The Most Anticipated Floor Routines of 2019

What will Miss Val and KJ Kindler come up with next? Will Olivia Kara stick with Madonna? Will Georgia’s switch to the Umeh sisters’ choreo pay off? We can’t wait to find out, and there’s only a few more days of waiting until we do.


Katelyn Ohashi (UCLA)

I have seen approximately 1.2 seconds of new choreo from Ohashi this fall, but that doesn’t make me any less excited to see her senior year routine. If it’s even half as good as last year’s Michael Jackson mashup, I—and the fans—will be happy. Plus, she’s doing a split-leg double layout. How much cooler can you get?

Jade DeGouveia (Oklahoma)

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Oklahoma choreo lately has been just plain weird. However, I’m still a fan. And the few small glimpses we’ve gotten of KJ’s routines for the new season prove 2019 will be no different. DeGouveia has a way of moving that’s both slinky and sultry that draws my attention in immediately.

Emily M

Khazia Hislop (North Carolina)

Her control! Her lines! I can’t handle it. I wasn’t really aware of her until last season, and I’m ashamed. I’m looking forward to being on the Hislop-train from Day One in 2019.

Tia Kiaku (Alabama)

Kiaku was brilliant on floor for Ball State in 2018, and I’m thrilled she’s getting a bigger stage—this just goes to show, though, that you shouldn’t sleep on MAC teams. They can all be spectacular. I’m interested to see where the change of venue can take Kiaku in 2019.


Margzetta Frazier (UCLA)

This is a really basic opinion, but I have to. I had a front row seat at Meet the Bruins and learned first-hand that this routine is electric. It was the routine the crowd engaged most with—even next to the reprise of Ohashi’s Michael Jackson number—and it won’t take long for the student section to be all over it. The tuck full-in is the right choice of E pass for Frazier, and the choreo sequence at 1:16 is one for the ages.

Amber Koeth (Sacramento State)

Sac State has always been a team that knows how to have fun on floor, but if you were worried the Hornets might lose their edge with fan favorite Lauren Rice graduating, let me introduce you to Amber Koeth. The GymCats alum was born to anchor a college floor lineup, and she already has the pop music medley and the ultra-dramatic college salute to do the job. I watched this ridiculously fun routine on repeat for quite a while when I was writing our MPSF potential lineups, and I’m going to do it again now. (If you need any more convincing, she choreographed this herself!)

Emily H-F

Amara Cunningham (Washington)

OK, this is slightly a cheat because I’ve seen what her NCAA routine looks like already, but it’s very fun and has massive scoring potential. Cunningham has great lines and big skills that add to an already awesome one-two punch of Evanni Roberson and Maya Washington at the back of the Washington floor lineup.

Milan Clausi (California)

Which E pass will Clausi keep in NCAA? Will the Bears perhaps elect to use both? What kind of routine will she have? We’ve seen over the course of her J.O. career that she is capable of pulling off any type of dance. Whatever it is, I look forward to seeing it.


Franchesca Hutton (UWW)

I chose Hutton solely for her choreography. Not many can pull off a set like this, and though I know it’s not going to be everyone’s favorite style, there’s no denying it’s currently one of the most memorable routines in DIII.

Stephanie Mager (Brockport)

Mager showed off an impressive full-in at the team’s intersquad this year. This is a super uncommon skill in DIII, and it would be so exciting to see her compete it in her final season. But even if it doesn’t keep it in her set for season, she’s still one of the most powerful tumblers competing right now and will no doubt continue to dominate the standings.

There are so many floor routines we’re looking forward to seeing in 2019. What are some of yours? Let us know in the comments below!

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Article by Elizabeth Grimsley, Emily Minehart, Rebecca Scally, Emily Howell-Forbes and Rachel Riesterer

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