North Carolina December 2016 Training Updates

Sunday, December 18
A few beam series from the Tar Heels, with our first look at the team’s newest freshman Emma Marchese who joined early!
Friday, December 16
Freshman Khazia Hislop showing off her power with this big double front. 
Friday, December 2
Junior Kaitlynn Hedelund on vault!

Kaitlynn on the comeback with a “kinda” new vault!! Got the last one!! □□□✨□#RiseandGRIND #gdtbath□□

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Thursday, December 1
Junior Morgan Lane is working on a new final tumbling pass for the upcoming season!

Getting that ✨new✨ last pass comp ready!!! □□□ #RiseandGRIND #gdtbath□□ @mo_lane

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