Decade Retrospective: Top New Leotards

With six days left until 2020, it’s time to rank all the things, starting with the thing we love to rank most: leotards. There were a LOT of leotards debuted in 2010, from stunning numbers to those that we hope never make an appearance in the next 10 years. But we wanted to take the time to highlight some of our favorites from 2010-2019.

Don’t agree with our rankings? Think we left some important leotards off the list? Let us know your top designs of the decade in the comments or on social media!

12. Illinois blue and white ombre leo: Illinois was coming out of a deep deep whole in terms of leo designs, but Nadalie Walsh turned it around in a big way, introducing a lineup of stellar leos, proving you can make a good Illinois leo after all.

11. Georgia black V leo: Despite the fact that we’ve only ever seen, like, two pictures of this leo, it’s so understated yet gorgeous. The small red detailing is the icing on the cake.

10. Stanford ombre leo: Stanford has had some pretty questionable leos, but when we saw this simple yet beautiful ombre with the sweetheart neckline, we knew it would be a hard leo to top.

9. Michigan white athletic leo: Michigan of the early 2010s was all about athletic, Adidas-designed leos, and we love that this more recent number threw it back to those days but with a modern twist.

8. Utah skyline leo: We love a good concept leo, and this one from Utah was executed perfectly. Sometimes things like this can get pretty kitschy, but the Utes did just enough skyline to make it scream Utah while not going overboard.

7. Nebraska black and white ombre leo: It doesn’t scream Nebraska, but it’s one of our faves because the black and white ombre is just so lovely and so classy. Plus, the rhinestone design is subtle yet still enough to grab your attention.

6. Pittsburgh lemonade leo: A leo that we’re claiming was one of the first to start the ombre revolution. We think of fresh-squeezed lemonade every time we look at it and are pretty bummed Pittsburgh’s new branding probably means we won’t see this leo worn again.

5. Lindenwood gold band leo: It’s not often a non-top team produces a leo we fall in love with because of the simple fact of budget. But Lindenwood did wonders with what it had to come up with this stunner. More teams should use real gold, please!

4. Oklahoma funky back leo: One of the first funky back leos we remember loving, Oklahoma leos went on a JOURNEY this decade, but it all started with this one, which remains our favorite of the Sooners’ to this day.

3. UCLA ombre leo: Funnily enough, it’s probably UCLA’s tamest leo. There’s no wild backs and no boob tape required, proving UCLA wins when it sticks to the basics (hint, hint).

2. Michigan State green ombre leo: Michigan State absolutely killed it on the leotard front to end the decade, with this green and white ombre beauty leading the pack of our faves. An underrated leo color, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the 2020s.

1. Arizona State sunset leo: Probably the leotard everyone at College Gym News agrees on the most, a rarity for sure. But how can you not love the gorgeous ombre, the yellow and maroon working seamlessly together, the simple black body…?

Article by Elizabeth Grimsley, Emily Minehart and Rebecca Scally

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