Injury Updates

Keep track of your favorite gymnasts and when they’ll be back on the competition floor. Feel free to submit any updates you may have to our email.

Recent Updates

Changes within the last week

  • Added (Long Term): Cami Weaver – Arkansas – torn ACL (1/17/22)
  • Added (Short Term): Tiarre Sales – Minnesota – neck injury (1/17/22)
  • Added (Unknown): Abbey Scanlon – California – boot (1/17/22)
  • Added (Short Term): Reese McClure – Maryland – ankle sprain (1/17/22)
  • Added (Long Term): Addy De Jesus – Iowa State – season ending injury (1/18/22)
  • Added (Long Term): Zaza Brovedani – Arizona – achilles surgery (1/18/22)
  • Removed: Victoria Nguyen – Georgia – (1/19/22)
  • Added (Long Term): Ellie Lazzari – Florida – torn Achilles (1/21/22)
  • Added (Long Term): Halley Taylor – Florida – torn Achilles (1/21/22)
  • Added (Unkown): Gianna Ortiz – Rutgers – ankle injury (1/22/22)
  • Added (Unknown): Jordan Halcom – Rutgers – in a boot (1/22/22)
  • Added (Short Term): Margzetta Frazier – UCLA – broken foot (1/22/22)
  • Added (Unknown): Malia Hargrove – Arizona – unknown (1/22/22)
  • Added (Unknown): Alex Greenwald – Iowa – ankle injury (1/22/22)
  • Removed: Sami Durante – LSU (1/24/22)
  • Added (Long Term): Kate Goldstrom – Bowling Green – torn ACL (1/25/22)

Current Injuries

  • Long-term injuries: Suffered season-ending injury, injury that requires major surgery or other debilitating injury that will take gymnast out of competition or training for a long period of time.
  • Short-term injuries: Minor injury that should only keep gymnast out of competition or training for a few weeks.
  • Unknown injuries: Gymnast seen with unknown, unconfirmed injury and/or is out for an unknown period of time.
  • Retirement/left team: Gymnast, who was on the roster the previous or current season, has announced retirement or has been removed from the roster.
ArizonaZaza Brovedanilong termAchilles surgery1/18/22
Malia Hargroveunknownunknown1/22/22
Arizona StateAnaya Simthshort termcrutches12/20/21
Juliette Boyerunknowncrutches12/20/21
ArkansasFrankie Pricelong termACL injury12/20/21
Cami Weaverlong termtorn ACL1/17/22
Abby Johnstonshort termunknown1/16/22
Boise StateErin Elkabchiunknownboot and crutches12/20/21
Bowling GreenKylie Yacamelliretirementmedical retirement12/22/21
Kate Goldstromlong termtorn ACL1/25/22
BrownTaylor Schulzeunknownconcussion12/19/21
BYURebecca Leachlong termarm in cast1/3/22
CaliforniaKyana Georgelong termtorn Achilles9/5/21
Elise Byunlong termtorn Achilles12/21/21
Abbey Scanlonunknownboot1/17/22
CornellAdabelle Wrightunknownboot10/21/21
DenverAmoree Lockhartretirementretirement1/7/22
FloridaMorgan Hurdlong termtorn ACL1/10/22
Ellie Lazzarilong termtorn Achilles1/22/22
Halley Taylorlong termtorn Achilles1/22/22
GeorgiaNhyla Bryantunknownboot with scooter1/6/22
Riley Milbrandtunknownboot1/6/22
IllinoisMakayla Greenunknownwrapped ankle
with crutches
Lexi Powelong termelbow surgery10/13/21
IowaKareena McSweenylong termwrist surgery8/24/20
Alex Greenwaldunknownankle injury1/22/22
Iowa StateNatalie Horowitzlong termshoulder surgery1/4/22
Jade Vella-Wrightlong termout for season1/7/22
Phoebe Turnerlong termout for season1/7/22
Madelyn Langkamplong termout for season1/7/22
Emma Rickslong termout for season1/7/22
Addy De Jesuslong termout for season1/18/22
KentuckyMakenna Clarkelong termknee surgery12/30/21
LindenwoodSavannah Newsomelong termtorn ACL12/21/21
LSULexi Nibbs unknown boot 1/7/22
Haleigh Bryantshort termpartial plantar fascia tear1/8/22
MarylandKristen Quickunknownunknown surgery11/24/20
Reese McClureshort termankle sprain1/17/22
MichiganCarly Baumanlong termtorn Achilles12/7/21
Nicoletta Koulosshort termwrist injury1/8/22
MinnesotaAlissa Fuellingshort termunknown1/8/22
Olivia Reedlong termout for season1/7/22
Tiarre Salesshort termneck injury1/17/22
NebraskaDanielle Presslong termleg injury
(not currently on roster)
Kaitlyn Higginsunknowncrutches1/13/22
Anika Dujakovichunknowncrutches1/15/22
Kynsee Robyunknownin a boot1/15/22
New HampshireRobyn Kelleyunknownboot and crutches1/10/22
North CarolinaDrew Aldridgelong termout for season12/12/21
McKenna Appletonleft teamremoved from roster12/7/21
Allison La Nasaunknowncrutches1/7/22
Hallie Thompsonlong termtorn ACL1/7/22
N.C. StateChloe Negretelong termtorn Achilles1/7/22
OklahomaOlivia Trautmanunknownknee tendonitis1/9/22
Oregon StateKristina Petersonlong termtorn Achilles1/3/22
Penn StateJessie Bastardiunknownshoulder surgery9/27/21
Olivia Yarussiunknownboot12/10/21
Sarah Duheunknownboot12/10/21
PennCarly Kulevichlong termelbow surgery1/13/22
RutgersGianna Oritzunknownankle injury1/22/22
Jordan Halcomunknownin a boot1/22/22
Sacramento StateAnna LeRoylong termtorn ACL1/8/22
Southern ConnecticutBrianna Marriottlong termlower leg injury12/11/21
StanfordJimena Gutierrez retirementmedical retirement 1/16/22
TempleLauryn Morrislong termtorn PCL, fractured tibia,
torn meniscus x2
UCLAEmily Leelong termtorn Achilles6/30/21
Margzetta Fraziershort termbroken foot1/22/22
UtahKara Eakershort termankle injury1/8/22
Western MichiganCharlotte Tishkoffretirementretirement12/7/21
William & MaryAmanda Jacksonlong termout for season1/12/21
Katelyn Nelsunknownunknown10/18/21
YaleClaire Quunknownunknown1/9/22
Caitlin Henrylong termknee surgery1/15/22