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LIVE BLOG: No. 47 Towson and No. 53 Yale at No. 43 Pittsburgh

It’s Mary Emma again live from the Fitzgerald Fieldhouse for an exciting gymnastics meet!

Pitt has been on a roll after a slow start to the season and is looking for another good score in its penultimate home meet. If the Panthers continue on the path they’re on, qualifying to regionals as a team is not out of the question. As always, keep an eye out for Michaela Burton, who has been a standout on bars, beam and floor, as well as seniors Deven Herbine and Alecia Petrikis who have been having great seasons.

Towson is already a much stronger team than it was last year, thanks to a new coaching staff and an impactful freshman class. Sophomore Emerson Hurst seems to have found her groove this season after a slow start, scoring a 9.875 on beam and a 9.800 on floor last week.

Yale did not get off to the best start in 2020 but has scored over 194 the last two meets. Keep an eye out for Jacey Baldovino, who is fantastic on bars and beam, as well as Raegan Walker, who is limited to bars but can score well when she hits.

Rotation 1

Pitt: vault, Towson: bars, Yale: beam

Brechwald (Pitt) – y full, slight legs and a small hop – 9.725

Bolen (TU) – good tkatchev, but has to recast, good on bail, hop on dismount – 9.4

Cooperman (Yale) – missed beginning, great BHS LOSO series, wobble on split jump, stuck 1.5 dismount – 9.675

Miller (Pitt) – great y full with a hop back – 9.725

Gamble (TU) – good maloney, to bail, handstands are good, tiny hop on dismount – 9.625

Liszewski (Pitt) – good y full with a small hop back – 9.775

Wesoly (TU) – huge jaeger to bail, hop on dismount – 9.725

Beam scores are taking forever

Chia (Yale) – good front aerial to back tuck beautiful side aerial, great leaps, hop on dismount – 9.875

Ward (PItt) – big y full with a hop back – 9.8

Petrikis (Pitt) – big y full with a hop back – 9.85

Firth (Yale) – leg up wobble on front aerial, wobble on front aerial, good leaps – not quite 180, and I missed the end – 9.425

Stewart (TU) – great jaeger, hits feet on pak and has to recast, hop on dismount – 9.25

Herbine (Pitt) just stuck her y half again – 9.825

Vitoff (TU) – huge gienger to bail, stuck full in – 9.725

Buford (Yale) – great front aerial to BHS, good side somi, stuck (or nearly stuck) dismount – 9.75

Baldovino (Yale) – wobble on BHS LOSO, beautiful ring leap to beat jump, good full turn, good front aerial to wolf jump, stuck gainer full dismount – 9.8

Firmstone (Yale) – great BHS LOSO, good leap series, great side aerial, hop on dismount – 9.775

Israel (Yale) exh – hoof BHS LOSO – sme knees and a slight wobble, good full turn, wobble on back tuck, good leap series, stuck gainer full

After 1: Pitt: 48.975, Towson: 47.900, Yale: 48.825

Great first rotation from Pitt and Yale! Towson had a rough go on bars. No falls, but a lot of significant mistakes

Rotation 2

Pitt: bars, Towson: beam, Yale: floor

Dugan (Pitt) – falls on gienger, good bail, stuck dismount – 9.075

Baldovino (Yale) – great double pike, beautiful leaps, little short on 2.5 – 9.6

Brechwald (Pitt) – good jaeger, great bail HS, step forward on DLO – 9.65

Casper (TU) – leg up wobble on BHS LOSO, wobble on leap series, wobble on side aerial, good full turn, hop on gainer full – 9.55

Ward (Pitt) – good shaposh to bail HS, hop on dismount – 9.7

Borkowski (TU) – good BHS LOSO series, good full turn, wobble on side aerial, missed the end – 9.55

Kline – huge gienger to bail, short on final HS, falls on dismount – 9.1

Floyd (Pitt) – good maloney, falls on pak (did that weird hip circle thing), stuck dismount – 9.15

Burton (Pitt) – beautiful maloney to pak, small hop on DLO – 9.775

Hurst (TU) – good full turn, beautiful BHS LOSO, gorgeous leap series, beautiful front aerial step on dismount – 9.7 (ROBBED)

Buford (Yale) – good double tuck, good 1.5 to front lay, good split hum to wolf jump, little short on rudi which makes her off on the split jump – 9.7

Packard (TU) exh – good full turn, wobble on triple series, good leap series, hop on dismount

Firth (Yale) – little short on front double, good split leap to wolf jump, good front lay front lay front full, good rudi – slide back – 9.75

After 2: Pitt: 96.350, Towson: 96.250, Yale: 97.525

Rough go for Pitt on bars. Towson didn’t count any falls on beam but a lot of wobbles. Yale up by more than a point, but now they go to their weaker 2 events.

Rotation 3

Pitt: beam, Towson: floor, Yale: vault

Herbine (Pitt) – good full turn, falls on BHS LOSO series, beautiful leap series, good front tuckstuck gainer pike – 9.15

Borkowski (TU) – good double tuck, good front full to front lay, good double pike to close – 9.8

Jennings (Yale) – y tucked fill with a hop back – 9.6

Buford (Yale) – small hop on HS front pike – 9.55

Robatin (Pitt) – good full turn, good font toss to BHS – a little slow on connection, good beat jump to split jump, great front toss to scale, stuck dismount – 9.8

Lubarsky (TU) – good front double to open, good leap series – a bit short of 180, good front lay to front full, good rudi to close – 9.725

Cooperman – good y full – 9.7

Brechwald (Pitt) – good full turn, great front aerial to BHS, good slpt jump to sheep jump, great front toss, stuck dismount – 9.825

Chong (Yale) – y half with a hop forward – 9.675

Weitz (TU) – good front tuck, good second pass, short on double pike and a large lunge forward – 9.25

Titche – short on y full, large step sideways – 9.4

Ceccarini (Pitt) – good full turn, great BHS LOSO series, wobble on leap series, slight check on front toss, stuck gainer pike – 9.775

Firth (Yale) – great y full with a small hop – best of the rotation – 9.8

Miller (Pitt) – good split jump to NHS, beautiful BHS LOSO series, good full turn, good front aerial, small hop on dismount – 9.8

Casper (TU) – great double pike to open, good leaps, good front lay to front full, great double back to close – 9.825

Burton (Pitt) – good front aerial to beat jump, beautiful BHS LOSO, good split jump to sheep jump, stuck gainer full. – 9.875

Temkov (TU) – great double pike to open, good front lay to front full, great leap series, short on double tuck and takes a few stapes forward – 9.55

Hurst (TU) – huge double pike to open – OOB, good font lay to front full, little short on double tuck – takes a step forward – 9.575

Pitt: 145.425, Towson: 144.725, Yale: 145.875

Great recovery for Pitt on beam! Yale still leading but Pitt is closing the gap. Yale’s bars can be inconsistent, so they’re going to have to hit if they want to pull off the upset.

Rotation 4

Pitt: floor, Towson: vault, Yale: bars

Herbine (Pitt) – good front lay to front full, great double tuck to close – 9.825

Titche – good bail, completely missed toe shoot, tries again and misses again, does it his time, step on dismount – 8.15

Borkowski (TU) – y full – slightly short – 9.575

Ceccarini (Pitt) – great first pass, good double tuck, good leaps to close – 9.875

Henry (Yale) – great jaeger, good bail, small step on dismount – 9.675

Wesoly (TU) – good y full – 9.8

Hurst (TU) – step forward on HS front pike – 9.75

Chia (Yale) – good jaeger, goes over on bail and has to recast – and falls, finished with a 1.5 dismount with a step – 8.9

Miller (Pitt) – good double back to open, good front lay to front full, good double pike to close – 9.8

Vitoff – short on y full

Gamble (TU) – y half with a large bounce forward

Walker (Yale) – good jaeger, great bail HS, handstands are great, knee down on DLO – 9.15

Robatin (Pitt) – good double back to open, good leap series, and missed the end because I was distracted by Walker’s bars but seemed to be a hit – 9.875

Baldovino (Yale) – beautiful piked jeger to shootober, stuck dismount – 9.725

Petrikis (Pitt) – great double pike to open, great leaps, great double back to close – 9.9!!

Buford (Yale) – great jaeger, good straddle back, huge full in dismount and holds on to the stick with an arm wave – 9.725

Ward (Pitt) – good wolf full to open, great front full front lay to open, good leap series, little short on double back – takes a step forward – 9.775

Final: Pitt: 194.700, Towson: 193.200, Yale: 193.050

Rough bars rotation from Yale, so it will finish third. Huge floor rotation from Pitt to finish with a respectable high 194.

Live blog by Mary Emma Burton

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