The Most Anticipated Incoming 2020 Freshmen on Beam

The most anticipated series is back! We looked at the data for each incoming J.O. freshman on each event to see which gymnasts are at the top of their class on each event and in the all around. This week we’re looking at the top 10 bar routines for 2020. 

Also, for fairness, gymnasts with less than three scores on an event were not included to prevent skewed results in one direction or the other. Elites/former elites who haven’t competed level 10 this season were not included as their scores are not directly comparable.

The Top 10

  1. Kayla Bird, Oregon State (9.553 average)

While it was hard to find recent video, her set is artistic and her scores point to someone who’s done well on the event. 

  1. Maile O’Keefe, Utah (9.560)

O’Keefe was known for her beam as an elite, so it’s no surprise she made this list after completing her senior season as a level 10. She has the skills, toe point and elegance of a great beamer and is a joy to watch on the event. 

  1. Abby Paulson, Utah (9.569)

The second Ute freshman on the list and another former elite who dropped down to level 10, Paulson is another solid beamer. Her mount is just as artistic as her classmate’s and as a former elite she’ll be able to choose which skills in her repertoire fit her best. 

  1. Erin Elkabchi, Boise State (9.579)

Elkabchi has great lines and extension on this event. Her set is clean, secure and college-ready with a pretty standard skillset. 

T5. Gabryel Wilson, Michigan (9.596)

Wilson does a difficult and unique back handspring + layout two-feet acro series. She gets better amplitude on her jumps and leaps than many gymnasts, which makes her set all the more dynamic. 

T5. Jillian Hoffman, Utah (9.596)

Hoffman is clean and precise on four inches. She gets good extension on her leaps and does a difficult round off + double tuck dismount. The third Utah freshman on the list, keep an eye on this event come season.

  1. Hannah Joyner, Rutgers (9.628)

Joyner has a clean, college-ready set. It’s a standard composition, but she executes it well. This routine will surely have an effect for Rutgers. 

  1. Raena Worley, Kentucky (9.632)

Worley’s set is relatively clean. The highlight in terms of form and style is her front toss, but she also does a front aerial + back handspring + layout step-out instead of a more standard series.

  1. Kiya Johnson, LSU (9.747)

Johnson brings a confident routine that doesn’t hold back when it comes to dance. Aside from her presence, she has nice extension and form throughout. 

  1. Sierra Brooks, Michigan (9.753)

Our top beamer doesn’t disappoint. Her routine is secure, calm and collected while still bringing difficulty. Brooks performs a difficult triple series, as well as a round off + double back dismount. It’s the whole package. 

Honorable Mentions

Helen Hu (Missouri): pretty lines, exquisite form, artistry and a unique dismount combination
Makarri Doggette (Alabama): secure, relatively good form with a back tuck swing-down
Kayla Horton (Southern Utah): unique dance elements—L turn, double stag jump—and artistic

Article by Tara Graeve; additional reporting from Emily Howell-Forbes and Mary Emma Burton. 

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    1. Hey there! As the intro states, these are just gymnasts that competed level 10 in 2019 and does not include elites or those injured their senior year. Thanks for reading!

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