Wild and Wacky Moments of 2018

With season starting tomorrow, here’s one last look back at some of the more outrageous and unexpected things that happened in 2018.

  • Oklahoma’s beam meltdown at the Perfect 10 Challenge for a 48.150.
  • Mardi Gras Invitational with no scores, and our homegrown CGN score spreadsheet.
  • Tuscaloosa regional madness: It looked like Michigan would qualify, then Illinois was ahead, but Georgia clinched the final spot at the last moment.
  • Florida counting falls…repeatedly.
  • A UC Davis quad with broken vault that was repaired with a part from the bars and prevented both events from happening concurrently, meaning the meet lasted one hundred years.
  • Throwback to when MPSFs was a paid stream with no live scores, and it took A FULL DAY to find out who won. Not even scores, just who won.
  • The Great Alabama Vault Fiasco when a judge just wasn’t paying attention.
  • Rachel Slocum’s vault mental block versus LSU; after she balked, no one knew if bars was supposed to start or not.
  • When most of Arizona’s team was either injured or suspended, and it scored a literal 145.00.
  • The drama that ensued when the camera man got to close to the beam when George Washington’s Elizabeth Pfeiler was doing her routine.
  • Four teams showed up to USAGs wearing the same leo (West Chester, Southern Connecticut, Cornell and Bridgeport).
  • The bars breaking at a Denver quad.
  • Dan Kendig-gate: a brief and mysterious saga.
  • Oregon State’s beam meltdown in the last rotation at regionals after not counting a fall all season.
  • Maela Lazaro and Carly Woodard’s sudden and glorious appearances from nowhere.
  • The disappearance of Lizzy LeDuc and all of the fan drama that followed.
  • Rachel Kaplan’s sudden switch to George Washington.
  • Charlie Tamayo’s midseason firing, complete with fan speculation about Courtney Kupets Carter’s reasoning.
  • Bryan Raschilla’s firing, and the WHERE WILL HE GO questions that followed (Hint: It was his former team’s rival!).
  • Stella Savvidou’s one-armed floor routine.
  • Confused coaches at Elevate Reno over the beam scoring when it seemed like the judges forgot this was NCAA and not J.O.—9.7 for everyone!

Stay tuned. The 2019 madness is about to begin!


Article by the editors of College Gym News

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