LIVE BLOG: UIC Mixed Pairs

Live blog season is back! It feels wild to be writing one of these in December, but here we are folks. I’m here in UIC’s physical education building to bring you the action from Mixed Pairs, the men and women’s joint annual intrasquad. Given that this may well be UIC’s final year, you don’t want to miss a second.

The women—as timing would have it—were poised for an upswing after brining in two strong freshmen classes in a row. Look out for newcomer Alisa Sheremeta, and keep an eye on sophomores Kayla Baddeley and Ashley Albrecht. Senior Mikailla Northern also poses a big question; she is undoubtedly the team’s star, but she had a health scare this summer. So whether she is in competition shape or not is up in the air—regardless, we’re thrilled to see her healthy and here.

The men have a very deep and very young roster. Of the 24 men, only five are upperclassmen and only one is a senior. That makes today a very important test to see how the underclassmen fare in the spotlight.

A word of caution: I am no MAG expert, so expect my coverage of the men to be a little rough. Apologies in advance.

Alright folks I’m still waiting on WiFi, so I’ll be doing this from my phone to start! Hang in there with me!

Traykor MAG FX – sat his double Arabian. Nice stuck 2/1 to end

missed a PH set. Format is unclear so far!

Tomassini WAG VT – Yfull, two steps to the side, some body position.

Matton SR – stuck double double dismount

Smiley MAG FX- Stuck double front to open. Clean throughout. Low chest on triple dismount, good twist

Sheremeta WAG VT – Yhalf some knees and a step

Noewood PH – Had a fall halfway through. Stuck dismount.

Squillo WAG VT – YFull HUGE tiny hop. Really strong vault

Johnston WAG TV- Yfull tucked good distance

Montague MAG VT- MASSIVE double Arabian. Strong landings. Dismounts with a 3/1 touch short.

Hasaanov WAG VT – Good Yfull, just a step

Barnes PH – can’t see! The very enthusiastic team is blocking my view. Fall in the interior of the set. Some knee breaks.

Nowak WAG VT – Yfull, has to really pull it around.

Juma SR – Goegeous iron cross. SOme swing in the rings. Double pike just a step.

Baker WAG VT – Yfull messy on the table good distance

Burney MAG FX – huge full in and double fronts to start. Sticking landings all over the place. Dismounts a 5/2 with a step.

Broad WAG VT – big YFull flies out and falls backward.

TRaylor PH – Nice swing, but a fall in the middle. Some knees.

Albrecht WAG VT – nice big Yfull!

Missed a SR set but stuck!

Mahoney WAG VT – Yhalf pretty, just a step.

Weaver MAG FX – huge double ARAbian. Stuck front 2/1. Some knees in combo pass. Big step to side on dismount.

Northern WAG VT – Yfull enormous! Just a step.

Smiley PH – FAST swing, loses it and falls. Cleanest up form-wise so far. Loses it a second time. Rough outing.

Baddeley WAG VT – Yfull truly huge and lovely.

Hudson SR – Great control. Some struggle in a giant. Stuck double lay

Booth MAG FX – 1/1 to double front BIG deep landing. Flies on a double Arabian. Slides on a combo pass, don’t think she went out. Ends with a tough triple and falls

Delph UB – big nail hand. CLear hip hand big Tkatchev, falls

Montague PB – Trohble keeping his swing. Stays on!

Nowak UB – Blind nice JAEger. Bail some form. Just a step on DLO. Nice!

Divining SR – Little short on iron cross hold. Pulls out an awesome double double to end.

Squillo UB – Blind Jaeger some knees bail. Blind full double tuck. Great handstands.

Jooma  MAG FX – Front 2/1  to 3/2 nice. Good double front. Low landing on 3/1. Sits dismount, sore ankle. Hops off the floor.

Burney PH – Slow to get going then settles into his swing. Nice set.

Mahoney UB – CLear hip hand GEInger some leg sep. loses swing on blind full. REsets for double tuck

Mattson MAG FX – Pretty DLO steps back. Floaty 2/1. Sits 5/2 dismount.

ALICKe UB – Ray great lines. Bail. Blind 1/1 + 2/1 dismount so so pretty!

weaver PH – falls while traveling across the horse.

Tomassini UB – Maloney to nail hand some leg sep. Blind by giant blind toe front half. That ending! So different I love it.

Smiley SR – Good, calm set. Just a step on double front.

Schwartz MAG FX – STUCK double Arabian. Some legs in combo passes. Nailed 3/1 to end.

baddeley UB- Nice bail hand. Blind full Tkatchev CATCHES WITH ONE HAND AND SAVES IT. Phew she was laughing at herself while dismounting!

Missed Hollis FX.

Northern UB – Hop Change big Jaeger. Bail. Huge DLO just a step.

MONTague FX – Nice smooth set. Misses a handstand. Very little swing in the rings. Falls forward on fullin

Albrecht UB – Maloney Bail hand nice. Blind full double tuck step back. She has great rhythm

SMIth PH – Great speed and form! AH lost it and comes off.

Sheremeta UB – Blind big JAEger clear hip hand to bail hand so pretty. Blind to 2/1 dismount. GReat set.

cant see a PH set around the floor guys, but he stayed on!

Burney SR -Holds into a handstand. Step back on full in.

BAKer UB – Blind great Jaeger nail hand right on. Stuck dlo with a smirk. Yes ma’am!

NOrwood MAG FX – 5/2 falls to side hand down

Booth PH – Some crazy legs and he’s off.

Jabalski BB – Bhs loso  some knees but solid. Tuck full nice. Front tuck step forward. Switch side good. Front 1/1 dismount. That’s a solid set.

Forbes MAG FX – Double Arabian step back. Nice twisting form.

HOLLis PH so fast! Ah too fast. He’s off. This is a rough event for these guys today

Hudston MAG FX – Big front 2/1 bounds forward. Double tuck stuck. Ends with a nice 2/1 just a hop.

Squillo BB – Front tuck mount leg up but stays on. Switch to double stag pretty. Bhs loso chest down but saves it. Beat split full great! GAINer 1/1 stuck. Great ending.

Jooma PH – SAT  the horse, ends with a stick.

Marden MAG FX – Front lay front 2/1 walks out of it. Stuck 2/1 side pass

.ALBREcht BB – TOES. Front tuck foot up a bit but stays. Cat to switch side. She’s just a touch hesitant. Bhs loso small wobble. stuck landing


Styer MAG FX – Front lay double big hops out  HUGE double double. Double Arabian. This set is STACKED. Full in to his knees. SHOOT guys that’s a routine.

BAker BB – Switch to split quarter good. Bhs loso back knee bit so solid. Side aerial medium bobble. Front 1/1 stuck.

Schwartz PH – nice single pommel work  makes it through clean!

Traylor MAG VT – Kaz walks out of it

Mahoney BB – Pretty lines! NAILEd front tuck. Switch tuck full steps back. Bhs loso wobbles but great form. Cartwheel gainer 1/1 very nice!

Streavey PB – excellent handstand to start. Clean healey falls on dismount

weaver HB – Big tkatchev, hop full, Front giant work. Stuck dismount.

Mattson  mag vt – sits a kaz

Tomassini BB – off on Bhs loso. Side aerial to sisonne pretty.

BARNArd PB – crashes dismoutn

Norwood HB – huge tkatchev. Eagle grip work. Massive fullin.

HAssanov BB – Front tuck mount misses her foot and  off. Bhs loso pretty! Nice switch a side. Straddle to back tuck excellent. Nailed. RO 3/2 stuck

MONTague MAG VT – KAz 1/1 hands down.

Missed JOOma PB.

Sorry about the random caps! My phone doesn’t like WP!

Hassanov BB – Bhs loso so solid. Switch to switch half small bobble. Side somi falls back and can’t cant save it. GAINER pick big air!

SMILey HB – Big layout tkatchev. Bigger straddled one! OFF ON a pirouette. Huge stuck dlo.

Burney MAG VT – Sits a kaz 1/1z

Noethern BB – Bhs loso great extension! So calm, steady. Cat to side aerial solid. Cat switch side small wobble. RO 3/2 just a step.

Weaver MAG VT – Nice in air good landing. Think it was a Kaz.

MISsed Hollis PB

Sheremeta BB – Lines and toes! Bhs loso nailed hitch big switch side. Nailed side somi. Y turn!!! RO 3/2 .  SHell be a star!

Hudson MAG VT – KAZ full just a hop

FORBes PB – STUCK dismount

Streavey HB – misses his tkatchev. Stuck dlo

baddeley BB – L turn pretty. Bhs loso and she comes off. Switch to pretty sheep. Hitch to side aerial. RO 3/2 deep landing.

Schwartz MAG VT – stuck kaz

Jooma HB – does a set sans is releases.

missed a VT

Montaguge PB – falls on double  pike.

Traylor HB – Intricate giant and grip work, nice double tuck.

Smiley MAG VT – slight pike kaz

Jakalski FX – NICE DOHBle pike. Strong popa. Gorgeous combo pass. Intense violin driven music I love it! FHS front 1/1 to end great set!

HUdson HB – great swing, sticks double tuck.

NOWAk FX – Front through double tuck little low. Double tuck much bigger! Bounces out of a 2/1.

WEAVe PB – misses this!

Squillo FX – Smirking immediately. Big front 2/1 just step to the sid,e. FHS front lay front tuck solid. CLEAN rudi to end. SHES A great performer.

HOLLIs Vt- messy kaz but to feet.

MARDEN HB – the biggest fullin

BAKER FX – double pike some knees. Switch ring car 3/2. 3/2 front lay nice. Rough wolf full. Double tuck low chest and a step

BOOTH VT – Ylay and looks confused. JUST didn’t twist

MACIEL FX – Split full wolf good! WHIP Half 3/2 nice. She has great presentation. 5/2 steps out, that’s a fun set.

ALICKE FX – Tour jete half pretty. 5/2 punch Front nice. Solid rudi. 3/1 turn not quite there. 3/2 to end, hand down

JOLMA VT – huge kaz 2/1 sits it

sheremeta FX – Front 2/1 good. Split side popa rotation is there. PRETTY 3/2 front lay step out! Rudi to big straddle! PHEW that’ll score well.

BADDEley fx – Front through 3/2 pretty! Big switch side popa. DOUBLE pike huge set. HEADspring love it. Big double tuck! Great!

booth redoes vt big dty!!

Hasanov fx- awesome double pike, excellent landing. Good body in Front combo. Double back great landing. THIS FLOOR team is strong.

Northern fx – 3/2 through double or tuck. 3/2 front lay. Double tuck. GIRL came back from cancer this summer to throw a stellar aa performance here. Truly inspiring. SEE her in person if you get the chance.

STILL not sure what that format was! Sorry for all the errors; this was a trip on my phone. MORE LATer when I’m back on WiFi.

Live blog by Emily Minehart

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