Future College Gymnasts Impress at 2019 American Classic

Seven college programs were represented by 15 recruits competing in the junior and senior divisions of the 2019 American Classic. Along with next month’s U.S. Classic, the American Classic is one of two meets from which athletes can qualify to nationals. Junior competitors must earn an all around score of at least 51.000 to advance while seniors must reach the 52.000 mark. Senior competitors can also qualify on only two or three events with scores of 27.000 and 39.750, respectively.


Name Freshman Season VT UB BB FX AA
Shania Adams (senior) 2021 13.350 (4T) 13.250 (1) 13.150 (4) 11.900 (6) 51. 650 (3)
Karis German (junior) 2023 14.300 (1) 13.200 (7T) 12.300 (13T) 13.550 (1T) 53.350 (2)
Lauren Little (junior) 2023 12.950 (22T) 13.200 (7T) 12.300 (13T) 12.700 (8) 51.150 (10T)

Senior Shania Adams just missed the 52.000 all around score but did qualify on three events. She placed third all around and won bars in the senior division. She also performed a Yurchenko one and a half that Alabama will be excited to add to its vault lineup. Despite some short landings on her tumbling passes, Adams showed the graceful leaps and expressive dance that characterize her floor work. 

Karis German finished second overall in the junior field and won vault and floor. Despite some form breaks, she also showed a lot of potential on uneven bars (her van Leeuwen and double layout dismount were highlights). 

Lauren Little also turned in a solid performance, placing seventh on bars, eighth on floor and qualifying to nationals with a 51.150 all around score. 


Name Freshman Season VT UB BB FX AA
Olivia Hollingsworth (senior) 2021 13.150 (7) 12.450 (4) 11.150 (8) 12.650 (4) 49.400 (4)
Sunisa Lee (senior) 2022 11.650 (5) 14.300 (2) 25.950
Lyden Saltness (junior) 2024 13.500 (10T) 12.900 (10) 12.650 (12) 13.550 (1T) 52.600 (4)

Senior national team member Sunisa Lee began with an uncharacteristically off performance on bars during which she fell twice and dismounted with a layout. Even with those mistakes, her routine was impressive (her Nabieva connected to Bhardwaj is jaw-dropping) and has the potential to be one of the most difficult in the world. She rebounded from the disappointing bars rotation by placing second on beam with an excellent routine that included two acro series. Not to put too fine a point on it, but Lee could be a game changer for Auburn gymnastics. 

Lee’s future teammate and fellow senior Olivia Hollingsworth placed fourth on bars, floor and in the all around. Her Yurchenko full and one and a half through to double tuck and double pike on floor are all NCAA ready. 

Junior Lyden Saltness also finished fourth all around and comfortably qualified to nationals. She won floor with a spunky, energetic routine and demonstrated a powerful Yurchenko one and a half.


Name Freshman Season VT UB BB FX AA
Sloane Blakley (senior) 2022 13.800 (2) 14.500 (1) 12.250 (5) 40.550

Senior national team member Sloane Blakely only competed on three events as she already qualified to nationals based on her performance at 2019 Gymnix. She turned in an exceptional performance on beam for a 14.500 that included a front handspring to front tuck acro series. She also competed a solid Yurchenko one and a half to place second on vault. In 2022, Blakely will join a Florida team that potentially includes Trinity Thomas, Morgan Hurd, Riley McCusker and Shilese Jones; if this weekend was any indication, she’ll fit right in.


Name Freshman Season VT UB BB FX AA
ElizabethGantner (junior) 2024 13.100 (18) 12.600 (13) 12.000 (21) 12.250 (21T) 49.950 (16)

Future Gymdog Elizabeth Gantner struggled on beam and floor but had solid efforts on vault and bars (her double layout dismount was the highlight of the routine).


Name Freshman Season VT UB BB FX AA
Faith Torrez (senior) 2022 14.250 (1) 13.100 (2) 14.000 (3) 13.500 (2) 54.850 (1)
Ava Siegfeldt (junior) 2023 13.400 (12) 13.550 (2T) 11.350 (23 T) 13.250 (3) 51.550 (7)

Last minute entrant Faith Torrez dominated the senior division, placing third on beam, second on bars and floor and winning vault and the all round with a whopping 54.850. Her Yurchenko double was one of the highlights of the competition, and her poise and precision on beam will fit seamlessly into the Oklahoma lineup. On floor, every element—from a stuck double layout to oversplits, sassy choreo and front tumbling—solidified Torrez’s status as one to watch in college. 

Torrez’s future teammate Ava Siegfeldt also fared well, tying for second on bars and finishing third on floor. She also managed to place seventh in the all around despite struggling on beam.


Name Freshman Season VT UB BB FX AA
Emily Lee (senior) 2022 13.450 (3) 12.500 (3) 12.800 (6) 13.800 (1) 52.550 (2)
Ariel Posen (junior) 2023 12.050 (26) 12.400 (15) 12.850 (9T) 12.600 (11) 49.900 (17)
Katelyn Rosen (junior) 2024 13.700 (7T) 11.600 (19) 13.200 (3T) 12.200 (23) 50.700 (13)

Emily Lee made the most of the competition, placing second all around even with a fall on beam. She also placed third on vault and bars and first on floor. It will be interesting to see what choreography UCLA dreams up to complement her powerful tumbling.  

Ariel Posen had a difficult competition with falls on vault and bars but turned in solid performances on beam and floor. 

Katelyn Rosen missed out on advancing to nationals by just three tenths of a point. She tied for third on beam with an impressive routine that included an excellent front aerial + split jump + sissone and a well-controlled double pike dismount.


Name Freshman Season VT UB BB FX AA
Jaylene Gilstrap (senior) 2021 13.150 (7) 13.100 (5) 12.900 (9) 39.150 (6)
Ella Zirbes (junior) 2024 13.800 (6) 11.050 (23T) 11.050 (25) 12.750 (7) 48.650 (24)

Competing at her future college arena, Jaylene Gilstrap was shy of the necessary three-event qualification score but had no major mistakes on any of her routines, placing third on floor. Her beam and floor routines, while lacking difficulty by elite standards, will score well in NCAA competition thanks to Gilstrap’s strong technique and precise execution (these are especially noticeable in her jumps and leap series).

Junior Ella Zirbes had trouble on bars and beam, but showed a very nice Yurchenko one and a half and impressive tumbling on floor. 

There were also a number of standout performances from currently uncommitted gymnasts. Junior national team member Ciena Alipio (2023) won the junior all around and bars and finished second on beam. Anya Pilgram (2024) earned a 52.900 to win third all around and easily qualify to nationals; she also finished second on vault with a huge Yurchenko double. Mya Witte (2024) struggled on bars and floor but won beam with an impressive 14.100. eMjae Frazier (2023) showed off several big skills, most notably a Yurchenko double that won third place. Levi Jung-Ruivivar (2025) became a fan favorite after 2018’s American Classic thanks to her beautifully dramatic and expressive floor routine; this year, she again wowed on floor but also demonstrated her fantastic bars work that tied for second place.

Full meet results can be found here

Article by Claire Billman

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