Potential Lineups: MIC Part II

The Division I teams in the MIC conference have all struggled in recent years and failed to keep pace with their Division II counterparts. However, each of the three teams has won the conference title in the past 10 years, as well as had individual title winners in the past two.

The potential lineups series is back to discuss teams’ prospects for the 2019 season. However, it has a bit of a new look: less body, more straight-forward analysis yet all the same great information you’ve come to know and love.

No. 54 UIC Flames

2019 may be the last year we see a UIC gymnastics team. Can the Flames utilize its strong freshmen to have a successful swan song year? It is notable that Mikailla Northern underwent treatment for thyroid cancer during the offseason and may be limited in 2019.

Losses: Riley Cholod (UB), Katie Snyder (VT, UB)
Gains: Rylie Johnstone, Alisa Sheremeta
Returning From Injury: Alli Broad (VT, FX, unknown)


Whether or not Northern will be healthy is a big question on vault since she was the only RQS last year over 9.800. Rylie Johnstone comes in with a tucked Yurchenko one and a half that scored fairly well in J.O. Alisa Sheremeta also competes a 10.0 vault, a Yurchenko full-on pike. She doesn’t quite get the full around onto the table, but with some cleaning it will be an exciting addition to the lineup as well.

Potential Contributors: Mikailla Northern (9.810 RQS), Kayla Baddeley (9.795), Riley Mahoney (9.750), Jenna Squillo (9.730 in 2017), Ashley Albrecht (9.705), Alli Broad (9.700 in 2017), Serena Baker (9.600), Maddie Nowak (9.485), Rylie Johnstone, Alisa Sheremeta


Bars was UIC’s strongest event last season and should be again in 2019. Sheremeta should be part of those efforts. Her calm set features an excellent Jaeger and good toe point, plus an exciting one-and-a-half-twisting layout dismount.

Potential Contributors: Serena Baker (9.835), Toni Alicke (9.815), Mikailla Northern (9.795), Jenna Squillo (9.760 in 2017), Ashley Albrecht (9.740), Alisa Sheremeta


Sheremeta has graceful and creative beam work that will be a boost to a Flames lineup that struggled a bit in 2018. She’s been consistent on the event with no misses in 2018 and a high of 9.775, the sort of J.O. score that translates to college 9.900s.

Potential Contributors: Mikailla Northern (9.785), Kayla Baddeley (9.785), Daniela Maciel (9.730), Riley Mahoney (9.680), Toni Alicke (9.670), Ashley Albrecht (9.655), Alisa Sheremeta


Northern has been a floor star for the Flames, and her health will be a question here as well. Alli Broad, who has competed floor several times in her career, may be a factor. Johnstone has a double pike set that should translate well to college, and Sheremeta brings her lines and toe point to a front double full routine with great performance quality that will make an immediate impact.

Potential Contributors: Mikailla Northern (9.865), Kayla Baddeley (9.770), Abby Hasanov (9.760), Toni Alicke (9.755), Ashley Albrecht (9.725), Daniela Maciel (9.700), Alli Broad, Rylie Johnstone, Alisa Sheremeta  

With Sheremeta coming in as a possible standout all arounder and a power event gymnast in Johnstone, the Flames are prepared for a successful 2019. Look for UIC to have a strong potential final season.

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No. 63 SEMO Redhawks

SEMO won the MIC title in 2014 yet has been in a slump since. After hiring alumna and former Lindenwood assistant Ashley Lawson, who brought some new faces to the freshman class, the Redhawks may be on the rise in 2019 despite losing stars Alexis Brawner and McKinzie Jones.

Losses: Alexis Brawner (VT, UB, FX), McKinzie Jones (UB, BB, FX, graduated early), McKenna Stanley (AA)
Gains: Anna Kaziska, Makenzie Marciniak, Maya Tran
Returning From Injury: Jordan Williams (UB, BB, unknown possible injury, competed first half of 2018)


We do not have recent competition video of Makenzie Marciniak, but she has at least trained a Yurchenko full that would be a big asset in the Redhawks lineup. Anna Kaziska comes in with an excellent Yurchenko layout (9.750 SV); if SEMO needs to vault a layout, hers would work well since it is virtually deduction-free.

Potential Contributors: Gabrielle Adams (9.755 RQS), Mackenzie Slee (9.585), Samantha Gallet (9.580), Michael Sanders (9.465), Alana Fischer, Makenzie Marciniak, Anna Kaziska


Kaziska brings a big Tkatchev and tight, tidy work that will boost this lineup. Maya Tran struggles with some form breaks but has the foundation of a strong bar set, including a double layout dismount, that will likely see lineup time as well.

Potential Contributors: Samantha Gallet (9.700), Alana Fischer (9.685), Lindsey Bates (9.620), Jordan Williams (8.915), Anna Kaziska, Maya Tran


Kaziska shines on beam. She has confident, steady work and excellent form. Look for her to take some beam titles this season. With no recent video of Marciniak, it’s hard to say how she will fare, but she has been seen training some interesting skills, like a tour jete half and back handspring layout stepout layout stepout. If she can put it all together, she should be a threat. Tran has graceful work and gorgeous lines and should see time as well.

Potential Contributors: Megan Dennis (9.705), Alana Fischer (9.695), Michael Sanders (9.655), Lindsey Bates (9.350), Anna Kaziska, Makenzie Marciniak, Maya Tran


The Redhawks are losing their top two floor workers and will need to rely on freshmen routines to fill in the gaps. Kaziska will make a difference, with a dynamic front double full and excellent leaps and performance. Marciniak has at least been training a piked full-in, which would also be a big asset.

Potential Contributors: Mackenzie Slee (9.715), Lindsey Bates (9.685), Gabrielle Adams (9.665), Anna Kaziska, Mackenzie Marciniak

SEMO was in a rough place at the end of 2018, with no official head coach and many valuable gymnasts departing. Lawson seems to have given the program renewed energy already, and Kaziska should be an exciting asset on her three best events.

No. 64 Illinois State Redbirds

The Redbirds have been in a slump since 2013, but they bring in three strong freshmen, including Spanish elite Sofia Iribarren and two-time J.O. nationals qualifier Mia Quigg.

Losses: Alyssa Bossle, Katey Digiacomo (VT, retired), Megan Knoernschild (VT, UB, BB), Katherine Locher (UB), Kylie Meyer (VT, BB, FX)
Gains: Charlise Doctor, Sofia Iribarren, Mia Quigg


There is no recent video of Charlise Doctor vaulting, but three years ago she performed a solid Yurchenko half and she scored as high as 9.725 in 2018, indicating she will be a strong vault option. Iribarren has competed a decent Yurchenko full that would do well in the Redbirds’ lineup. Quigg similarly has a full that should also see lineup time.

Potential Contributors: Gabrielle Cooke (9.800 RQS), Meredith LaRoche (9.715), Savannah Remkus (9.420), Alyssa Wiggle (9.395), Charlise Doctor, Sofia Iribarren, Mia Quigg


The freshmen are strong on bars. Quigg brings a sturdy set that includes a Maloney and stalder to double tuck dismount. Doctor has nice long lines and a Jaeger, and Iribarren brings elite-quality extension and lines; she has a dynamic Jaeger and double front dismount. All three should see the lineup.

Potential Contributors: Anna Marema (9.780), Gabrielle Cooke (9.730), Alyssa Wiggle (9.730), Jessica Rothman (9.590), Marissa Piper (9.490), Charlise Doctor, Sofia Iribarren, Mia Quigg


Just about the entire Redbird roster tried out beam last year, so there is a lot of potential for movement in this lineup. Doctor has been inconsistent, but her lines and presentation make her an intriguing option. Iribarren has steady and confident work that could boost the lineup. Quigg has the rhythm and poise of an NCAA beamer, though she has also struggled with consistency.

Potential Contributors: Kylie Meyer (9.725), Gabrielle Cooke (9.715), Alyssa Wiggle (9.705), Savannah Remkus (9.705), Cameron Topp (9.560), Charlise Doctor, Sofia Iribarren, Mia Quigg


The Redbirds will have a number of floor options since they return every RQS-holding member of the 2018 rotation. Doctor should factor in with a high-amplitude double pike set that is performed well. Iribarren brings a full-twisting double tuck that will elevate the lineup. Quigg is strong on floor with great performance quality and solid tumbling, including a big double pike. All three are threats.

Potential Contributors: Gabrielle Cooke (9.875), Alyssa Wiggle (9.695), Savannah Remkus (9.685), Marissa Piper (9.615), Brianna Barrett (9.555), Charlise Doctor, Sofia Iribarren, Mia Quigg

All three newcomers are potential all arounders for the Redbirds. Look for this team to be stronger and more consistent than last year.

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Article by Emily Minehart

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