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Teams, recruits and clubs are welcome to download and utilize any of the assets below for images, articles or other collateral that references the College Gym News Recruit Ratings. Simply right click on the image to download. Want to request an asset you don’t see presented here? Shoot us an email at [email protected], and we’d be happy to see if we can fulfill your request.

Explainer Blurb

Should there be a need to include a brief explanation of the rating system in an article or other collateral, please use the following:

The College Gym News Recruit Ratings is a first-of-its-kind rating system for collegiate gymnastics recruits. Individual ratings are devised by combining “score points” with “video review points” for a total of 25 per event and 100 overall. Five stars are awarded to recruits that earn at least 78 points, with 4-star recruits earning between 63 and 77 points and 3-star recruits receiving at least 48. Gymnasts are classified as “Not Rated” due to insufficient videos, lack competition scores over the previous two years or an overall point total below 48.

5-Star Recruit Logos

4-Star Recruit Logos

3-Star Recruit

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If you would like a personalized graphic to use on social media (see examples below), please reach out to us at [email protected] with your request and a high-quality image. Note: You will receive an initial response within 3 days and your completed graphic within 7 to 14 days upon receipt of all needed assets.