2020 Season Coaching Changes

Every year after the season concludes, a coaching shuffle happens with those underperforming not being retained, assistants moving up to better gigs and other changes that are oftentimes hard to keep track of. Throughout the offseason, we’ll be updating this post with new information of coaching changes, from firings to hirings.

Additional vacancies we’re watching: Arizona State assistant, Cortland non-interim head and staff, Eastern Michigan assistant, Michigan assistant

Likely openings: Penn State assistant (Rob Drass), SEMO assistant (Chris Licamelli), Towson head and staff (Vicki May)


Central Michigan

  • Jerry Reighard fired (April 18)
  • Christine MacDonald named head coach (May 16)




  • Chris Bogantes left for position at Arkansas (May 17)


  • Robert Ladanyi named assistant coach (May 10)

New Hampshire

  • Gail Goodspeed retired (April 30)

Seattle Pacific

  • Laurel Tindall retired (March 26)
  • Sarah Marshall named head coach (May 14)

Southern Connecticut


  • Chris Swircek semi-retired, will act as volunteer assistant (May 8)


  • Valorie Kondos Field retired (September 20, 2018)
  • Jordyn Wieber left volunteer position for Arkansas (April 24)
  • Chris Waller named head coach (May 8)
  • Kristina Comforte named associate head coach (May 21)


  • Megan Marsden retired (April 23)
  • Tom Farden named head coach (April 23)
  • Carly Dockendorf named assistant coach (April 23)
  • Garrett Griffeth named assistant coach and Courtney McCool Griffeth named volunteer and choreographer (May 6)

William & Mary

  • Mary Lewis retired (December 5, 2018)

Updated May 21.

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