Way Too Early 2019 Predictions

The season ended just over a week ago, so naturally it’s time to predict how the 2019 postseason will pan out. Each of our main editors from 2018 ranked the teams they thought would make the team final, nationals and super regionals next season from No. 1 to No. 16. If a team was ranked No. 1, it received 17 votes; if it was ranked No. 2, it received 16 votes and so forth. We added up each team’s vote tally and came up with College Gym News’ Way Too Early Predictions. Note that in 2019, 16 teams make super regionals, eight make nationals and only four make the team final.

  1. UCLA (136 votes, 8 first-place votes)

“The Bruins are going to lose some key routines for sure, but the class they’re bringing in has lots to add, particularly on vault. I fully expect them to go for consecutive titles.” — Caroline, SEC editor

2T. Florida (124 votes)

“Florida was touted as the team to beat in 2018 but those star freshmen never really materialized into stars. With even more talent coming in, this could be Florida’s year to get back on top.” — Elizabeth, Editor-in-Chief

2T. Oklahoma (124 votes)

“It’s hard to see Oklahoma as a favorite next season. It loses a lot of crucial routines from Jackson, Brown and Catour. But it’s Oklahoma, and it will be just fine; I just don’t know if I can put it over UCLA as the favorite.” — Christina, Pac-12 Editor

  1. Michigan (104 votes)

“I’m not able to deal with more Michigan heartbreak especially with this freshman class and Karas back. So it’s making the Whatever-The-Hell-It’s-Called Four. End of story.” — Emily HF, Senior Photographer

“Check out Michigan’s historical rankings. It has qualified to every other nationals for years. With Karas back and a top tier recruiting class, the Wolverines will be a huge threat. I think 2019 could be the year for Bev Plocki’s squad.” — Emily M, Big 10 Editor

  1. LSU (99 votes)

“What to do with LSU? With only one walk on recruit so far, the Tigers are going to have a beam situation unless a certain transfer really does materialize. Put a million question marks next to LSU; it could break the top four, but I’m hesitant to make that prediction.” — Emily M, Big 10 Editor

  1. Alabama (92 votes)

“Alabama learned a lot from this year’s miss. Making the team final rather than the Super Six will be a very different equation, but I think if they make the eight-team nationals and put together more 9.9s, Alabama will consider it an improvement from this year.” — Caroline, SEC Editor

  1. Georgia (85 votes)

“That incoming freshman class at Georgia, added to the successful coaching and pacing we’ve witnessed this season… That’s all I have to say.” — Christina, Pac-12 Editor

  1. Utah (83 votes)

“Could this be the first year in…forever…Utah doesn’t make nationals? I don’t think so, but I do think that day is coming sooner rather than later.” — Elizabeth, Editor-in-Chief

  1. Nebraska (65 votes)

“I was hesitant ranking Nebraska so high with no star freshmen coming in, but the Huskers always find a way to do better than you expect.” — Elizabeth, Editor-in-Chief

  1. Oregon State (62 votes)

“Oregon State has a real catch in Jade Carey. Not to mention that class includes Madison Dagen as well. The Beavers aren’t losing many routines, either, and they’re not backing down any time soon.” — Tara, Big 12 Editor

  1. California (53 votes)

“California is losing a few routines from its senior class, but having Toni-Ann Williams back one more year and one of its best freshman class yet—I predict an upset and a nationals appearance.” — Christina, Pac-12 Editor

“California is losing a few routines, but that’s nothing it can’t handle with a strong freshman class incoming. Don’t forget about redshirt freshman Victoria Salem, either—she was a J.O. star and will be a strong addition.” — Rebecca, DII/DIII Editor

  1. Washington (46 votes)

“Washington will surprise everyone again by holding consistent even after the loss of the senior routines. The freshmen from this year have the potential to be huge contributors, and there’s a strong freshman class next year including a ninja walk on.” — Emily HF, Senior Photographer

  1. Denver (44 votes)

“Denver’s losing just three contributing routines from Addison while bringing in three recruits that can easily fill her spots and then some. With a fully healthy Lynnzee Brown, among others, the Pioneers are poised to be in the mix yet again.” — Tara, Big 12 Editor

  1. Arkansas (38 votes)

“Arkansas is on its way to being a top SEC team. Maybe I’m putting a lot of faith in a top six ranking, but I really think we’re going to see the Razorbacks in the top 10 again. It’s a team full of outstanding freshmen and it can only go up.” — Alicia, EAGL Editor

  1. Kentucky (17 Votes)

“This year is the last chance for a while for a number of teams, including Kentucky, because their senior stars are going to leave such a big hole behind when they leave. This is their last chance to capitalize on heavy hitters.” — Caroline, SEC Editor

  1. Auburn (16 votes)

“Auburn doesn’t lose too many valuable routines yet gains some strong freshmen. While it won’t make a push at nationals just yet, a spot in super regionals is theirs for the taking.” — Elizabeth, Editor-in-Chief

Other teams earning votes: Illinois (14 votes), Ohio State (9 votes), Minnesota (6 votes), Arizona State (2 votes), N.C. State (2 votes)

“I’m making a very bold prediction with N.C. State. The strides they made in 2018 were unreal, from being at the top of the EAGL to being a legitimate nationals threat.” — Alicia, EAGL Editor

“Watch out for the Big 10 in general: new coaches making huge, positive impacts, big freshmen classes—many of these underdog teams are on the rise.” — Emily HF, Senior Photographer

Article by the editors of College Gym News

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