Weekly Conference Awards: Week 11

Conferences will be added as awards are announced throughout the week.

Big Ten

Gymnast of the Week: Sienna Crouse, Nebraska
Specialist of the Week: Sierra Hassel, Nebraska
Freshman of the Week: Tiarre Sales, Minnesota

Big Ten-MAG

Gymnast of the Week: Shane Wiskus, Minnesota
Freshman of the Week: Garrett Kasiski, Minnesota

Big 12

Gymnast of the Week: Brenna Dowell, Oklahoma
Specialist of the Week: Carly Woodard, Oklahoma
Newcomer of the Week: Olivia Trautman, Oklahoma


Gymnast of the Week: Shane Wiskus, Minnesota
Freshman of the Week: 
Garrett Kasiski, Minnesota


Gymnast of the Week: Alex Zois, George Washington
Specialist of the Week: Khazia Hislop, North Carolina; Hannah Cohen, George Washington
Rookie of the Week: Emerson Hurst, Towson


Gymnast of the Week: Monica Servidio, Temple
Specialist of the Week: Claire Haklik, Cornell
Rookie of the Week: Mei Li Costa, Brown
Coaches’ Choice: Miranda Lund, Cornell


Gymnast of the Week: Julianna Roland, Bridgeport
Specialist of the Week: Sarah Boyd, West Chester
Rookie of the Week: Bella Lanata, Southern Connecticut
Coaches’ Choice: Myranda Marshall, West Chester


Gymnast of the Week: Nate Winneg, William & Mary
Specialist of the Week: David Allen, William & Mary
Rookie of the Week: Noah Candocia, Springfield


Gymnast of the Week: Denelle Pedrick, Central Michigan
Specialist of the Week: Cortney Bezold, Eastern Michigan


Gymnast of the Week: Courtney Mitchell, Lindenwood
Performance of the Week: Breanna Franklin, Lindenwood
Newcomer of the Week: Anna Kaziska, SEMO


Gymnast of the Week: Kelley Hebert, UC Davis
Specialist of the Week: Cortney Cunningham, UC Davis
Freshman of the Week: Ali Marvel, Alaska


Gymnast of the Week: Gage Dyer, Oklahoma


Gymnast of the Week: MyKayla Skinner, Utah
Specialist of the Week: Katelyn Ohashi, UCLA
Freshman of the Week: Milan Clausi, California


Gymnast of the Week: Sarah Finnegan, LSU; Kennedi Edney, LSU
Specialist of the Week: Katie Stuart, Kentucky
Freshman of the Week: Rachael Lukacs, Georgia

Article by the editors of College Gym News

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