The Dismount: Week Five WAG

Carol was out in full force this weekend while anti-Carol showed up at other meets. It was a fun weekend of NCAA gym, and you likely missed some of it. We wanted to show more love to the non-top teams in college gym in 2019, so we broke out our Dismounts into DI, DII (all USAG nationals-eligible teams) and DIII. Each week, we’re also dishing out a few superlatives for some of our favorite moments, looks and results from the weekend of competition. Below those, you’ll find your typical results and highlights from every DI women’s meet.

Routine of the Week

Emily Muhlenhaupt (Boise State) – Bars

Muhlenhaupt set a career high 9.975 with this pristine set.

Shylen Murakami (Southern Utah) – Beam

Murakami notched a 9.900 with this amazing beam set. She even does an onodi and sheep jump with ease. We’re in love.

Stick of the Week

Rachael Flam (Stanford) – Vault

Flam nailed her Omelianchik at home versus Washington, picking up the title for a vault that could have gone 10.000 in a more relaxed scoring environment.

Most Carol Score

Bre Showers (Oklahoma) – Beam

Showers had a moment of bad luck during her beam routine Friday, splitting the beam on her switch leap—yet not coming off the apparatus—but still receiving a 9.575 for the routine. While the code states a flat half-point deduction should be taken for falling on or against the equipment, it could be that the judges decided to see this most as a “held onto the beam to keep from falling off” fall.

Note: The routines selected for this category are not a reflection on the gymnast performing the routine but rather the judging of the routine itself.

Most Heartfelt Moment

Olivia Karas (Michigan) – Floor


Olivia Karas registered her highest floor score since last year’s season ending injury and received a 10.0 from one judge to put an exclamation mark on the Wolverines’ emphatic win over Nebraska on Sunday.

Best Sister Moment

Lacy Dagen (Oregon State) – Beam

Lacy Dagen set a career high on beam after two consecutive misses. It was an emotional moment for Dagen, who was tackled to the ground by her sister and the rest of the team in celebration, and head coach Tanya Chaplin looked touched as well.

The Highlights

No. 2 Florida at No. 1 Oklahoma
Full Results OU: 198.325 UF: 198.025
VT: Trautman 9.950 UB: Lehrmann 10.000 BB: Baumann, Nichols 9.975 FX: Dowell, Degouveia, Trautman 9.975 AA: Trautman 39.725

The Big Storyline: Phew. This meet was a whirlwind. After the first rotation, it seemed like it would be a very clean, very tight meet. Things started to fall apart for both teams in the second half when uncharacteristic landing errors and beam falls made things interesting. We also saw Olivia Trautman’s all around debut.

Implications: These teams should stay No. 1 and No. 2. Florida will be thrilled with this road score before we head into RQS-land.

Records: Oklahoma’s 49.725 on bars ties the program record, and its 49.825 on floor sets a new record as well. Trautman set or tied career highs on every event, and Anastasia Webb put up a career best all around total of 39.650. Every 9.975 in the meet tied or set career bests.

Controversies: For heaven’s sake these scores. If judges are giving three floor routines in a row with small but visible errors 9.975s, meaning one judge gave each routine a 10.0, there is a problem. There’s no differentiation and no incentive to improve. There was some wild scoring in both directions in this meet, and Oklahoma seemed to win by the routines we saw, but the meet was closer than 0.300, and these did not look like 198 performances aside from the first rotation, which was stellar for both teams. We also need to talk about a bar set with a bail handstand short of vertical and severely bent arms going 9.875.

No. 3 UCLA at No. 20 Oregon State
Full Results UCLA: 197.900 OSU: 197.450
VT: Jacobsen, Hano 9.950 UB: Ross 10.000 BB: Dennis 9.975 FX: Yanish 9.975 AA: Ross 39.650

The Big Storyline: UCLA had a great meet in Corvallis and showed room to grow. The Bruins’ vault landings were improved from the last few weeks but not perfect, and floor has space to improve too, though bars and beam are approaching postseason form. Kyla Ross’ great day in the all around is becoming routine, but it was Nia Dennis who stood out the most, scoring 9.925 on vault and floor and 9.975 on beam. It will be fascinating to see if she gets another chance on bars soon since we know she can be excellent there as well. Oregon State had an exceptional day, setting a season high led by great showings on beam and floor. There were some serious scoring questions for the Beavers, but that shouldn’t take away from its season highs on every event and the great showings by Isis Lowery and Madi Dagen on three events each.

Implications: Oregon State will leapfrog two Pac-12 teams to reach No. 11 in the country, though it’ll need to back up its season high on the road next week to be in a comfortable position for RQS.

Records: The Beavers had their highest attendance mark since 2011, which was also set versus UCLA. They also recorded twelve individual career highs. UCLA had two: Hano’s vault and Dennis’ beam routine were both good for event titles, as well as being personal bests.

Controversies: Scoring was fairly sane through seven of the meet’s eight rotations (four for each team), but things went nuts for Oregon State on floor where landings were messy all around. Kaitlyn Yanish scored a 9.975 with slides back on two of her landings, Madi Dagen seriously overpowered her second pass and received a 9.925 and Isis Lowery’s 9.950 routine was solid but far from the best she’s capable of performing. Lena Greene made her bars debut for the Beavers but unfortunately wasn’t able to complete her routine after catching her bail wrong and hurting her hand. We’re unsure on the severity of the injury.

No. 23 Arizona at No. 4 Utah
Full Results Utah: 197.075 Arizona: 195.400
VT: Burch 9.900 UB: Merrell-Giles, Skinner 9.900 BB: Lee 9.925 FX: Randall 9.950 AA: Merrell-Giles 39.500

The Big Storyline: Utah dominated this meet but not without a little excitement. We saw some lineup changes for the Utes, including Alexia Burch on vault, Shannon McNatt on beam and resting Mykayla Skinner on floor. Arizona had an uncharacteristic bars rotation where many gymnasts who are normally rocks for it either caught their release too close or had some other uncharacteristic error. Still, it was one of the best performances of the season for the Wildcats thus far.

Implications: Utah is still at No. 4 nationally; Arizona drops to No. 25 overall. In the Pac-12, rankings for the two teams remain unchanged (Utah: No. 2, Arizona: No. 8).

Records: Alexia Burch’s 9.900 on vault is a career high. Courtney Cowles’ 9.825 on floor is a career high.

Controversies: Arizona’s bars rotation makes us wonder if there was something up with the bars equipment.

No. 30 N.C. State at No. 5 LSU
Full Results LSU: 197.150 N.C. State: 195.375
VT: Edney 9.950 UB: Finnegan 9.950 BB: Finnegan 9.950 FX: Kelley 9.975 AA: Finnegan 39.650

The Big Storyline: LSU recorded its third straight score above 197, led by a career high tying 9.975 on floor from McKenna Kelley. N.C. State recorded a season high score and its second straight score over 195. Both of its 195s so far have come on the road, which takes off a bit of pressure for RQS.

Implications: LSU retains fifth place in the national standings. N.C. State regains first place in EAGL conference standings and moves up to 28th overall.

Records: Sarah Finnegan’s bars title was her 19th career win on that event, which ties her with Rheagan Courville for the second most bars victories in school history.

No. 24 Arkansas at No. 6 Georgia
Full Results Georgia: 197.475 Arkansas: 196.125
VT: Snead 9.95 UB: Dickson & Snead 9.9 BB: Vega 9.925 FX: Carter, Dickson & Vega 9.95 AA: Dickson & Snead 39.575

The Big Storyline: Georgia ventured further into the 197 club with an impressive performance, particularly from junior Sabrina Vega. Arkansas showed shades of improvement and earned a season-high team score of its own, finally topping 196. However, it’s still exhibiting some serious warning signs that will require more than big scores from Sophia Carter and Sydney McGlone to fix.

Implications: Arkansas will likely remain in the lower tier of SEC teams after this week while Georgia should stay around the same place or move up slightly after a solid performance in the mid-197s.

Records: In addition to a season high team total, Georgia also recorded season high scores on beam and floor with a 49.325 and a 49.475, respectively.

Controversies: Many found it unfair that Arkansas sophomore Sarah Shaffer scored a 9.825 on her stuck Yurchenko half vault.

No. 7 Denver and No. 26 Iowa State at No. 27 West Virginia
Full Results Denver: 197.450 ISU: 196.700 WVU: 196.125
VT: Karr 9.975 UB: Karr 9.925 BB: Vasquez, Karr 9.925 FX: Ruiz, Brown, Sievers, Koshinski 9.925 AA: Karr 39.700

The Big Storyline: All three teams set season high scores in what proved to be a thrilling Big 12 matchup. Denver broke 197 for the first time this year while Iowa State tied its highest score in Jay Ronayne’s tenure. Maddie Karr bounced back from falls on beam in the last two meets to win the event, as well as vault, bars and the all around.

Implications: With its season high score here, Iowa State moves up to 23rd nationally.

Records: Denver’s 197.450 is the highest road score in program history and the third highest overall. For Iowa State, Meaghan Sievers set a new personal best on floor with a 9.925. Teammates Kelly Martin and Sophia Steinmeyer set career highs on vault with a 9.900 and a 9.875, respectively. West Virginia’s Kirah Koshinski set a career best on beam with a 9.875.

No. 8 Alabama at No. 16 Missouri
Full Results Alabama: 196.850 Missouri: 196.550
VT: Graber, Mahoney, Tucker & Ward 9.875 UB: Mahoney 9.900 BB: Klopfer 9.875 FX: Graber 9.925 AA: Graber 39.35

The Big Storyline: Alabama seems to be getting closer to the groove it’s been looking for, counting season best totals on bars and floor tonight. Atypical mistakes from freshmen Shallon Olsen and Emily Gaskins kept the score from being higher, and Missouri added pressure that kept the meet in question all night long. Its team total was the highest for the Tigers this season.

Implications: Alabama will be thankful for its finish tonight, but it’s unlikely to take the Crimson Tide much higher in the SEC rankings after 197-plus performances from the three teams ahead of it. Don’t count Missouri out as a dark horse contender for SEC success; its total this week should give it some upward mobility in the standings.

Records: Alabama sophomore Lexi Graber rebounded from a last-second injury last week and scored a career high 9.925 on floor to win that event. Also, Gabrielle Gottula of Missouri set a career high score of 9.850 on beam.

No. 9 Boise State and No. 36 UC Davis at No. 52 San Jose State
Full Results BSU: 196.525 UCD: 194.525 SJSU: 194.175
VT: Means 9.925 UB: Muhlenhaupt 9.975 BB: Esmerian, Means 9.900 FX: Remme 9.900 AA: Remme 39.400

The Big Storyline: The Broncos put up another mid-196 score, this time on the road outside of its home environment. Bars was a highlight per usual, where the team notched a 49.450, highlighted by sophomore Emily Muhlenhaupt’s 9.975. The Spartans put up their best score of the season while the Aggies showed a solid mid-194 performance. All three of the Aggies’ high scores have come on the road so far, which they’ll certainly be thankful for when RQS kicks in.

Implications: Boise State remains in ninth place overall, UC Davis moves up two spots to No. 34 and San Jose State moves up one spot to No. 51. Boise State is still in first in the MRGC, UC Davis remains in first in the MPSF while San Jose State moves from No. 3 to No. 2 in the MPSF.

Records: Muhlenhaupt’s 9.975 on bars is a career high. Shani Remme broke a 23 year old record with her 19th all around title. Sarah Means’ 9.925 on vault is also a career high.

No. 13 Nebraska at No. 10 Michigan
Full Results UM: 196.500 UNL: 195.700
VT: Crouse 9.950 UB: Wojcik 9.925 BB: Wojcik 9.875 FX: Karas 9.950 AA: Karas 39.400

The Big Storyline: Michigan struggled through a rough vault rotation, but came back strong to pass Nebraska and put up a season-high score in its annual Flip for Chip meet, in honor of alumna Cailee Hill’s father who died of cancer during her freshman season.

Implications: In a matchup we expect to be a preview of the battle for the conference title, the Huskers came up short. They remain in No. 2 in the conference, behind Michigan, but surging Minnesota and Ohio State are on their heels. It will fall to No. 16 nationally, while Michigan will remain at No. 10.

No. 11 Auburn at No. 17 Kentucky
Full Results Auburn: 196.125 Kentucky: 196.000
VT: Watson & Korth 9.925 UB: Cerio 9.925 BB: Sylvia 9.850 FX: Dukes & Hyland 9.900 AA: Gobourne 39.350

The Big Storyline: After a tight meet, Auburn squeaked out a win to continue its undefeated dominance. Derrian Gobourne had another solid performance in the all around with the addition of her full-in on floor. She shared the all around title with teammate Drew Watson, who is continuing to improve as the season goes on. Kentucky also tallied a 196-plus score for the second week in a row, continuing to prove its dominance on floor with event wins and a superior total to Auburn on the event.

Implications: These teams should maintain their rankings within the conference into next week, but Auburn has the continuing undefeated streak on its side as it potentially cruises to the SEC regular season title.

Records: This isn’t a record, but Kentucky sophomore Madison Averett made her collegiate debut on beam for a 9.550. In addition, Auburn earned its second highest total on vault and bars (98.550) in the last three seasons.

No. 12 Washington at No. 24 Stanford
Full Results Washington: 195.825 Stanford: 195.475
VT: Flam 9.850 UB: Bryant 9.850 BB: Roberson 9.850 FX: Bryant 9.925 AA: Bryant, Roberson 39.300

The Big Storyline: Washington and Stanford both had excellent meets on Friday night, and though their scores didn’t keep pace with the rest of the conference, both looked significantly improved from last week. Stanford had a few problems on bars, mostly with dismount timing, and vault continues to be a problem for both teams as Washington once again scratched its sixth vaulter and Stanford’s Grace Garcia crashed her habitually low Tsuk full. Beam and floor were excellent on both sides, with Taylor Lawson’s standing Arabian once again providing a highlight.

Implications: Washington will drop to No. 15 in the nation and will be passed by California and Oregon State in conference. Stanford will hold onto its No. 24 standing.

Records: Stanford posted a season high on vault. The Huskies posted their first win in Maples since 1998, predating the birth of most of the athletes at the meet.

No. 14 BYU and No. 19 Arizona State at No. 18 California
Full Results Cal: 196.700 ASU: 195.700 BYU: 194.975
VT: Evans 9.925 UB: Leonard-Baker 9.875 BB:So. Seilnacht 9.925 FX: Williams 9.900 AA: Evans 39.475

The Big Storyline: We expected this meet to be a close one, and a space didn’t emerge between the three teams until the third rotation when Cal recorded a program record total on beam that the others couldn’t equal. BYU unfortunately had to count a fall on bars in the final rotation, but until that point it was within a few tenths of Arizona State all meet. Shannon Evans excelled for BYU, sticking her Yurchenko Arabian in emphatic fashion and coming out on top of a group of five all arounders. Cal freshman Milan Clausi stepped into the bars lineup at the last second and hit to make her all around debut at an impressive 39.300.

Implications: California will edge past Washington in conference standings and jump a few spots in the national standings. BYU will drop to No. 21, but that’s not a huge surprise as its ranking was inflated by two very high home scores.

Records: Evans’ all around total is a career high, as is her vault score. Cal’s beam score is a program record.

Controversies: It was difficult to get a read on Arizona State’s performance, as we didn’t get much more than two skills strung together from any given Sun Devil performance on the live stream. There was also a typo in the lineups—BYU gymnast Natasha Marsh’s surname was spelled “Marash”—that led otherwise-excellent commentator Evan Heiter to slip on her name for the first part of the meet.

No. 41 Iowa at No. 15 Ohio State
Full Results tOSU: 195.000 Iowa: 194.775
VT: Aepli 9.850 UB: Swartzentruber, Hinterberger, Miller 9.875 BB: Carlson 9.850 FX: McClelland 9.900 AA: Aepli 38.925

The Big Storyline: Well, the Ohio State 196-plus bubble has bust. This is by no means a bad score but not up to the Buckeyes’ recent level. They’ll want to drop this one for RQS.

Implications: Ohio State will drop behind Minnesota on the heels of the Gophers excellent week. Iowa is inching closer to Illinois, a team that can’t find its footing.

Records: Peyton Hinterberger and Colby Miller’s 9.875s on bars are career highs, as is Janelle McClelland’s 9.900 on floor. Misty Jade Carlson’s 9.850 on beam is a personal best.

Controversies: Scoring was incredibly strict throughout the meet, especially for Washington, which looked excellent. Rachael Flam’s vault was also penalized far beyond the judging standard of the conference.

No. 42 Michigan State at No. 21 Minnesota
Full Results Minnesota: 196.725 Michigan State: 194.450
VT: Ramler, Loper 9.850 UB: Ramler 9.925 BB: Ramler 9.950 FX: Douglas, Williams 9.900 AA: Ramler 39.600

The Big Storyline: Minnesota’s continued excellence in 2019 almost defies belief given this team’s legacy of underperformance. That doesn’t seem to be troubling the Gophers though as sophomores Lexy Ramler and Ona Loper soared, boosted by an incredibly consistent freshman class. Ramler debuted her Yurchenko one and a half on Saturday, and Paige Williams’ recent move to the anchor position on floor continues to pay dividends. Michigan State scored comparably with previous weeks but will be a little disappointed about having to count a fall on beam after putting together an excellent first three events, including a 49.150 on floor led by Gabriella Douglas and Lea Mitchell.

Implications: Minnesota posted the highest team score in the Big Ten this weekend, and if it can continue to perform at this level, we’re going to have to start considering it as a conference title threat.

Records: Six Gophers and three Spartans recorded career highs, including Gabriella Douglas’ title-winning floor routine.

Controversies: Scoring was more generous than we’re used to in the Twin Cities but not enough to cast any doubt over the excellent performances by both teams.

No. 25 Penn State at No. 37 Illinois
Full Results PSU: 195.275 Ill: 193.500
VT: Meeks 9.825 UB: Howell, Bonsall 9.850 BB: Scott 9.825 FX: Garcia 9.875 AA: Garcia 39.250

The Big Storyline: The Illini were very short staffed in this one. Rae Balthazor tweaked her ankle in vault warmups, and Mary Jane Otto was out with a minor concussion. Bars and beam suffered greatly, and in many cases it was lineup stalwarts, not those filling spots, who made big errors.

Implications: Illinois will continue to slide backward in the Big Ten with Iowa hot on its heels. Penn State, on the other hand, is inching closer to Ohio State and Minnesota, the teams pressuring Michigan and Nebraska at the top.

Records: Shaylah Scott made her beam debut for the Illini, taking the win on the event.

No. 28 North Carolina and No. 49 Temple at No. 31 Pittsburgh
Full Results Temple: 194.200 UNC: 194.050 Pitt: 193.550
VT: Hislop 9.900 UB: Brett 9.850 BB: Hislop 9.925 FX: Hislop 9.900 AA: Servidio 39.025

The Big Storyline: Despite having several floor routines that went out of bounds, Temple was able to pull an upset over Pitt and North Carolina after both teams had to count mistakes on bars. UNC’s Khazia Hislop shined, winning the event titles on all three of her events.

Implications: North Carolina drops to third in the EAGL and 33rd overall while Pitt drops to fourth in the EAGL and 36th overall. Temple remains in second place in the ECAC but moves up to 48th nationally.

Records: Temple sophomore Monica Servidio scored a career best 9.900 on beam.

No. 46 Eastern Michigan at No. 30 UIC
Full Results UIC: 195.000 EMU: 193.075
VT: Smith 9.875 UB: Baker 9.850 BB: Satler, Mahoney 9.775 FX: Sheremeta 9.900 AA: Northern 38.700

The Big Storyline: This meet was a heartbreaker for Eastern Michigan. Counting two falls and a major mistake held it back from a stellar meet. That said, it had moments of brilliance, like Allison Smith’s title-winning stuck Yurchenko tucked one and a half. Keep an eye on the Eagles. This meet was a thyroid cancer awareness meet, in honor of Mikailla Northern, who overcame the disease this summer. There was a very nice tribute to her before the meet.

Implications: UIC will remain on top of both the MIC and USAG rankings. Eastern Michigan will solidify its spot in third in the MAC, behind Central Michigan and Northern Illinois.

Records: Alisa Sheremeta, Kayla Baddeley and Ashley Albrecht all matched of set career highs on floor, propelling the Flames to the 195 mark. Caitlin Satler’s 9.825 on floor is also a career high.

Controversies: Judging in this meet was atrocious. We saw two judges conferences, involving the same judge. One of those required the meet referee to get involved; in that case a score was raised from 9.500 to 9.750. What a mess.

No. 33 Utah State at No. 32 Southern Utah
Full Results SUU: 195.500 USU: 194.975
VT: Ward-Sessions 9.800 UB: Rosza-Thompson 9.875 BB: Murakami 9.900 FX: McClain 9.875 AA: McClain 39.175

The Big Storyline: This was probably the most complete Thunderbird performance thus far. Floor consistency is still something to improve upon, but there were no falls and all of the other events hit or nearly hit 49. It was also the highest score thus far for the Aggies, who continue to improve as the season goes on. Of note, Utah State freshman Maya Perez-Lugones delivered a clutch performance on bars before collapsing on the mat with what appeared to be a leg injury.

Implications: Southern Utah and Utah State remain at No. 3 and No. 4 in the MRGC, respectively. Utah State is up one spot nationally to No. 32 and Southern Utah moves up three spots to No. 29.

Records: Shylen Murakami notched a 9.900 on beam for the first time in her career. Leighton Varnadore’s 9.825 on floor is a career high, as is Madison Ward-Sessions’ same score on beam.

No. 40 George Washington at No. 34 New Hampshire
Full Results New Hampshire: 195.500 George Washington: 194.475
VT: Mulligan, Diggan, O’Leary 9.825 UB: Mulligan 9.900 BB: Zois, Cohen, Bondanza 9.875 FX: Mulligan 9.850 AA: Mulligan 39.275

The Big Storyline: New Hampshire earned its second conference win of the season and surpassed N.C. State’s score from Friday to record the highest EAGL score so far this season. Danielle Mulligan continued her successful season, winning the all around and three of the four events.

Implications: New Hampshire jumps up to second in the EAGL conference and 31st overall.

Records: George Washington senior Julia McLaughlin earned a career high 9.825 on bars.

No. 35 Maryland at No. 52 Rutgers
Full Results 1st Team: Maryland 195.275 2nd Team: Rutgers 194.600
VT: Farina 9.85 UB: Barber & Farrell 9.875 BB: Doherty-Herwitz 9.825 FX: Barber 9.825 AA: Barber 39.225

The Big Storyline: You couldn’t ask for much more of a morale boost for both of these teams. Each recorded season-high scores with Rutgers not counting any falls and Maryland hitting every routine. These scores should ensure confidence going into next week when both teams face more intimidating conference competitors.

Implications: Neither team should see movement in the rankings, but again those rankings don’t reflect how much of an improvement both these teams saw tonight.

Records: Maryland senior Alex Robinson didn’t set a record, but her 9.800 on floor marked her season debut and debut on that event, which was good enough for second place. In addition, Rutgers sophomore Belle Huang hit a season high bars score of 9.750, adding to her impressive all around performance.

No. 37 Central Michigan at No. 59 Illinois State
Full Results CMU: 194.200 Ill. St.: 191.725
VT: Pedrick 9.775 UB: Plaksa 9.775 BB: Memmel, Cooke 9.825 FX: Zoeller 9.850 AA: Pedrick, Cooke 38.950

The Big Storyline: After a strong 194 outing last week, the Redbirds will be a little disappointing at falling back into the 191 range. Problems arose on bars and beam, where the team counted several low scores. Gabrielle Cooke continues to be a top all arounder, as does Central Michigan’s Denelle Pedrick.

Implications: Central Michigan will retain its spot at the top of the MAC with this away total. Illinois State’s average will go up a hair, but it will remain at No. 4 in the MIC.

No. 51 Kent State, No. 44 Lindenwood and No. 62 Seattle Pacific at No. 38 Northern Illinois
Full Results NIU: 194.500 LU: 194.350 KSU: 192.075 SPU: 190.625
VT: Turon, Mitchell 9.850 UB: Williams, Hooper 9.825 BB: Hooper 9.875 FX: Martucci 9.875 AA: Mitchell 39.225

The Big Storyline: Let’s chat about Courtney Mitchell. She has become a star all arounder for the Lions this year, putting up performances DI all arounders can’t match. Keep an eye on her in the USAG all around rankings. Nationally, she’s currently No. 50. An aside: Three USAG all arounders have broken 39, all with 39.225s—Mitchell, Bria Northrop and Mikailla Northern.

Implications: The MAC teams had very different fates here. Northern Illinois will use its score to solidify its place just behind Central Michigan while Kent State will drop behind Bowling Green at the bottom of the pack. A 192 is just not enough in this very competitive field. Lindenwood will remain behind UIC. Seattle Pacific’s average will inch up, and it will remain ahead of Sac State in the MPSF.

Records: Mitchell’s all around total is a career high and ties for third highest in program history.

No. 46 Eastern Michigan at No. 53 Bowling Green
Full Results EMU: 194.150 BGSU: 193.975
VT: DeMeno, Harden 9.800 UB: Delgado, Bezold, 9.850 BB: Satler, Hultgren 9.875 FX: Augustine 9.875 AA: Dobronics 39.100

The Big Storyline: This was a good but not great showing for both teams. Each counted two low scores. The switch to an away meet may actually have been a boon for Eastern Michigan since a 194 away will be very good for RQS. Eastern Michigan competed again on Sunday at UIC.

Implications: Despite the loss, this score will move the Falcons ahead of Kent State in the MAC. Bowling Green is carrying a very low first meet score; expect it to jump a bit when RQS comes into play.

Records: Megan Hultgren and Caitlin Satler’s 9.875s on beam are career marks. Lexi Augustine’s 9.875 on floor was also a career high.

Controversies: This meet was meant to be at Eastern Michigan, but the polar vortex had other plans. The day of the meet, it was suddenly moved to Bowling Green.

No. 47 Western Michigan at No. 48 Ball State
Full Results Ball St: 194.475 WMU: 193.400
VT: Nychek, Schweikert 9.875 UB: Mohler 9.850 BB: Penny, Carless 9.875 FX: Finke 9.825 AA: Spence 38.925

The Big Storyline: Western Michigan was without headlining all arounder Rachael Underwood, who is injured and will be out an undetermined amount of time. The Broncos couldn’t make up for her scores, especially as Ball State surged and put up a strong performance.

Implications: This result will move Ball State ahead of Western Michigan in the MAC rankings, and move it close to Eastern Michigan, which sits in third.

Records: Ball State’s 49.175 on vault is a new program record. Emily Carless’ 9.875 on beam is a personal best.

No. 63 West Chester at No. 57 Towson
Full Results Towson: 193.525 West Chester: 192.550
VT: Baker, Hurst 9.750 UB: Wesoly 9.775 BB: Hurst, Arduino 9.775 FX: Wesoly, Baker, Meakim 9.800 AA: Wesoly 38.925

The Big Storyline: Emerson Hurst continued her impressive freshman campaign, tying for wins on both vault and beam. West Chester’s 192.550 here is its highest score of the season.

Implications: Towson and West Chester both move up a spot in the national rankings to 62nd and 56th, respectively.

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  1. The biggest carol moment was trautmans bars, not showers beam. I counted a 9.55, 9.65 at crackiest for Trautmans bars and it got a 9.875

  2. Re OSU/UCLA the scoring was crazy ALL meet for BOTH teams not j OSU floor lol (as INSANE as that was!)… Nia’s 9.975 beam for 1… similarly UG/ AK was an insanse scorescape

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