Teams You May Love Based on Your Longtime Favorite

WARNING: The following feature may lead to excessive YouTube binging, divided allegiances and significantly increased Fantasy Gymnastics scores. 

It’s no secret that NCAA gymnastics scores and rankings don’t tell the whole story. Carol and crack scoring jokes aside, there are teams competing high-level, high-quality gymnastics across all conferences and divisions. But don’t just take our word for it! 

We’ve compiled the following guide to introduce you to some of these under-the-radar teams based on their similarities to perennial favorites. We’ve included some impressive facts about each team as well as a few routines to get you started. The routines we’ve recommended aren’t necessarily the highest-scoring or most difficult on the roster, but they do showcase what’s exciting and unique about each team. We also tried to choose ones from athletes who will still be competing in 2020. (However, some—like 2019 Brown graduate Julia Green—were simply too cool to keep to ourselves.) 

We’re not telling you to turn your back on your tried and true team; rather, we’re hoping to give you a little nudge toward some of the “hidden gym gems” you might be missing out on. Besides, can you really have too many favorites when it comes to gymnastics? 

Be sure to tell us about all of your new favorites in the comments!

Article by Elizabeth Grimsley and Claire Billman 

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