UW-Eau Claire at UW-La Crosse


Full Results UW-La Crosse: 188.450 UW-Eau Claire: 180.200
VT: Alex Wood 9.575 UB: Kerrie Legault 9.525 BB: Tia Ravara 9.650 FX: Cate Sandvik 9.550 AA: Harriet Toth 35.325

The Big Storyline: Both teams put up similar performances to last week. Alex Wood upgraded to a Yurchenko full, increasing La Crosse’s vault scoring potential. 

Implications: La Crosse will move down in the rankings some this week after UW-Oshkosh put up a huge 191.650 at its quad meet at Eastern Michigan. However, staying in the 188-plus range does keep the Eagles in the running for now. UW-La Crosse wasn’t as consistent this week, with no scores eclipsing the 9.600 mark. Also, Rachel Chesley was not seen in any of her normal lineup spots. Considering her scoring potential on the three events she’s competed thus far in 2022, losing her long term could lower the peak scoring level of this team. UW-Eau Claire continued to have struggles on bars this week. Hopefully senior Bailey Thomas did not get injured during her routine because that could spell even more trouble for the Blu Golds.

Records: Tia Ravara’s event winning beam score of 9.650 was a new career high.

The event is finished.


Jan 28 2022


Eastern Time
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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