Missouri October 2016 Training Updates

Friday, October 28
Episode 5 of Missouri Gymnastics News Network features another segment by Bob Nolte, the Assistant Director of Compliance Education, and Hannah Finnegan interviews community members and fans at a team tailgate.
Friday, October 21
After taking a week off, MGNN is back in action! This time we hear from manager Hannah Finnegan, junior Kennedi Harris and freshman Alyssa Johnson!
Friday, October 7
Episode #3 of MGNN was released! This time, we take a look at the team’s fall checkpoints, competition leos, the team retreat, and an interview with new freshman Rachel Ley.
Thursday, October 6
Looks like Missouri is opening their first intrasquad to the public!
Wednesday, October 5
Congrats to Kennedi Harris for being selected to the NCAA Leadership Forum!

Saturday, October 1
Becca Schugel training beam!

Go Schu!□

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Saturday, October 1
Xarria Lewis working on her Yurchenko full, looking good!

Go Xarria!

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