10.0 Start Value Vaults

With the devaluation of the Yurchenko full, most teams won’t have a lineup with six 10.0 start values, which makes those that have these coveted skills all the more valuable. See all the gymnasts that have competed or are training one of the many 10.0 vaults. Don’t see someone on the list you know is working an upgraded vault? Let us know in the comments or on social media, so we can add her! Please note that freshmen will be considered training their 10.0 vault until they compete it in a college competition.

Yurchenko 1.5

Alexis Allen – training (UNC)
​Abby Ambrecht – training (Alabama)
Kennedy Baker – competed (Florida)
Alicia Boren – competed (Florida)
Mackenzie Brannan – competed (Alabama)
MaKayla Bullitt – training (Utah State)
Chayse Capps – training (Oklahoma)
Angi Cipra – training (UCLA)
Talia Chiarelli – competed (Michigan)
Gracie Day – competed (Auburn)
Nicola Deans – training (Michigan State)
​Maddie Desch – training (Alabama)
Dani Dessaints – competed (Oregon State)
Brenna Dowell – competed (Oklahoma)
Kennedi Edney – training (LSU)
​Jazmyn Estrella – training (Utah State)
Sydney Ewing – competed (LSU)
Nickie Guerrero – competed (Alabama)
​Pua Hall – competed (UCLA)
Myia Hambrick – training (LSU)
Felicia Hano – training, more likely than DTY (UCLA)
​Kennedi Harris – training (Missouri)
Ruby Harrold – training (LSU)
JaNay Honest – training (UCLA)
Taylor Houchin – training (Nebraska)
​Amelia Hundley – training (Florida)
AJ Jackson – competed (Oklahoma)
Olivia Karas – competed (Michigan)
Maddie Karr – competed (Denver)
Gracie Kramer – training (UCLA)
​Jennie Laeng – training (Nebraska)
GiGi Marino – competed (Georgia)
Rachael Mastrangelo – training (California)
Madison McBride – training (Southern Utah)
Emma McLean – training (Michigan)
Sonya Meraz – training (UCLA)
Makenna Merrell – training (Utah)
Erika Muhaw – training (Utah)
Maddie Nettles – training (UNC)
Maggie Nichols – competed (Oklahoma)
Mariah Peterson – training (California)
Chelsea Raineri – competed (GWU)
Josalyn Ray – training (SJSU)
Mikayla Robinson – training (UNC)
MJ Rott – training (Auburn)
Baely Rowe – training (Utah)
Sydney Snead – training (Georgia)
​Katie Stuart – training (Kentucky)
Amber Takara – training (California)
Briannah Tsang – competed (Penn State)
​Sydney Waltz – training (Kentucky)
Madison Ward – training (Utah State)
Toni-Ann Williams – competed (California)
Jillian Winstanley – competed (GWU)

​Jordan Hardison – training (Kent State)
Skyelee Lamano – training (Kent State)
Michaela Romito – training (Kent State)
Sabrina Schwab – training (Utah)
Sylvie Seilnacht – training (California)

Double-Twisting Yurchenko

Ashleigh Gnat – competed (LSU)
​Rachel Gowey – training (Florida)
Felicia Hano – training, unlikely (UCLA)
Cassidy Keelen – training (California)
Alex McMurtry – training (Florida)
Maddie Osman – training, unlikely (Michigan)
Elizabeth Price – competed (Stanford)
Lexie Priessman – training (LSU)
​MyKayla Skinner – competed (Utah)

​Yurchenko Half-On

Pike (Omelianchik)
Jenna Bresette – competed (Alabama)
Pua Hall – training (UCLA)
Abby Milliet – competed (Auburn)
Katelyn Ohashi – training (UCLA)
Kyla Ross – training (UCLA)
Britney Ward – competed (Missouri)

Tuck Half
Alex Dudschus – training (California)

Yurchenko Full-On

Polina Shchennikova – training (Michigan)
Miranda Hone – competed (Utah State)
Ellie Pikula – training (Pittsburgh)

​Morgan Lane – competed (UNC)


Maegan Chant – competed (Florida)
​Elle Golison – competed (Utah State)
Mary Jacobson – competed (Oregon State)
Emily Richardson – competed (California)

Front Handspring

Front Handspring Pike Half
Bailey Abernathy – competed (Minnesota)
​Mary Frances Bir – competed (Boise State)
​McKenna Kelley – training (LSU)
Lauren Ritter – training (UNC)
​Emma Sibson – competed (Penn State)
​Meaghan Sievers – competed (Iowa State)
Rachel Slocum – competed (Florida)
Mackenzie Valentin – training (Alabama)

Front Handspring Front Handspring Entry (Ilg)
Nicole Artz – trained in fall 2015 (Michigan)
Danaea Davis – competed (Kentucky)
Arianna Robinson – competed pike/training full twist tucked (California)

Half-Twist Back Pike (Cuervo)
​Virginia Brownsell – competed (Southern Utah)


  1. Meaghan Sievers (Iowa State) front handspring pike half – competed.. Went to nationals last year with it…

  2. California
    Toni Ann Williams- Yurchenko Layout 1.5 (competed in Olympics)
    Amber Takara- Yurchenko Layout 1.5 (training)
    Sylvie Seilnacht- Yurchenko Tuck 1.5 (training)
    Rachael Mastrangelo- Yurchenko Layout 1.5 (competed in club)

  3. MaKayla Bullitt (Utah State) Yurchenko 1.5 (competed)
    Madison Ward (Utah State) Yurchenko 1.5 (training)
    Jazmyn Estrella (Utah State) Yurchenko 1.5 (training)
    Elle Golison (Utah State) Tsuk Layout Full (competed)
    Miranda Hone (Utah State) Yurchenko full-on (competed)

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