid; pretty combo pass; switch ring switch half good; good double tuck to close. Good leadoff. 9.825

LeBlanc (UMD): good leaps; bhs loso, bend at hips but fights to stay on; front full, some leg form but good landing. 9.525

De Jesus (Neb): great double tuck to open, really high; ro 1.5 to front loso, good; switch side Popa, solid; closes with a nice double pike. 9.9

Silberman (UMD): switch leap to loso, good; bhs loso, hip bend; cool down to the beam choreo; switch straddle 1/4, secure; ro 1.5, some twisting form, step on landing.9.725

Houchin (Neb): beautiful 2.5 to open, great to see her hit it good! great extension on her splits; 1.5 to front full, great landing; her gymnastics is just so pretty. that’s all. closing double pike, hones in the landing fine, small foot adjustment. 9.825

Farina (UMD): bhs loso, foot up and I thought she was going to fall but she pulled it around; switch straddle 1/4 good positions; side aerial, and she’s off; ro 1.5, stuck. Now they’re counting that 9.525. 9.025

Hassel (Neb): nice front double full to open; back 1.5 to lay, pretty; switch half wolf full good; fhs rudi straddle jump, good, also love her extension on the straddle. Great routine for her. 9.85

Rouse (UMD): standing loso, small step out of it; bhs loso, big wobble and she’s off. Woof, not good for Maryland. switch straddle 1/4, good; ro 1.5, big-ish step forward. 9.025

Piringer (Neb): big dlo to open, good; 1.5 to tuck, small hop; switch side Popa, great positions; double pike, solid. 9.875

Wright (UMD): split split half, good; front aerial bhs, pretty good; front toss split jump, pretty; stuck gainer pike. Maryland really needed that. 9.8

Johnston (Neb): think this is her first routine of the season; opens with a solid double tuck; stuck double pike; good triple leap combination; 1.5 to front full, pretty good overall. 9.8

Morris (UMD) exh: bhs loso, small hip check; cat leap switch side, good; standing loso beat jump, she was off on that loso but covered well; split to back tuck, leg up but stays on; ro 1.5, sizable step.


Great ending rotation for Nebraska. Beam was not Maryland’s friend today, but Tiara Wright was a highlight routine for the Terrapins. Lots of good for Nebraska to take away from this meet, but the Huskers will want to improve bars for sure. Not Maryland’s best meet. vault and floor were highlights for the Terps, while beam left a lot to be desired.

Event Winners: 
Vault: Taylor Houchin, 9.900
Bars: Adnerys De Jesus, 9.850
Beam: Taylor Houchin, 9.850
Floor: Adnerys De Jesus, 9.900
AA: Taylor Houchin, 39.400

Live Blog by Tara Graeve

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