LIVE BLOG: No. 28 Oregon State at No. 22 Arizona

It’s rematch time! Arizona beat Oregon State last week on the road in Sacramento in a meet both stand to improve upon, but it was Oregon State’s counted fall on bars that put the nail in the coffin (though its 0.1 out-of-order deduction on beam added insult to injury.) The Beavers have got to stop making mistakes like that. If they can keep their heads, they’re still the technically superior squad and can step away in this meet, but the competitive ability is not there.

These are both spectacular beam teams, and success on that event will be critical for whichever team walks away with the win. Some mess on floor last week held Arizona away from the 196.000 that at this point it looks like it can achieve—though we didn’t see it, commentators suggested that Courtney Cowles may have been injured on that event, so let’s watch for her in lineups today.

Oregon State HC Tanya Chaplin didn’t travel again this week for “health-related reasons.”

Rotation 1: Arizona vault, Oregon State bars

Nosek (UA): Average full to start, substantial hop back. 9.7

Yamaoka (OSU): Toe to Maloney, not much swing, missed a handstand, toe to bail, double back close to the bar with a hop back. 9.725

Leung (UA): Great vault, good position and stuck or close to it. 9.85

Lowery (OSU): Toe to Maloney, leg separation, Pak with the leg split again. Tentative handstand, double layout stuck with one foot behind the other. 9.85

Bellows (UA): Her first competition routine in almost two years. Yurchenko full, step and scoot back, she looks THRILLED. 9.8

Bird (OSU): Stalder to bail, funky hand placement but works through, big Tkachev and has to muscle the cast back up. FTDB a little underrotated, step forward. 9.8

Swanson (UA): Good full, looks like she has the stick for a second and then takes a step back. 9.8

Minyard (OSU): Cast over to Jaeger a little wonky to overshoot, good, double lay stuck. 9.825

Hargrove (UA): Big full, piked down a touch with a big hop back. 9.725

Briscoe (OSU): Blind to Jaeger pretty, bail a little off, double lay with a landing that looked like it surprised her, hop. 9.8

Leydin (UA): Nailed the one and a half, little hop forward, fantastic. 9.9

Gill (OSU): Hoping for a redemption routine this week. Maloney to Pak, soft elbows and a major leg split, double layout with a big hop back. 9.75

Domingo in the ex for Oregon State. Toe to Maloney to clear hip to Ray to overshoot, huge difficulty but leg form throughout. Toe on front pike 1/2 with a hop.

After 1: Arizona 49.100 – Oregon State 49.025

Perfectly fine from both, but great for Arizona to be ahead starting from a weaker event. The Wildcats are starting to get landings, while Oregon State still looks just a little off on bars. Pressure on the Beavers going to vault, which has been a sticking point this year.

Rotation 2: Oregon State vault, Arizona bars

Peterson (OSU): Full on pike off, chest down as usual and a little hop. 9.75

Leydin (UA): Toe on to Pak, big leg sep, switch kip. Blind to Markelov, one flexed foot, blind full double back stuck.

Bird (OSU): Back on the table and piked in the air on her FTY, little hop. 9.75

Swanson (UA): Blind full Tkachev good, missed a handstand, iffy Pak to switch kip. Double layout whippy with a hop in place. 9.8

Yanish (OSU): Odd on the table but her usual in the air, tons of distance and flared with a hop back. 9.8

Hendrickson (UA): Blind to Jaeger to overshoot, good. FTDLO very low, step forward and avoids putting a knee down. 9.7

M. Dagen (OSU): Not a ton of distance on her FTY but stuck. 9.825

Kane (UA): Blind to Jaeger to overshoot, great. Blind double front with a hop forward. 9.825

L. Dagen (OSU): Solid full, bigger than Madi’s with a hop back. 9.85

Brovedani (UA): Blind to pike Jaeger, toe on to arched handstand to Pak with a back hip circle save. Getting through but this won’t be a good score. Double lay with a step back. 9.65

Mack (OSU): Odd full, chest a little low with a cross step back. 9.75

Berg (UA): Needs a good one. Blind to pike Jaeger to overshoot lovely, FTDB with a little hop. 9.9

FTY with messy form from Lexie Gonzales in the exhibition for Oregon State.

After 2: Arizona 98.150 – Oregon State 98.050

This is really close. Might come down to beam. Arizona had a few mistakes on bars but not anything of enough consequence to cause problems for the final score.

Rotation 3: Arizona beam, Oregon State floor

Hendrickson (UA): Beat split 3/4 great, BHS LOSO with soft knees but lots of flourish on the landing. Full turn, cat leap side aerial with a little lean, switch Korbut. Gainer full with a hop back. 9.725

Peterson (OSU): Double back, hop to lunge, chest position a little off. Front layout front full good, I wanna say switch half split full? Double pike with a low chest, could have rebounded and kept it under control. 9.8

Stauffacher (UA): Really enjoy this routine. BHS LOSO tiny lean, beat split 3/4 but doesn’t really hit the split. Front aerial split pretty, full turn, cartwheel gainer full stuck. 9.500 seems rough, maybe they didn’t credit the split 3/4.

Bird (OSU): Front lay to Rudi, bigger scoot back, good leaps, big step forward on two and a half twist. Not the most engaging performance. 9.675

Leung (UA): BHS LOSO lovely, she’s got french braid pigtails and I’m loving it. Switch switch great, you often see split issues on that series but hers is great. Switch half to beat, cat leap side aerial back full with a hop. 9.825

Force (OSU): Double pike good, switch half to Popa. Front lay front full with an odd shifty landing, she might have been close to the line, hard to tell from our angle. Double pike with a scoot back. 9.8

Hargrove (UA): First beam routine for Arizona. BHS LOSO tentative but on, cat leap side aerial. Full turn, split to sheep solid, check on dance, one and a half twist good. 9.85!!

M. Dagen (OSU): Front double full, lands it fully on one foot and just manages to keep it on her feet, leap series doesn’t reach split. Front lay front full, double pike stuck-ish with low chest. 9.825 how??

Leydin (UA): Wolf turn grabs the beam and falls. Cat leap switch side, BHS LOSO tentative but gets it. Double back with a big step. 9.175

Lowery (OSU): Front double full, awkward step to keep it in bounds, one and a half front lay stuck. Tour jete half to Popa, Rudi with a big step. Solid. 9.9

Brovedani (UA): Pressure for the freshman with an error before her, but she seems pretty fearless. Beat sissone is good, front aerial back tuck nailed. Great presentation, full turn, switch half with a check. Beat split 3/4 beautiful. One and a half twist stuck. 9.825

Yanish (OSU): Double layout, just about keeps the front foot down. Front full front lay is great, switch side to Popa. Double tuck and pulls the front foot back. Every time. Can’t get through without overrotating one of the double saltos. 9.925

Mackenzie Barile and Niya Mack are the exhibitions.

After 3: Oregon State 147.300, Arizona 146.875

Arizona giving up a bit of ground having to count the Stauchaffer mistake, but still on pace for a good total. Kennedi Davis and Courtney Cowles were out today. Haven’t spotted Davis but Cowles apparently had a nasty fall on floor last week and doesn’t seem to be dressed today.

Rotation 4: Oregon State beam, Arizona floor

Davis (OSU): Front aerial back tuck a little slow, split double stag. full turn, kickover front with a check and an arm swing. Front full with distance between feet but stuck. 9.525

Orman (UA): Love this routine to death. Front layout to Rudi, flexed feet but a good landing. Double pike nailed, switch side Popa. Really good start. 9.775

Lowery (OSU): Full turn, BHS LOSO great. Swich split straddle quarter, side split half borderline on split. Cat leap side aerial, punch front full stuck-ish. 9.85

Swanson (UA): Front thru two and a half twist lovely, back double twist punch front. Swithc half Popa, double tuck slightly awkward landing. 9.825

Domingo (OSU): Front aerial back tuck great. Switch straddle split 3/4, full turn, sissone, gainer full with a hop and an arm swing. 9.825

Nosek (UA): Front lay front full good, tour jete half Popa with a question on the splits. Double back underrotated, step forward. 9.7

L. Dagen (OSU): Switch switch side, beat front aerial split great. BHS LOSO really solid, full turn, gainer pike with a hop forward. 9.85

Hargrove (UA): Double pike great, I think, couldn’t actually see her feet. This is really fun to watch. Whip half front full good, switch ring tour jete half lovely. Double tuck, pulls the front full back. Really impressive for her college floor debut. Flings herself bodily into Jenny Leung’s arms. 9.875!

M. Dagen (OSU): BHS LOSO, adjustment on the front foot. Switch switch half beat, not sure on the splits. Full turn, lean, side aerial back full with low chest and a hop forward. 9.825

Berg (UA): Time for the big guns. Front double full, sort of scoots one foot forward into the lunge. Switch split full wolf full. One and a half front pike. Rudi to split a little odd in the air but landed well. 9.825

Lazaro (OSU): BHS two foot layout, low and leg up check, stays on. Switch split straddle 3/4, full turn and pops one hip to get the landing, side aerial back full stuck. Probably the drop score after that check. 9.75, no way.

Leydin (UA): Can pull the Wildcats over 196 with a good one. Front through double back nailed. Switch side Popa, rotation borderline, tour jete half Popa I think. Double pike a little low with lunge forward. 9.875!

Lexie Gonzales is the beam exhibition.

Final: Oregon State 196.400 – Arizona 196.100

Oregon State stepped up to a new level on floor, but a great deal to be proud of today for Arizona as well. Both teams cracked 196 for the first time even with a few mistakes counted. Arizona did it with two key athletes missing.

VT – Maddi Leydin (Arizona) 9.900
UB – Christina Berg (Arizona) 9.900
BB – Malia Hargrove (Arizona), Lacy Dagen, Isis Lowery (Oregon State) 9.850
FX – Kaitlyn Yanish (Oregon State) 9.925
AA – Maddi Leydin (Arizona) 38.775

Live blog by Rebecca Scally

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