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LIVE BLOG: No. 26 Southern Utah at No. 38 New Hampshire

This should be an exciting matchup!

Southern Utah has had a solid start to its season but still has yet to put all four events together in the same meet. In the first meet, bars was the Thunderbirds’ undoing, in the second meet it was beam. If they can put together all four events at the same time, expect a big total.

New Hampshire is coming off a tightly scored meet at Pitt last week but continued to show improvement. Freshmen Kylie Gorgenyi and Alyssa Worthington were the lone Wildcats to break the 9.800 barrier and will be ones to keep an eye on.

Rotation 1

New Hampshire: vault, Southern Utah: bars

Freehling (UNH) – y full, little low chest and a hop back. – 9.7

Nipp (SUU) – close on jaeger, good bail handstand, stuck DLO! – 9.8

Calandra (UNH) – y full, slightly piked down and a large step back – 9.575

Murakami (SUU) – huge jaeger to bail, beautiful handstands, and stick FTDT dismount – 9.875

Kelley (UNH) – good y full with a large step back – 9.725

Live scores appear to be down, so I’ll update with what I hear.

Tervort (SUU) – little shot on handstand, HUGE gienger to bail, small hop on DLO. – 9.675

Winer (UNH) – good y full, slightly pikey with a step back – 9.75

Diggan (UNH) – almost sticks y full! college salutes out of it – 9.775

Rozsa-Thompson (SUU) – huge jaeger to bail, beautiful handstands and step on dismount – 9.825

Gorgenyi (UNH) – HUGE y full with a rather large bounce back – 9.8

McClain (SUU) – huge gienger, great handstand on bail, great final handstand, and small hop on DLO – 9.85

Madison McBride (SUU) – falls on jaeger, remounts and falls on bail, stuck DLO

After 1: SUU: 49.025 UNH: 48.750

Good start for both teams. Live stats are down, so I don’t know what UNH’s total is, but I will update when I hear.

Rotation 2

New Hampshire: bars, Southern Utah: vault

Tervort (SUU) – big y full with a small hop back – 9.75

Hampford (UNH) – good first handstand, huge jaeger to bail, stuck giant full to double back dismount – 9.7

Smith (SUU) – y full on back tuck, nearly stuck! – 9.775

Watkins (UNH) – short on handstand, huge jaeger, form issues on straddle back, big step back on DLO – 9.325

C Kho (SUU) – good y full, slightly piked and a small hop back – 9.8

Freehling (UNH) – big jaeger, great handstand on bail, arch on HS but saves it, step on DLO – 9.7

McClain (SUU) – missed vault but commentator said it was a y full with a small step forward – 9.725

Lui (UNH) – good maloney, little leg sep on bail, mishap and has to recast, hop on dismount – 9.2

Alfaro went 9.7 (stream didn’t show her)

Madison McBride (SUU) – good y full, a bit chest down and small step – 9.725

Diggan (UNH) – beautiful hop full to huge gienger, great straddleback handstand, small step on DLO – 9.675

Gorgenyi (UNH) – beautiful maloney to bail handstand, good toe shoot, giant full to FTDT with a small hop. Excellent! – 9.775

Kratchwell (UNH) exh – good piked jager and falls on bail, and missed the rest of the routine because the camera decided to pan to the scoreboard 🙃

After 2: New Hampshire: 96.925, Southern Utah: 97.800

Bit of a rough bars rotation for New Hampshire, counting what is equivalent to a fall. Southern Utah appeared to have a solid vault rotation from what I saw of it.

Rotation 3

New Hampshire: beam, Southern Utah: floor

Freehling (UNH) -beautiful BHS LOSO series to start, great full turn, great cat leap to front toss to beat jump, beautiful switch leap, slight wobble on back tuck, stuck 1.5 dismount! Great leadoff – 9.7

Loomis (SUU) – great split jumps to start, good double pike with a lot of power and a slide back, great front full to front lay half, good double back to finish with a small slide back. – 9.65

Baddick (UNH) – great full turn to start, great punch front, beautiful BHS LOSO series, good split jump to sheep jump, stuck front full dismount – 9.7

Jorgensen (SUU) – slight chest down on double pike, big hop back on front lay front lay half, beautiful leap series, and good double back to finish with slightly low chest – 9.6

Worthington (UNH) – good full turn to start, great side aerial to BHS series, great switch half to split jump, stuck side aerial to layout full dismount. Great routine! – 9.825

Nipp (SUU) – great double pike to start with a small foot shuffle, great front lay to front full – well controlled, and beautiful stuck double back to close – 9.875

Winer (UNH) – beautiful BHS LOSO series, good cat leap to front toss – a bit low, good full turn, slight wobble on leap series, stuck 1.5 dismount. New Hampshire KILLING these sticks! – 9.725

McClain (SUU) – great double pike to open, beautiful 1.5 to front lay, and great double back to finish with a slide back – 9.825

Kelley (UNH) – beautiful triple series, slight wobble on leap series, good front toss, and small step on 1.5 dismount – 9.75

Madison McBride (SUU) – good double pike to open – well controlled, good front lay to front full, good leap series, good double back to finish – slight chest down – 9.825

Lui (UNH) – beautiful front aerial to split jump, great BHS LOSO series, slight check on full turn, beautiful side aerial and good side somi, beautiful splits, small hop on 1.5 dismount. – 9.825

DeFillipo (SUU) – great switch leap to start, great front full to front lay, short on double tuck but saves it, beautiful position on split leaps – 9.45

Gorgenyi (UNH) exh – great BHS LOSO series – some soft knees, good straddle 1/2, slight wobble on side aerial, good leap combination, and small hop on front full – 9.725

After 3: New Hampshire: 145.750, Southern Utah: 146.575

Great rotation for New Hampshire on beam! I think I would have gone a tenth higher on a couple of them. Southern Utah good on floor, but it will need to work on cleaning up some landings.

Rotation 4

New Hampshire: floor, Southern Utah: beam

Jorgensen (SUU) – beautiful punch front, great BHS LOSO series, good full turn, wobble on slip jump and break connection but seems to make up for it, small hop on gainer full dismount

Freehling (UNH) – great double pike to open, great 1.5 to front lay, good wolf jump to wolf full, slight chest down on double back but stuck – 9.725

Smith (SUU) – slight wobble on round off LOSO series, good side aerial, great leap series, small step on 1.5 – 9.75

Lui (UNH) – beautiful front double full to start, great front lay to rudi, beautiful dance, beautiful leaps, and good rudi to split jump to close – 9.875

Murakami (SUU) – cool mount to start (Moceanu’s), slight wobble on triple series, beautiful split jump to sheep jump, and stuck side aerial lay full dismount – 9.75

Kelley (UNH) – HUGE full in to open, great 1.5 to front pike – almost OOB but stays in, great double tuck to finish – 9.85

Nipp (SUU) – beautiful front aerial, beautiful BHS LOSO – maybe slight wobble, great leaps and full turn, wobble on leap, stuck gainer full

Watkins (UNH) – opens with a beautiful rudi to LOSO series, beautiful leap series, great 1.5 to front half to jump.

McClain (SUU) – beautiful side aerial, big wobble on leap series, beautiful BHS LOSO series, stuck 1.5 dismount

Diggan (UNH) – HUGE full in to open, beautiful leap series, front lay front half is good, and huge double back to finish.

Hernandez (SUU) – fall on BHS LOSO series, great jump combination, beautiful front aerial to split jump, step on dismount

Winer (UNH) – HUGE full in with a small shuffle on the landing, great 1.5 to front lay half to split jump, good position on leaps, great double back to finish – 9.85

Gorgenyi (UNH) exh – good double pike to open, good second pass (hard to see with the small screen, great leap series, and hands down on double back

Final: New Hampshire: 194.175, Southern Utah: 195.350

Solid meet for both teams. Southern Utah put together a full hit meet for the first time this year. Still needs to clean up floor a bit, though. New Hampshire didn’t do great on bars but everything else was solid.

Live blog by Mary Emma Burton

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