LIVE BLOG: Baton Rouge Regional Round Three With No. 3 LSU, No. 6 Utah, No. 11 Minnesota and No. 14 Auburn

This regional should be one of the more straightforward, but that doesn’t mean it will be. For one, Auburn came in No. 2 of these four teams yesterday. Utah was messy and Minnesota unconvincing yesterday, and while LSU has a nontrivial home floor advantage it has some major injury and illness challenges.

After a devastating injury to senior Sam Cerio yesterday, Auburn’s mantra is #StickItForSam today. There might be some sniffling all around.

The PMAC looks really full today, which is exciting!

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PHILLIPS – AU: Okay full, step forward. 9.65

DESIDERIO – LSU: Solid acro series, full turn. Switch switch half beat. Cat leap gainer full.

QUAGLIA – MINN:Blind to pike Jaeger, messy legs, to overshoot. Blind full double back and just pulls her heels together. Really solid start. 9.775

KRIPPNER – AU: Nice full, little scoot to the side. Not the most distance but pretty. 9.775

WILLMARTH – MINN: Ray, good bail. Blind full double back deep with a step back.

DAY – AU: One and a half with a bit of leg sep on the table and a hop. 9.8

DEAN – LSU: Full turn, side aerial BHS with messy legs.Switch split quarter, short of leaps, side aerial back full with form. 9.85

LEE – UU: Missed the first pass. Front lay front full, L hop full turn, double full LOSO. 9.85

Really convincing start for the Utes on floor.

GOBOURNE – AU: Great one and a half, almost stuck but surprised by it and shuffles. 9.85

LOPER – MINN:Maloney to Pak beautiful, blind full double back with a step. 9.775

DURANTE – LSU: Big check on her series with two arm swings. Switch split quarter, full turn, side aerial back full stuck with a low chest. 9.775

RANDALL – UU: Full in way low and deep with a cross step back. One and a half front lay, double pike with a low chest and a scoot. 9.775

WATSON – AU: BEAUTY of a one and a half with a little hop forward. 9.9

SALES – MINN: Bail great, blind to Markelov spectacular. DLO with a hop. 9.825 is low.

Minnesota nailing bars but needs to start sticking.

GLENN – AU: Just a full today, close to the table with a hop. 9.725

EDNEY – LSU: BHS LOSO with a touch of knees, switch straddle quarter, lots of air. Check on a kickover front, one and a half twist dismount. 9.9 uh yeah no.

RAMLER – MINN: Maloney to Pak, the usual beauty, van Leeuwen. Toe on to FTDB stuck !!! 9.925

LU – MINN: Maloney to Pak, DLO STUCK. They’ll be able to drop the Willmarth score now. 9.975

FINNEGAN – LSU: BHS LOSO off to one side, leans but holds it without drama. Switch switch half, side somi. Side aerial back full good. 9.95

MERRELL-GILES – UU: PFI gorgeous, one and a half front lay front pike good, Rudi to straddle. 9.9

SKINNER – UU: Usual double double, awkward shuffle out of her leap, full in quality. 9.95

LSU 49.500, Utah 49.375, Minnesota 49.275, Auburn 49.050

SO LSU had a significantly messier rotation than Minnesota. But nothing matters.



HARROLD – LSU: Just ok landing on front double full, rebound on double pike with chest down.

SONIER – MINN: Beam, switch split 3/4 or something. BHS BHS one arm 3/2 dismount with a hop.

WATSON – AUB: Huge Ray, gets her hands on the bar but then falls on her face. Toe on to bail, FTDB low with a big step forward.

LOPER – MINN: BHS LOSO just gorgeous, full turn. Kickover front with a lean and off. Nice leaps, missed the dismount. 9.125

BURCH – UU: Split legs onto the table on a FTY, nice landing, just a scoot. 9.85

CAMPBELL – LSU: Double back, stuck with chest way down, one and a half front lay okay, missed a pass. 9.825

SKINNER – UU: Whoa, twisting HARD onto the table with one arm super bent. Lands it probably thirty degrees short but emphatically and just has to pull her heels together. 9.925

LU – MINN: BHS LOSO, switch half with a small leg up. Cartwheel gainer full stuck. 9.85

Feels like the chance of an upset here is over.

EDNEY – LSU: Double arabian, couple of little scoots forward, barely stays in bounds, One and a half front lay. Double back, sort of stuck? 9.9 lol

DAY – AU: Toe on toe blind to Jaeger, gorgeous. Love that combination. Double arabian with a stumble back. 9.525

SALES – MINN: Nailed the triple series. Cat leap switch side. Full turn. Good dismount. 9.925 YAY!

FINNEGAN – LSU: Front double full, lands twisting and awkward. Double back staggered but lunges out ok, double pike wayyy short with a big step forward. 9.8 hahhaha

RAMLER – MINN: Full turn, BHS LOSO smiling before her feet hit the beam. Front aerial. Side aerial back full stuck. One of her best. 9.925

KELLEY- LSU: DLO, a little low with a hop. Tour jete half tuck full, double back is good. 9.925

LSU 98.850, UTAH 98.800, MINNESOTA 98.650, AUBURN 97.450

Auburn’s taken itself out of contention here. Minnesota is staying in it with the help of a few spectacular routines at the end there.


FINNEGAN – LSU: Okay full, leans to one side and scoots a bit.

LEE – UU: Short on first handstand, blind change pike Jaeger overshoot. Nice.Blind to half to double back with a step.

HARROLD – LSU: Soft knees on her one and a half, slightly awkward landing.

HIGGINS – MINN: Front double full off the diagonal but landed okay, one and a half front pike is gorgeous.

TESSEN – UU: Blind to Jaeger, usual bent elbows on the catch, arch on the bail and comes down on the wrong side of the bar but is able to work out. FTDB with a bit of leg split but great landing.

CANNAMELA – LSU: Okay full, bit pikey but solid landing.

SONIER – MINN: Double pike, shuffle back, Rudi with a hop to the side,

RIDDLE – AUB: BHS LOSO with knees. Pretty leaps, side aerial tuck back full dismount with a hop.

EDWARDS – LSU: One and a half with KNEES and a step.

MERRELL-GILES – UU: Deltchev, hitting handstands, FTDB with leg split in the air and chest a bit down but stuck.

EDNEY – LSU: One and a half, gorg with a little step.

UNG – MINN: Double pike, overrotated with a big step back and onto the line. Whip one and a half, ok Rudi, touch deep.

REINSTADTLER – UU: Jaeger great, bail, FTDB pretty in the air but deep with a hop.

SKINNER – UU: Ray AND OFF. WOW. She’s literally never fallen in college before.

LOPER – MINN: Front lay to Rudi, two and a half twist almost stuck, little step to the side. Rudi perfect.

SYLVIA – AUB: Full turn, front aerial BHS gorgeous. I keep getting distracted in the middle of Auburn beam routines SORRY I PROMISE THEY’RE PRETTY

RAMLER – MINN: IF she can hit this Minnesota is in with a real chance. Double pike, baby scoot, switch ring switch half nailed. Great Rudi, one and a half thru double full is genuinely great.

WILLIAMS – MINN: Nailed the front double full, nailed the straddle leaps. One and a half front lay, keeps her first foot planted, looks so steady. Right on top of the Rudi. 9.9

LSU 148.200, UTAH 147.900, MINNESOTA 147.775, AUBURN 146.475



LEE – UU: Clean through, side aerial back full stuck.

QUAGLIA – MINN: FTY, chest a bit down but stuck.

SONIER – MINN: FTY, a little soft on the table but great landing, tiny hop in place.

BURCH – UU: Full turn, BHS LOSO okay, something to double stag with a LONG pause in the middle. Cat leap front aerial, check, switch straddle quarter. Gainer full with a little hop.

SALES – MINN: Okay full, more distance than the others, stuck.

HARROLD – LSU: Zuchold, way archy, toe blind to Jaeger, double front with a step.

WILLIAMS – MINN: Huge full, flared out, small hop back.

SOLOSKI – UU: Front aerial BHS nice and smooth, hitch kick switch half, full turn. Switch split, punch front full stuck.

RAMLER – MINN: One and a half great, little hop to the side.

EDNEY – LSU: Hindorff, archy on a handstand, bail is great. DLO awkward landing.

SHEPPARD – AU: Triple full, hop to lunge, pretty leaps.

LOPER – MINN: One and a half almost perfect. Tiny hop in place, just tried to salute too soon.

RANDALL – UU: Bend check on her sheep, barely stays on. Got the Rulfova, double full dismount and leans to hold onto the stick.

FINNEGAN – LSU: Ray, bail, DLO, scoot. The usual.

MERRELL-GILES – UU: Switch split, BHS BHS LOSO great. Front aerial, one and a half twist is solid. That should wrap it up for the Utes.

SKINNER – UU: BHS LOS with the usual legs. Side aerial with a check, full turn, double back with a hop.

GOBOURNE – AU: Open double back. Front full front lay, double pike with a hop forward.

MILLIET – AU: Front lay to Rudi, switch series. Double pike short of rotation, bursts into tears as she finishes the last pass. Ugh.

FINAL: LSU 197.500, UTAH 197.250, MINNESOTA 196.900, AUBURN 195.725

LSU and Utah advance. What a fight from Minnesota.

Live blog by Rebecca Scally

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