All I Want for Season Is U(CLA to stay healthy)

By Elizabeth Grimsley, Christina Marmet and Caroline Medley
It’s nearly time for the 2017 season to begin. And with that comes many expectations. Editors Elizabeth, Caroline and Christina sat down and discussed what they want to see happen during the next four months.
  • Perfect 10s being rightfully awarded, especially no vault — no, a slide back isn’t a stick! This also includes gymnasts that may have been lowballed in the past finally getting the top marks they deserve (we’re looking at you Ebee, McKenzie Wofford…)
  • That post title? Seriously, that’s our number one wish — for all the Bruins to have a healthy season and no one to have to retire or sit out the whole year. Especially Peng. And Hallie.
  • For our heralded star freshmen to truly be stars. Almost every school in the big four conferences has at least one high-profile recruit that is either a successful elite, a JO star or has the all around power to really pull her team up by its bootstraps.
  • For Kelly Garrison-Steves to stop shrieking into her mic when she’s commentating for Oklahoma broadcasts. We’re too young to need hearing aides.
  • To let Mercedez Sanchez and Macy Toronjo’s floor see the light of day at UCLA. Same with Kennedi Edney at LSU, Sierra Alexander at Florida and Jasmine Arnold at Georgia. They may not be the most difficult, but the overall performance would be worth it.
  • We’ve come along way, but there’s still a ways to go. We’re talking about IDs ON ALL TRAINING AND HIGHLIGHT VIDEOS. How is someone supposed to become a fan favorite if we don’t even know who she is. *Makes poster that reads: Go blonde with the side aerial loso series!*
  • For Alaska’s team to slay 2017 and prove it deserves to remain a collegiate-level program.
  • For the home scoring to stay at a sane person’s level and not eye-roll inducing, especially on senior night — we’re looking at you Gainesville/Baton Rouge/Athens/Salt Lake City).
  • For “top” teams to not take the easy route and code-whore. Actually have nice, exciting and “difficult” routines.
  • On that note, it’s time Kennedy Baker ascended to her rightful place at the end of the floor lineup.
  • For no, or at least a reduced number, or beamtastrophies. In particular, please Georgia stay on the beam! You have too much pretty in that lineup to fall apart literally every meet except Super Six.
  • More variety and difficulty in routines! And it looks Like MyKayla Skinner and company will grant at least one wish for us this season. Similarly, want 2017 to be the year we finally have a vault lineup with six 10.0 SVs that aren’t all Yurchenkos.
  • To continue to have increased TV and online coverage. And increased attendance everywhere!
  • On that same note, for Oklahoma to finally get the home crowd it deserves (and less obscure/more accessible video coverage, how many people actually get Fox Sports South north east central west Oklahoma division?)
  • For Nica Hults to finally sign somewhere or just make a decision of some kind. We don’t even care if it’s UCLA anymore, or if she has to retire, we just want to know and for her to be happy!
  • For NC State to stop putting the Wolfpack howl at the beginning of EVERY routine, West Virginia to not start every exercise with a shotgun cock and Georgia to take out the “Go Dawgs” that doesn’t even seem to fit.
  • For Elise Ray and Washington to SLAY in her first season as head coach.
  • For Arizona State to have a nice, happy, uneventful, drama-free season and to show it is on the way back up and doing weno heartbreaking and/or live injuries!
  • For UNC to make regionals! It brought in such a huge class and have been working SO hard to really push for that this year.
  • Same for Bowling Green! Build on 2016 and make it another historic year in 2017.
  • For Boise State to make Nationals. Because Shani Remme and Sandra Collantes reasons.
  • For Aspen Tucker and Britney Ward to use their beam goddess powers to pull Mizzou out of the bottom of the SEC or at least make it a more competitive race for the evening session of the championship.
  • For Georgia to bring back its Gymdog Show.
  • For Kevin Copp to be involved in more coverage and to become king of the land of NCAA Gym broadcasts and commentary. If that means it’s just with Temple, then so be it.
  • More well-educated fans on basic gymnastics scoring (so the crowd doesn’t scream 10! 10! 10! for a 9.95 SV vault).
  • And finally, an exciting regional upsets and a close finish at the Super Six.
What are you wishing for in 2017? Let us know in the comments or on social media!
Photos courtesy of Christy Ann Linder Gymnastics Photography.

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