Recruits Still Left Unsigned After the Initial Signing Period

With the recent changes in the NCAA signing period structure, athletes can sign their NLI any time from now until August, so it’s not a huge surprise that there are still numerous gymnasts from the 2020 graduating class who have not signed. That said, tracking those gymnasts who don’t sign early on in the signing period is a good way to anticipate who might be preparing to jump to a different team. Here are the unsigned athletes we’ll be watching over the next weeks and months.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. If you’re wondering about the plans of any other unsigned seniors, comment to let us know!

Shania Adams

Alabama currently only has one gymnast formally committed to join the team in the fall of 2020, since two members of that recruiting class will be coming to Tuscaloosa in January instead. Adams may have been at the national team camp that coincided with the opening of the signing period, in which case it makes sense that she did not immediately sign, but we’re watching her closely.

Cael Bixler 

Bixler, a former elite from Prestige, did not sign with Oklahoma where she had been verbally committed, and has minimal Oklahoma links on her social media. She doesn’t seem to have visited Norman recently either. She might be poached by another team—or perhaps the high school hurdler is eyeing competing in another sport in college.

Alyssa Coutu

Coutu, who trains at Metroplex, was previously committed to Texas Woman’s but did not sign and seems to be courting other teams. She’s very talented and could contribute at a Division I squad.

Shilese Jones

It still seems most likely that Jones will attend Florida next fall, but we don’t have confirmation that she has signed yet. Florida fans will be relieved when the press release comes out, as there’s every reason to expect that she will be a superstar on a similar level to her future teammates Morgan Hurd and Riley McCusker.

Carina Jordan

Jordan’s recruiting odyssey had been one of the most closely-watched stories in college gymnastics this offseason. Originally committed to Florida and later switching to Utah, the former elite has since taken official visits to Georgia and N.C. State. Whatever she ultimately chooses, it’s safe to say that Twitter will be very interested.

Laney Madsen

Madsen, the Bulgarian elite and top-tier cheerleader from Los Angeles, was verbally committed to UCLA but may no longer be planning to attend. If so, many fans will be interested to find out if she pursues college gymnastics elsewhere or takes another path. Perhaps cheerleading or A&T?

Brooklyn Moors and Ana Padurariu

It’s common for foreign athletes to sign at different times to domestic ones, but we’re still waiting for confirmation that these two Canadian stars will in fact attend UCLA on scholarship. At this point there’s no particular reason to doubt that they will, but it will still be an exciting day when we get it in writing.

Katelyn Searle

The Paramount Elite senior was previously committed to BYU, but a hip injury might have impacted her trajectory. Now she’s back and looking strong, and her flexibility and style will make her stand out wherever she lands.

Jade Vella-Wright

This Australian’s Instagram bio claims that she’s part of the class of 2023 at Iowa State, implying that she’s currently a freshman, but does not seem to have signed yet and certainly is not in Ames. She might yet sign and join the team in January.

Let us know below which of these athletes you think will sign soon… and which ones might end up with a different team!

Article by Rebecca Scally

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  1. Thank you for posting such positive descriptions of the women you profiled! I liked reading about the names I recognized and learning a few new names to look out for.

  2. Always liked Katelyn Searle. very flexible. Saw her recently and you would never know she had hip surgery. I’m amazed some college didn’t sign her already

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