Maryland December 2016 Training Updates

Tuesday, December 27
Kirsten Peterman is ready for the season.

Christmas break was nice but back to the grind & flips now □

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Friday, December 9
The intrasquad gave fans a chance to get a first look at the Terps before the season gets underway in January. While celebrity judges were used, it was still a good opportunity for the gymnasts to get a taste of the pressure they will feel come season.

Red: Deanna Magro, Dominiquea Trotter, Sarah Faller, Alecia Farina
Black: Kirsten Peterman, Emma Johnson, Emily Brauckmuller

Red: Sarah Faller, Alex Robinson, Morgan Bixler, Megan McClelland, Alecia Farina
Black: Emily Brauckmuller, Leah Slobodin, Amanda Bertorello, Shynelle Agaran, Evelyn Nee

Red: Deanna Magro, Alex Robinson, Megan McClelland, Dominiquea Trotter, Alecia Farina, Sarah Faller
Black: Amanda Bertorello, Rachel Gurnett, Emily Brauckmuller, Kirsten Peterman, Evelyn Nee, Shynelle Agaran

Red: Megan McClelland, Dominiquea Trotter, Alex Robinson, Alecia Farina
Black: Emma Johnson, Kirsten Peterman, Shynelle Agaran, Emily Brauckmuller, Amanda Bertorello

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