Iowa State Holds First Showcase

Iowa State held its first showcase Friday where its gymnasts perform routines and skills on each event. Since there are still about three months until the competition season begins, some routines were done without dismounts and many landings were onto soft surfaces. Still, the showcase gave the gymnasts an opportunity to test upgraded skills or clean up old ones.

Iowa State posted an extensive collection of videos on its Twitter account, but we’ve also included some of the highlights below! Kelsey Paz connected a giant full + Tkatchev + shootover on bars, and Kelly Martin performed a full bar routine with a double layout dismount. Alex Marasco did a unique beam series with her one-arm back handspring + layout stepout. Fans also got to have a peek at some of the team’s floor choreography.

To keep up with teams’ lineups as derived from events like this, check out our Potential Lineups page!

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